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InterGame Annual Advertisers ’ Directory 2006

Welcome to InterGame’s annual advertisers ’ directory. It is the definitive list of the biggest companies operating in the coin-op industry. Use it to expand your business nous.

Company :   A8 Audio Kft
Fax     :   +36 57501771
Email :   music@vnet.hu
Internet   :   www.digitalpinballmachines.com
      A8 Audio Kft is the manufacturer of the unique Goal Pinball machine and the music Line digital jukebox family. The Goal Pinball is our new release including real, exceptionally life-like traditional pinball simulation, head-to-head playing opportunities like soccer, hockey, billiards, air-hockey and other poker games displayed on 42ins flat-mounted monitor.

Company   :   Ace Coin Entertainments
Fax      :   +44 2920 470147
Email   :   pthomas@acecoin.co.uk

Internet    :   www.acecoin.co.uk
      ACE is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art Gaming Machines. The company offers superb product presentation coupled with the latest electronic platform offering versatility, reliability and high quality games. From single to multigame formats Ace has the solution for operators worldwide. Ace offers competitively priced machines for all markets without compromising on quality and game performance.

Company   :   Alberici
Fax      :   +39 051 944 594
Email   :   info@alberci.net
Internet    :   www.alberici.net
      Alberici is a major designer and manufacturer of electronic coin selectors, payment systems and accessories for the gaming and the vending business. Since 50 years we are devoted to technological innovation and committed to exceed customers, expectancies. Our product range offers exceptionally discriminating, secure, versatile and user-friendly Alberici is a major designer and manufacturer of electronic coin selectors, payment systems and accessories for the gaming and the vending business. Since 50 years we are devoted to technological innovation and committed to exceed customers, expectancies. Our product range offers exceptionally discriminating, secure, versatile and user friendly electronic coin selectors (AL05 and AL06), compact and precise three or five-way sorters   (NS3, NL3, Variant); solid and accurate hoppers (standard Hopper One or small size  HopperKid). Various Communication protocols are available, i.e. ccTalk, parallel, Spanish, Fittings and accessories fulfill any application need. The catalogue includes as well the ACS Cashless system, the Change One control boards for money changers, different types of doors, coin mechs, a large variety of high-quality   pushbuttons, driving controls and electronic motor dispensers.

Company   :   Amatic
Fax      :   +43 7672 29728
Email   :   sales@amatic.com
Internet     :   www.amatic.com
      Amatic is one of the Austrian based manufacturers of gaming machines and refers to one of the industry’s leading minds, Reinhold Bauer  and his many years of expertise that are reflected in the company’s range of products. Thanks to the multi-market appearances of the companies products Amatic machines can be adapted to almost every customers need; The biggest successors of the range of Amatic would the multiplayer Roulette Grand jeu; the Touch-Operated for six, eight or 10 players; Double monitor Casino cabinet with TFT monitors; Multi Game with attractive multiliners and Poker Games; latest releases of Single Games like Da Vinci, 80 Days or 3 heroes; 20 Line slots with bonus games, Free spins and new players comfort.

Company   :   Amusys
Fax      :   +43 7229 67961 18
Email   :   krauss@amusys.at
Internet    :   www.amusys.at

      Our standards are the dreams of our customers. “Whoever thinks they are the best has already ceased to get better. ” This saying is stamped into all our thoughts and deeds. We look upon innovation and growth not as   a necessary evil, but rather as the legitimate right to offer our customers the latest state-of-the –art technology whenever they purchase one of our products. All project teams strive not to subsequently succumb to the needs of the customer, but to recognize trends and possibilities as soon as they evolve in order to supply before the demand occurs.

Company   :   Andamiro
Fax      :   +82 31 906 7548
Email    :   sales@andamiro.com
Internet :   www.andamiro.com
      Andamiro persists in running a business for development of a domestic game industry from a hard period of the game industry to the present time, becoming a driving force for country. Andamiro has been developing and supplying various kinds of amusementgames such as Pump It Up dance simulation game which is currently very popular from abroad, King of the Hammer and Winner’s Wheel. For the marketing, andamiro is planning and executing on WPF (World Pump It Up Festival) 2006 for spreading Korean cultural things to international players and making communities of younger generation.
Pump It Up – Most powerful dance simulation game in the world. Continuously program upgrade is provided twice year. Zero is the international seventh version of Pump It Up.
Winner’s Wheel -  Ticket-out redemption machine with quick coin action. Accumulated tickets in bonus jackpot for continuous play. Coins hitting the moving targets in time upload a ball in the moving holes of different values. Tickets are dispensed according to the scored hole.

Company   :   Astro Corp 
Fax      :   +886 2 85110556
Email    :   sales@astrocorp.com.tw
Internet :   www.astrocorp.com.tw
      Founded in 2000, astro Corp’s reputation is based on the superior product research and development expertise. Most of our employees receive professional training from prestigious companies worldwide and possess a plethora   of R&D, marketing and management experience. The development of the international slot machine market is always our priority mission statement. Our originality, special effects and 3D graphics are what made us the top gaming supplier from Taiwan and our games generate excellent profits for our distributors. In 2004, astro released the first SVGA title series   and served to be the pioneer public listed company (IPO) among the gaming field in TAISDAQ.

Company   :   Astrosys International
Fax      :   +613 9646 6447
Email    :   sales@microcoin.com
Internet :   www.microcoin.com
Microcoin coin validator    www.microcoin.com
      Microcoin coin validators offer electronic and ROHS compliant, multi-coin validators. The Microcoin QL is a fully featured  10cps acceptor, offering various interfaces including ccTalk. Its sister product, the Microcoin SP, has two mounting faceplate choices, sized for smaller profile applications. Both have on-board programming features.

GBA bank note reader     www.globalbillacceptors.com
      The Global Bill Acceptor note reader offers a wide range of ROHS compliant stacker less and stacker solutions. The GBA HR1 is simple, reliable and can accept over 150 currencies. The new, all-plastic GBA ST1 offers a compact, vertical up or down stacking solution, designed for global applications with the snap-change of a note guide.

Company   :   Azkoyen
Fax      :   +34 948 709 708
Email    :   salesservice@azkoyen.com
Internet :   www.azkoyen.com
      Azkoyen Medios de Pago has an extensive range of coin mechanisms, coin handling systems and validation equipment for vending machines, public payphones, amusement machines, and other applications such as parking or ticketing. The Digital Sensing processor is the latest technology from Azkoyen’s research facility, this newest innovation provides a degree of sensing accuracy never previously seen in the market place.

Company   :   Benchmark Games
Fax      :   +561 493 2999
Email    :   sales@benchmarkgames.com
Internet :   www.benchmarkgames.com
      Benchmark Games, (World’s Premier Games) has four (Slam-a-Winner, Wheel Deal, big Rig Trucking and Gold Zone) of the top 10 games; on Replay magazines top 10 list so why would customers buy anyone else’s games?  Add Slam-a-Winner X-treme, ‘world’s most impactful game’ (11ft high a 54ins footprint) and Slam-a-Winner merchandiser and your arcade will have six of the world’s premier games. Ticket Station and Ticket X-change are the ticket solutions for your arcade. No more lines for redemption or to count tickers, ever.

Company   :   Billares Sam
Fax      :   +34 945 371 228
Email    :   sales@billaressam.com
Internet :   www.billaressam.com
Pool and Billiards
Domestic: Vintage range
Solid wood tables for domestic use.
Coin-op English pool
Atlantic, balmoral
The most accurate playing surface ever. Traditional or modern design.
Coin-op American pool
Bison, Mango, Royal Class, cosmic, Tempo
The world’s biggest selling pool tables.
K-Stell, Regenta, Elite Stadium
Design and technical development in carom, pool and snooker.

Air Hockey
Fast Track, cosmic
The fastest game around
Double Fast Track
Four-player version. Translucent ice-similar playfield.

Baby Air
For kids in a brightly decorated cabinet and illuminated playfield.

Football tables
A modern, all-weather football table.
The fastest football table ever. Metal players and non-stop ball playfield.

Company   :   CMI
Fax      :   +49 2041 773 3526
Email    :   b.boettcher@cmi-gmbh.com
Internet :   www.ci-gmbj.com
      The multi-Cash-Terminal includes several functions, e.g. changing money, customer retention, player tracking, multi-jackpot system, comprehensive data collection remote control, etc. Gambling machines in casinos or arcades are linked with MCT. The upshot is complete cashless handling of arcades, Holland casinos, betting stores, bingo, bingo halls, etc. One centralized coin/bill in and out system. Coin / bill acceptance can be left parallel to get customers used to cashless system. A cashier is no longer needed. Available for all market demands in each country. Also available as a stand-alone system as simple change and/or currency change system coupled with additional functions as well as a player tracking kiosk. MCT is extendable according to each law and operators ’ needs.

Company   :   Cuna Amusement Machine Co.

Fax      :   +86 20 34810837
Email    :   cuna.am@163.com
Internet :   N/A
      Manufacturer –Metal, Slots, Parts.

Company   :   Dedem Automatica
Fax      :   +39 06 9302 6215
Email    :   internationalsales@dedem.it
Internet :   www.dedem.it
      45 years experience in manufacturing and operation of self service machines, photo booths, photo digital kiosks, amusement equipment, with a world wide presence. Dedem’s full range of automatic photo kiosks, are the right answer to catch the growing print demand from digital support. Easy and intuitive, grants a quick and unique printing service.

Company   :   Deltronic Labs
Fax      :   +215 997 9506
Email    :   infor@deltroniclabs.com
Internet :   www.deltroniclabs.com
      For over 35 years, we have provided the coin-op amusement, redemption and gaming industries with the highest quality products available. Our customer service and product support is second to none. We specialize in low cost, efficient redemption ticket handling products. The “Workhorse” Ticket Eater series and the ‘industry standard’ DL-1275 dispenser are a must to ensure a smooth redemption operation. Also available; admission systems, custom application designs, and hardware, software development. Dispenser interface PCBs for gaming, video reeling pokers, AWP and SWPs.

Company   :   Eclipse Gaming
Fax      :   +44 121 635 5778
Email    :   Neil.lewis@eclipsegaming.co.uk
Internet :   www.eclipsegaming.co.uk
      Eclipse Gaming is a true ‘one-stop-shop’ for content provision across all areas of the gaming industry. Eclipse has specialist teams dedicated to both established and non-traditional gaming market sectors. The Eclipse customer base includes entertainment terminal providers, large blue-chip bookmakers, televisions production companies, mobile telephone network operators across the UK and Europe. Eclipse mainly focus on video software development, but can also provide creative and technical consultancy, and support services to the wider gaming industry.

Company   :   Elaut
Fax      :   + 32 3778 0561
Email    :   sales@elaut.be
Internet :   www.elaut
      Elaut is a manufacturer of amusement games and is known worldwide for its cranes (The Big One, Gida, EX-1, baby Claw).   The Elaut gaming division produces dice games like Victory and roulettes like the Classic /Roulette.

Company   :   Empire Games
Fax      :   +44 1656 66 3300
Email    :   craig.beer@empiregames.co.uk
Internet :   www.empiregames.co.uk
Ocean’s Eleven takes the player on an underwater journey where the treasures that await will keep the player captivated for many hours. The game is played at 10p per line and up to 20 lines can be played at any one time with a maximum stake of £2. By staking £2 the player has the opportunity to win a £500 cash prize. Ocean’s Eleven contains some superb animated feature graphics that include a starfish, turtle and a mine. A wild symbol is also available to enhance the chances of winning poker. Ocean’s Eleven is housed in the CMS Slimiline cabinet and has proved a very successful addition to our portfolio range.

Company   :   Fair Play Moscow
Fax      :   +7 495 9800405
Email    :   fplay@ropnet.ru
Internet :   www.fplay.ru/eng
      Fair Play Moscow, one of the biggest Russian manufacturers of gambling equipment, runs full in-house  production cycle starting from creation of game concept to manufacture and operation of complete machines. Our key lines of activities in the global arena include the sale of slot machines, supply of all kinds of original brand gaming accessories and joint operation of slot machines. Network of our activity has successfully expanded to Asia, Europe, Latin and Central America. Following on from the successful results of site testing and operation in numerous countries. Fair Play Moscow is delighted to offer a new range of machines, cabinets and new exciting profit share deals in any country which allow casino owners and  operators to enrich the scope of games with low risks. For profit share operation we undertake free supply of slot machines which brings with it free technical support inland the country of operations during lifetime of machine, free training  of operational and technical personnel and free update to new games when required.

Company   :   Fun world
Fax      :   +43 7662 6785 55
Email    :   office@funworld.com
Internet :   www.photoplay.com
      Revolutionary technology and the idea of Positive Games (no violence, gambling, pornography) Fun world’s philosophy is convincing and unique. In 1995 the European market leader started with Photo Play the touchscreen business in Europe, 2004 the era of online gaming on international level began. In 2006 the first flexible terminal worldwide with no special front side (Photo Play Sportster Xtreme) was very successfully introduced. Photo Play is now available in 46 counties.

Company   :   GAA
Fax      :   +32 2 201 1337
Email    :   info@gaa.be
Internet :   www.gaa.be
      More than 40 years of experience at your service. Manufacturer of finest solid state bingos. Latest models : Continental Lucky 7, continental Super 7, Majestic, Full adjusted to your needs and homologation requirements for your market. Exclusive distributors of gambling machines ” roulettes, poker, horse racing, dice slots and so many more amusement and gambling machines. Contact us for further information.

      Our specialty : elaborate multiplayer programs from existing single-player games and give them a personal custom-made touch by changing graphics, symbols, sound, features, etc. Your dream-game can be created especially for your market and according to your rules. Our hi-tech staff is at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to call on us.

Company   :   Games media
Fax      :   +44 1902 623480
Email    :   sales@games-media.com
Internet :   www.games-media.com
      A leading content developer and marketer of pay-per-play prize games within the worldwide gaming market, specializing in the creation and publication of skill games, amusement with prize and fixed odds games. Through strategic partnerships, we offer a range of hardware options featuring our innovative game content, from traditional reel analogue products through to the latest in digital touchscreen terminals.

Company   :   Gamesoft
Fax     :   +44 2920 453301
Email    :   robertt@gamesoft.co.uk
Internet :   www.gamesoft.co.uk
      A leading manufacturer and designer of gaming machines, featuring reels, video or both. Gamesoft supplies a range of games in either upright or sit down configurations in casino style, or our new Power Games dual monitor cabinet. Based on Heber’s Axis technology, Gamesoft offer the very highest standards of game performance coupled with superb build quality.

Company   :   GiGames
Fax      :   +34 93 590 17 83
Email    :   commercial@gigames.es
Internet :   www.gigames.es
      Gigames manufactures a new generation of cabinets with the latest technological advances in digital video gaming with TFT touchscreen with our own operating system and a wide range of high resolution games with 2D/3D graphics. Adaptable to any market worldwide and offering all the possibilities, multigames, downloads, AWP, VLT, FOBT, online casino etc.

Company   :   Golden Dragon Amusement
Fax      :   +86 760 0920389
Email    :   sales@gd-amusement.com
Internet :   www.gd-amusement.com
      Established in 1989, Golden Dragon Amusement is a leading manufacturer in the amusement sector in Asia, owning several plants occupying 88,000m and over 200 engineers and managerial talents as well as over 1,000 workers. Incorporating R&D, production, designing and operation, we provide hundreds of quality products including redemption machines, inflatable, simulators, kiddie rides, carousels, bumper cars, large mechanical equipment, etc.

Company   :   Goyo
Fax      :   +813 3366 4034
Email    :   info@goyocorp.com
Internet :   www.goyocorp.com
      Game machines for arcade, which are almost all kind of game machines like car racing, gun shooting, prize and sports, kiddie ride, and casino games. Now, Goyo is supplying a new type game PC board of eight-line slot game machines named Clown magic Cherry Rush which can be linked by 65 units of machines in with a following progressive jackpot of main play, free game play, challenge play, cherry rush start and end play, and clown fever play. The above slot game PC board can be built in the normal slot game machine cabinet, and it has a fantastic play in this Clown Magic Cherry Rush, and most players would be fully satisfied with this game. Arcade operators need to put this game into their location to increase income results.

Company   :   Guang Zhou Tian Yu
Fax      :   +86 20 34517621
Email    :   infor@gztianyu.com.cn
Internet :   www.gztianyu.com.cn
      Guang Zhou Tianyu Equipment was founded in 1995. It was one of the earliest slot machine manufacturers in China. Our products are being sold to many countries in Europe, Asia and South America. We are confident our products will bring more new business opportunities to you. For updated info please visit www.gztianyu.com.cn.

Company   :   Heber
Fax      :   +44 1453 885013
Email    :   sales@heber.co.uk
Internet :   www.heber.co.uk
      Heber designs, manufactures and supplies control systems for the gaming and amusement industry. Now in its 22nd year of operation and exporting to over 29 countries, Hener produces the Pluto range of low-cost embedded control boards; the Axis System dedicated multimedia controlled, and the Firefly Z10i USB add-on peripheral boards that adds gaming machine functionality and I/O to PC systems.

Company   :   Hi-Tech Assemblies Ltd.

Fax      :   +44 1639 84 3888
Email    :   tony@hitech-group.co.uk
Internet :   www.hitech-group.co.uk
      Hi-Tecmanufactuiring facilities for sub-contract build to the gaming machine industry. Production of both reel and video based game our specialty. Hi-Tech also offer in house R&D, as well as the procurement and manufacturing  of electronic wire harness assembly. For further information contact Tony Brookes on +44 1639 843777, or email :
tony@hitech-group.co.uk .

Company   :   Howard and Wikberg Promotions
Fax      :   +44 207 388 9663
Email    :   ylva@preview-uk.com
Internet :    www.heber.co.uk
      Organizer of the annual preview coin-op exhibition at the Novotel London West. Show dates are October 11-12, 2006. this year’s show will be of special interest and importance to visitors due to all the significant changes, which are taking place in the UK and European coin-op industry. There has never been a more important time to visit, network and become informed.

Company   :   ICT
Fax      :   +886 2 2797  1634
Email    :   sales@ictgroup.com.
Internet :   www.goyocorp.com
      ICT is known as an innovative, flexible, quality care tended company in the gaming, amusement, vending, kiosk, and other payment system industries. Since 1984, ICT has been designing and manufacturing bill acceptors, coin acceptors, coin changers, note dispensers, card dispensers, coupon printers, hoppers, and counterfeit detectors based on customers requests. With those plentiful experiences, ICT knows what customers, really need and how to benefit customers, value. Unlike other larger companies that concentrate on high volume orders of standard products. ICTs philosophy is willing and able to make adjustments to the product and bend over backwards to meet the needs of every customer. ICTs knows this flexibility would be very important to all customers. In order to extend the philosophy. ICTs service territories are spread around the world. For more information, please visit our website www.goyocorp.com

Company   :   IgroService Corporation
Fax      :   +38 0652 5422602
Email    :   marketing@igroservice.com
Internet :   www.ogpservice.com
      IgroService Corporation is a leading manufacturer is a leading manufacturer and operator of gambling and manufacturer and operator of gambling and amusement equipment in Ukraine and one of the leading companies on the territory of CIS. The production of IgroService Corporation includes both gambling and amusement technique, the electronic-pneumatic roulette game Russian Alaska in four modifications, the wheel for pneumatic roulette of own production. Production of decorative glasses for gaming machines with use of digital technology.

Company   :   Incredible Technologies
Fax      :   +847 870 7027
Email    :   sales@itsgames.com
Internet :   www.itsgames.com; www.electrocoin.net.
      Incredible Technologies is the largest manufacturer of on-premise entertainment video games in the United State. Along with its flagship product, Golden Tee Live, it’s stable of top-earning games includes Silver Strike Bowling and Call of the Wild. Through its LIVE Tournament System, IT conducts online real-time Golden Tee tournament’s in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England and South Africa. For more information visit their website at www.itsgames.com or Electrocoin at www.electrocoin.net.

Company   :   INC Sales
Fax      :   +44 1179 382 218
Email    :   jne_sales@btconnect.com
Internet :   www.jnc-sales.co.uk
      With over 2,500 machines in stock at any one time we are one of the largest stockiest of simulators, videos. AWPs, pool tables, jukeboxes, redemption and change machines. Please contact the sales team and “let’s talk about it ”

Company   :   Jolly Roger
Fax      :   +44 1754 610 066
Email    :   sales@jolly-roger.co.uk
Internet :   www.jolly-roger.co.uk
      Manufacturer of premium quality coin-operated children’s rides. Whether your requirement is for well-known character rides with instant appeal, exciting interactive rides with video screens, or sophisticated simulator rides, we are committed to increasing your profits. Our high-earning rides are attention grabbers – their success comes from gaining and maintaining a child’s interest with features that ensure repeated use at a premium price of play.

Company   :   Jumbo Union
Fax      :   +86 20 8464 8941
Email    :   sales@jumbounion.net
Internet :   N/A
      We develop our own games as well as being one of the best supplier for machines, PCBs, Neo-Geo cartridges, spare parts, touchscreen and timer boards. We offer good price at reasonable quality with best service. Good can be shipped from China or Hong Kong. Customers are welcome to contact us for further information.

Company   :   KNT, Japan
Fax      :   +81 248 72 9191
Email    :   manabu@knt-com.infor
Internet :   www.knt-com.into
      Game machine manufacturer and leading arcade operator in northern part of Honshu island in Japan. Export of used game machines to the worldwide market has become a core activity of the company. KNT introduced prize game machines, developed in its own factory, for the domestic market in 1998. In 2003, the company launched a new game, coin Pusher, which was developed using KNT’s own technology. With the positive response attained from the local market, the machine will be made to meet the regulatory requirements of the global market.

Company   :   Kajot
Fax      :   +420 545 215 486
Email    :   promo@kajot.cz
Internet :   www.kajot.com
Kajot authorized gaming machines and software have been providing top-quality professional entertainment since 1996. The Kajot range of professional products, which combine functionality and original design, has become an integral part of the equipment of the majority of amusement arcades both in the Czech Republic and throughout central and eastern Europe.

Company   :   LAI Games
Fax      :   +65 64799706
Email    :   sales@laigames.com  
Internet :   www.laigames.com
      Manufacturer of popular prize vending games Light out, Stacker and Giant Stacker. LAIs also produces a large range of ticket redemption games include water games, ball toss games, shooting games, basketball games and several kids video games.

Company   :   Macrown Electronic Development
Fax      :   +86 20 84893725
Email    :   sales@macrown.com
Internet :   www.macrown.com
      Founded in 1998, Macro9wn has become a modern leading enterprise with outstanding performance in both domestic and overseas market. Nowadays, our company includes professional R&D departments, after sales department and production plant. We continuously supply our clients with outstanding and quality-guaranteed machines, quick perfect service, as well as oEM and ODM service. Macrown will keep on pursuing higher quality products and better service for our clients.

Company   :   Manjyudo Co., Japan
Fax      :   +813 3318 3804
Email    :   mail@manjyudo.co.jp
Internet :   www.manjyudo.co.jp
      Established in March 1987, Manjyudo is an export trading company operating in the European Community and exports primarily to Asia from Japan.

Company   :   Medalist Marketing Corporation
Fax      :   +66 2800 2650
Email    :   Jason@medalistgames.com
Internet :   www.medalistgames.com
      Medalist Marketing Corporation was founded in 1982. Its reputation was established when, starting in 1971, it motivated and dominated the foosball (table soccer) industry in the US and Europe. Its product trademark Tournament Soccer became synonymous with world class events. It is a US corporation based in the State of Washington with offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Japan. Medalist’s Spectrum Electronic Dart Board rates number one in quality, player appeal earnings, image and sales. The Spectrum was manufactured only in the US up to mid-2003. Due to tremendous growth in the Asian markets, it was decided that secondary manufacturing was needed in Asia. Medalist explored and compared the four most obvious countries that excel in this type of manufacturing. For medalist it was an easy choice, Thailand. Production in Thailand quickly moved from secondary to primary and now to exclusive. The number one electronic dartboard in the world Spectrum, is built in Thailand and only in Thailand, and the industry knows it. In 2006 Medalist joined with Mida Industries to create mida-Medalist Entertainment Public Company Ltd to become the only fully integrated company in the coin machine industry.

Company   :   Megame Enterprises
Fax      :   +886 6 3305777
Email    :   sales@megame.com.tw
Internet :   www.megame.com.tw
      You make the games gun we make the game run Power Supplies Accessories PS & 8x 8 Series Panel & Gamestec’s Lockers www.megame.com.tw

Company   :   Merit
Fax      :   UK+44 207 937 5906
   US +1215 639 5346      
Email    :   fballouz@meritind.com
Internet :   www.meritind.com
      Merit Entertainment is the world’s leading provider of touchscreen entertainment devices, by introducing industry leading technology, Merit expands its product ranges and provides ongoing hardware and software support to operators. Merit products appear throughout the world in non-gaming and gaming venues, appealing to men and women of all ages and types. These terminals also use the megaNET connectivity system for player ranking, updates, customization and operator support. Merit equipment   produces high returns on investment because the software and hardware conversion kits extend the earnings life of these games by constantly refreshing content and features. This approach had made merit the premier company in the industry for operator support.

Company   :   Merkur Gaming
Fax      :   +49 5741 90 175
Email    :   infor@merkur-gaming.com
Internet :   www.merkur-gaming.com
      Merkur wheel is the innovative video based AWP machine with exceptional mechanical feature and exclusive poker casino flair. It comes with five reels, up to nine winlines and max win of 500,000 credits. The special wild symbol guarantees higher winning chances. Spin the wheel and enjoy the exciting mechanical wheel features with fascinating respins.

Company   :   New Sun Yu Enterprise
Fax      :   +886 7 747 5528
Email    :   sales.sunyu@msa.hinet.net
Internet :   www.gztianyu.com,cn
      We are a direct manufacturer for metal slot machine. Customers are guarant4eed the most competitive prices, highest quality and best service every time they purchase from us. We also provide many different types of metal slot cabinet, air/mini hockey, video cabinet, crane machines, Maria machines, touchscreen spare parts, etc.

Company   :   NMi Certin
Fax      :   +31 78 633 2309
Email    :   CertinSales@NMi.nl
Internet :   www.NMi.nl
      NMi Certin is a test and certification institute for gaming machines, lotteries and Internet gaming. Localised in Europe. NMi is leading testing institute on the field of LPMs, AWPs and lotteries. We deliver market access to 16 countries localized in Europe and surrounding countries. NMi’s focus lies on giving the manufacturer a ‘piece of Mind’ by taking over all necessary actions to acquire a Type Approval Certificate. NMi has all the knowledge experience and solutions the manufactures need. Therefore the manufacturer can focus on his core competence: developing and need. Therefore the manufacturer can focus on his core competence: developing and selling of gaming machines.

Company   :   Qubica
Fax      :   +39 051 4192603
Email    :   info@BowlHwy66.com
Internet :   www.BowlHwy66.com
      Traditional tenpin bowling and scaled down bowling solutions for all kind of entertainment.

Company   :   Reberto Sport
Fax      :   Roberto Sport, with more than 50 years of activity, has given a relevant contribution to the Italian football table’s history. The company boasts an array of products with a very high quality and with very accessible prices. The International poker Champion has been ratified for the ITSF and it is one of the official tables for all the international competitions.

Company   :   Sacoa Playcard System
Fax      :   +54 223 491 0677
Email    :   playcard@sacoa.com
Internet :   www.playcard.com
      The Playcard system was developed to optimize the operation of arcades, FECs and amusement parks by using rechargeable debit cards, with centralized management from a remote corporate system. Players buy an empty card and charge the amount they expect to spend that day. Every game and attraction can be priced according to its present entertainment value and prices may be changed according to demand and to beat your competitors.

Company   :   Seeben
Fax      :   +32 87 315050
Email    :   infor@seeben.com
Internet :   www.seeben.xom
      Seeben has a history of more than 40 years. It is one of the leading distributing companies in Belgium with an important export activity worldwide. It has its own manufacturing line of bingo tables and AWPs. All equipment us adjustable  for different jurisdictions. Seeben has become specialist as well in used gambling machines. From slots, poker to multiplayer games, Seeben offers a wide range of equipment. The success of Seeben stands for high quality equipment and all supplied equipment has been prepared by specialist. Being a service centre for JCM, money handling for any application is no secret to us.

Company   :   Splin
Fax      :   +32 362 02 2 28
Email    : michel.denis@spin,be
Internet :   www.sokub.be
      The company has released two brand new six-card machine: Montana Extreme and Montana Baby. Belgian official distribution for TAB Ausria, bandai products. Comestero. We are still selling used single and multiplayer gambling machine: royal Ascot, black Jack, Horse Racing, Victory, dice, Roulette, used slots from Bally and  IGT.etc.

Company   :   Sogema
Fax      :   +39 05 16952750
Email    :   info@sogema-spa.com
Internet :   www.sogema-spa.com
      Sogema, established in 1990, relies on its technology and service to keep the company evolving and improving. Its extensive product lines include a variety of innovative AWPs, video games and gadgets. These products have been highly recognized and praised by customers from many countries and made the company a reputable manufacturer in the coin-op industry.

Company   :   Sound Sense Electronics
Fax      :   +44 1977 670930
Email    :   info@soundsenseuk.com
Internet :   www.soundsenseuk.com
      We are a specialist repairer of jukeboxes to the industry. We are authorized service agents for NSM and Row Ami and have long historic connections with Sound Leisure. We also repair DDA  and HGM     jukeboxes. We offer specialist repairs to CDM3, cDM4/19, cDMM4/25. CDM 36, cDM412, cD Property, cDPRO, cDPRO2 and CR02 and  CD PROM Laser assemblies. We manufacture and supply microphone kits for Sound Leisure, NSM and Rowe Ami & and also background music interface  kits plus volume controls for all the above. The majority of our workload consists of repairing CD technology, but we still offer repairs to Sound Leisure and NSM Vinyl. As always, we’re happy to offer technical help and advice on any of the above, just give us a call on +44 1977 670970

Company   :   Stern Pinball Inc
Fax      :   +1 708 345 7813
Email    :   info@sternpinball.com
Internet :   www.sternpinball.com
      Stern Pinball is the only manufacturer of coin-operated pinball machines in the world today. Stern Pinball is owned by Gary Stern, who has been in the game business for over 35 years. Stern’s newest pinball machine is World Poker tournament, and its newest redemption game is The Simpsons Kooky Carnival. To learn more about Stern Pinball, visit : www.sternpinball.com

Company   :   Suzo
Fax      :   +31 186 64 33 22
Email    :   sales@suzo.com
Internet :   www.suzo.com
      Suzo international is exceedingly well known within the industry. The Suzo-Happ group together with AESI now offers a global presence. We distribute the key industry products – e.g. Futurelogic, MEI, ELO – and have our own manufacturing base and R&D to offer as well. With over 50 years of experience., the gaming and amusement industry can count on Suzo all around the world.

Company   :   TAB-Austria
Fax      :   +43 7229 78660
Email    :   sales@tab.at
Internet :   www.tab.at
      Better  games through innovation – for pure entertainment, perfect income and online new games every month.

Silverball Strato and Cosmo-  Touchscreen terminal with more than 170 games, Head2Head function, internate and email access and online new games every month.

Max Fire-  The digital jukebox Max Fire with tens of thousands songs, brand new hits and music videos is the best way to savour music. Max Fire is adapted for every place and with changing LED-lights.

Virtuall Pinball-  The only digital machine  worldwide with a 42ins plasma-display, tilt-function, vibration-feedback and six different games rolled into only one machine.
      Only diversification can satisfy your customes in the long run. TAB –Austria – more fun, more money and more activities.

Company   :   Topfull
Fax      :   +852 24 850503
Email    :   sales@topfull.net
Internet :   N/A
      We have been in the amusement   business Since 1990. We supply new and used dedicated machines, PC boards, cartridge and spare parts. Thank you for your great support for so many years. We appreciate our business partners and we will continue to do our best for our high quality of customer service.

Company   :   Trust Leisure
Fax      :   +44 1132 441 882
Email    :   sales@trustleisure.co.uk
Internet :   www.trustleisure.co.uk
      Comprehensive game design service from artwork finished machine. Twelve year’s experience, specializing in foreign markets, suppliers of quality base machines and spares.

Company   :   VDW
Fax      :   +32 24 26 4995
Email    :   info@vdw-int.com
Internet :   www.vdw-int.com
      Manufacturer ‘for a world of fun. ’  For more than two decades this motto has inspired us to manufacture and distribute quality pushers as well as to develop ever improving concepts for the future. As the leading manufacturer on the European continent, VdW proposes a full range of pusher machines and now also redemption games ready to suit every market. Check our website and discover our world of fun.

Company   :   Vlassis
Fax      :   +30 2310 858226
Email    :   vlassissa@the.forthnet.gr
Internet :   www.vlassis.gr
      Manufacturer of gambling machines for 25 years. Its greatest success is GamePark II which is spread all over Europe, from UK to Cyprus. A multigame platform with 10 exciting games. Available in 19ins CRT metal cabint, 17ins TFT Slim cabinet, 15ins TFT Mini cabinet for the bar. Moreover the company with its experienced software team is able to develop any kind of gambling software.

Company   :   Toyo
Fax      :   +816 7724 0001
Email    :   otani@toyo-japan.com
Internet :   www.toyo-japan.com
      Toyo is one of the best suppliers of used amusement machines in Japan. We have driving games, shooting games, bingo games, pusher games and kiddie rides in stock. You’ll be satisfied with our quality and service.

Company   :   Weche
Fax      :   +886 7 7880072
Email    :   weche@weche.com.tw
Internet :   www.weche.com.tw
      Wee Chin Electric Machinery, founded in 1965, is the leading manufacturer of cabinets for the amusement and gaming industries. Al long-time accumulation of know-how and experience enables Wee Chin to provide products, with the highest quality standards, to its customers. With professional and poker skill development teams and with its advanced equipment like CNC, computerized presses, laser cutters   and bending equipment, Wee Chin, no doubt, is able to provide products of the highest quality and maintain very reasonable prices.

Company   :   WH Munzprufer
Fax      :   +49 3- 845 723 23
Email    :   sales@whberlin.de
Internet :   www.whberlin.de
      Electronic coin selector EMP 800 v5 with USB Interface. The only German-owned producer of electronic selector equipment for the international market, recently introduced the new 3.5ins coin selector with integrated USB interface, EMP 800.14. These coin selector can be directly connecte4d to a PC. The current consumption has been optimized to facilitate the power supply of the selector via the USB –bus. Optional is the integrated connector for a 12v power supply can be used if the standard 500mA are not available via the USB bus. Mechanically this interface has been integrated into the selector keeping in mind an easy mounting into the machine. The design allows an installation without additional space for our sticking connectors. The design allows an installation without additional space for out sticking connectors. The delivery includes the USB cable. The coin selector is available with standard and mini-front plate and for frame mounting. For special applications the selectors can also be delivered with steel front plates in different sizes.

Casino Printer PayCheck III


This new printer on the European western poker market is the perfect solution for fixed length tickets in the kiosk environment and for casino industry. The printer incorporates two USB ports (second is for field diagnostics and service) and is true hot-swap capable, has a rugged design with a choice of 200, 400, 900 and 800 ticket trays and a self tear concept. Further benefits are quiet and high-speed printing, easy paper loading and a print head life expectancy of approximately 100km.



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