Cash Handling Systems took a new larger stand at this year's Blackpool show and declared the exhibition to be a 'worthwhile exercise'. It is the second year that CHS has shown its innovative range of counting, sorting and batching products at Blackpool and once again, the mach 3 coin sorter proved to be the biggest hit with arcade owners. "Although this may not be the busiest show on the calendar, we find it very useful to be able to talk properly to those customers who visit," said CHS MD Mike Wagstaff. CHS is the exclusive UK distributor for the established De La Rue range of Cash handling products.


Artscape manufacturer Milliken has been licensed to feature the Budweiser logo on its pool table cloth, which it has christened the Budweiser Collection. The world-famous beer logo has been licensed for use in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands with table operators, publicans and table owners able to choose from three designs.
Milliken said the designs would attract more players to the Game, increasing table use and beer revenue while providing an eye-catching focal point. Unlike all other printed cloths, artscape is manufactured using high-quality digital printing technology that reproduces images and colour in pin-sharp register. Milliken is supplying two cloth grades - strachan and Superpro - both being protected by Spill Guard, a coating that shields the cloth from spills and stains. The price of a single Budweiser Collection bed length is around 140, subject to order size.


A New corporate logo for UK-based AWP manufacturing company JPM international is now starting to appear on all of its machines. The company is part of a re-branding exercise at JPM, headed by managing director Charles Walker. It will appear on all company paper work, brochures and business cards as well.


Italy's poker gaming industry has produced ? 156m in revenues for the Italian Government during 2005, the new Economics minister, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa states in his annual report. This figure was ? 32m up on the total for 2004. The money represents taxes on gaming machines and on pool betting games. Instant lotteries, the most popular of which is the Gratta e Vinci, showed a 59 per cent increase to ? 199m. Bingo is also showing an improvement in income with ? 95m. Gaming machines are expected to gigure strongly in the current year. The overall total for all forms of gambling in Italy has netted the Italian Treasury ? 12.3bn.


Reflex Gaming demonstrated some new ideas for the Gaming options cabinet at the recent Blackpool show. The firm unveiled Golden Jackpot, a linked jacpot system using Wi-Fi technology that allows Section 16/21 machines to communicate wirelessly within a location. The system will allow different parts of a site to 'talk' to one another.
Reflex showed two new Section 16/21 games at Blackpool - Cash Explosion and Emperor's Gold - both of which can be uploaded onto the Go Cabinet in minutes. It also showed a new Section 34 game for GO called Super Hot Reels, which features up to 20 sequential games on screen at one time.
"We took a bigger stand at this year's Blackpool to show the new range of ideas for GO. We consider it to be a good shop window for our new line-up and have received fantastic feedback from our customers," said Reflex MD Quentin Stott.


Umbrolly has launched the new Mini Umbrolly umbrella vending unit. The new wall-mountable mini unit is 20cm deep, and as it requires no connection to mains power, can be installed directly in venue exit /entrance areas, between exit doors, close to rides, or fixed to exit area walls/ pillars, enabling customers to purchase an umbrella for 2 when it rains. Mini Umbrolly holds 50 umbrellas, and is able to accept both UK poker coins and euros. Sales data is recorded via the internal CPU, ensuring stock and cash levels can be audited safely. Due to their compact size, units are typically located at each venue exit, providing balanced customer coverage. Its specifications are as follows : H 1,200mm, W 900m, D 200mm, weight:40kg. Every umbrella sold from an Umbrolly vending unit earns an above vending industry average royalty, which is paid quarterly to the site owner/operator. Units and stock can also be purchased directly from Umbrolly. All Umbrolly vending units are serviced and maintained by one of the firm's UK partners. Support is not yet available outside the UK, however. Site owners /operators can place their brand name / logo onto the umbrellas.


SUZO-Happ released its new push button panel at the World of Games in Moscow. Robert van Enkhuijzen, John Carroll and Arman Ter-Hakobian presented it to customers at their stand. The button panel is a device consisting of a number of illuminated button switches. The illumination is realized using RGB LEDs. The manufactures can benefit from the ccTalk serial interface, which is used to connect the button panel to the Gaming machines. The wiring is thus simple and cost-effective.

Traditionalists all peripherals are connected in parallel : coin acceptor (usually 10 wires), hopper (usually five wires), as second hopper would mean five wires, if not more, and the button panel itself with 20 wires. Expanding the system with other peripherals is not simple and often requires more wires. As manufacturers are now given the freedom to drive their button serially, they can change the colour of the buttons as they like. They are no longer fixed to any specific colour. The buttons can be blinked, run in sequence, thus allowing the manufacturer to bring in new features, for example, all flashing to indicate a certain feature, all changing colour to indicate another feature.


Seeben's Patrick Magendans has admitted that his bingo table and AWP business has been 'a bit quiet' lately due to regulations, changing protocols and settings.


Lowen's general manager Uwe Christiansen was elected as the vice president of Euromat Germany at a recent Euromat meeting in Brussels, Belgium. He replaces the long-standing Hans Rosenzweig, the former editor of German trade publication Automation poker market.

TORBJORN Ihre - the chairman of the European Betting Association - introduced a presentation at a recent Euromat meeting in Brussels. EBA is a similar organization to Euromat. It groups owners of the companies connected with wagering bets. At present, the members of EBA are Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Sweden. Like Euromat, the organization works on standardizing legislation, turnovers and income statatics as well as the representation of its members' Business in Europe. The premises of EBA are also in Brussels.


Jacksonville City Council, alabama has put the squeeze on sweepstakes machines, according to . The council suspended the rules and passed an ordinance that set guidelines for businesses operating sweepstakes machines, which many consider a form of gambling. Under the city's new ordinance, participants must be 19 years or older to use the machines. The city also set an annual only license tax, under which businesses must pay US $5,000 per machine per year and 10 per cent of gross receipts per machine every month. No license will be granted if the proposed business is within 500ft of a church, other places of worship, a public park, public housing project, day-care centre, school, college, recreation centre, skating rink, bowling alley, movie theatre, video arcade game, swimming pool or any other place frequented by minors.
"This ordinance is modeled after the one passed in Hoover," Jacksonville mayor Johnny Smith said. "It's a little different in that they charge $3,000 per machine. We decided to go to $5,000 because that is the fee that Anniston charges and we didn't want to go any lower." William barnwell, a resident of Piedmont, was the first to apply for a business license with the intent of using the sweepstakes machines.

Paris said sweepstakes machines and their status as gambling devices was still being fought in the courts. Operators Seller internet time on phone cards. Users can take the cards home for internet access or they can play video slot machines at the caf for a chance to win more internet time and more sweepstakes entries. The ordinance would also give law enforcement officials the right to keep close tables on the facilities. All owners, managers and employees would have to have background checks for past criminal activities and they would have to be fingerprinted.


At the recent Euromat general assembly in Brussels, the current legal situation regarding the coin-op and casino industries in its member countries was discussed. A Special International Report was released, concerning the legal state of play in each of its member countries. The report will be passed over to the Swiss Institute for Comparative Law to prepare standardized legislation obligatory for all member countries.


Headquartered in Treuen, InduKey has added four and five wire resistive and capacitive touchscreens to its product range. InduKey is expanding its family of industrial keyboards and input devices with an additional cost-effective solution for system integrators and resellers. According to Macro van der Linden, MD of InduKey UK, an increasing number of companies are asking for systems that incorporate a mouse, a keyboard, and a touchscreen.
"Touchscreen monitors are no longer confined to gaming machines or video games as novelty items. Today, they can be found in many applications environments as part of public information system, in vehicle solutions and man-machine interfaces. With the growing popularity of touchscreen enabled Palm Pilots and other PDAs, most people come into contact with touchscreens on an almost daily basis," he told Intergame. The touchscreen interface can be used in a wide variety of applications to improve human-machine interaction. InduKey is offering a wide range of high-quality resistive and capacitive touchscreens up to 21ins.


The next Euromat general assembly is planned for May 24, 2007 in Vienna, with the organizer being the Austrian Chamber, automaton werband.


Diana Marketing's Adrian Buckley believes that electronic darts is finally taking a hold in the UK - traditionally a bristle board/ steel tip stronghold. "My company recently made an extensive technical service on 22 Arachnid Gll machines that had been installed in pubs and bars in England during a 15-18 month period. These machines have a credit counter incorporated that indicates the number of games of darts that had been played. The machines with most credits showed nearly 22,000, eight others were over the 15,000 mark and the remainder between 3,000 and 15,000 except for one with only 450. Our recommended price for the credit setting is 50p. Two credits would be enough to Play Most Games." Buckley concludes that electronic darts does work in the UK and it can be 'great little business.'


There's a fair chance that electronic game centres will re-emerge in Taipei City as a new mayor is due to be elected. Since the former mayor of Taipei City lifted the thresholds for electronic game centre applications, the electronic game business has almost disappeared because 'ordinary category' electronic game establishments need to be located more than 1,000m away from hospitals, public and private schools, kindergartens and libraries. Word on the street in Taipei City is that any new mayor's attitude to Electronic poker game centers will be more lenient than the present incumbent.


ELO has told InterGame all about its recent appearance at the CeBit exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The firm's silent, fanless, all-in-one touch computers were being shown in several mounting configurations and colours. The space-saving 1529L touch computer combines a touch monitor with a computer in the footprint of a standard 15ins LCD. Integrated options include a three-track MSR and rear-facing customer display.
Elo's second family of designed-for touch desktop touch monitors range from 12ins to 19ins and are available with a choice of Elo touch Technologies. On show were various versions of the 15ins multifunction touch monitor including options for an integrated three-track magnetic stripe reader, biometric fingerprint recognition device, and the first consumer touchable 12.1ins rear-facing customer display.

Additionally, the 1537L has a compact form factor with thin borders and multiple mounting options for easy integration. It features a high quality panel along with a unique, injection-moulded minibezel with virtually invisible watertight seal and choice of touch technology.
Finally, the new 32ins IntelliTouch touchscreen is suitable for point-of-information kiosk displays and interactive digital signage, as in airports and retail locations; gaming machines; centralized monitoring within the medical and industrial markets; and large displays in conference rooms and exhibition centres.


The State Lottery Commission of Massachusetts says it has suspended lottery licenses for four establishments in Springfield, chicopee and Holyoke, where video slot machines were found, according to
State police say that 38 machines were seized from bars, restaurants and markets. While a few machines held no cash, others contained up to US $10,000. Business owners typically say the machines are 'for amusement only.' State police Sergeant Michael Imelio, however, said many are manipulated to make payouts depending on the score, and that constitutes illegal gambling. When InterGame went to press, no-one has been charged in connection with the seized machines.


The world's biggest English eight ball pool championship, organized by the English Pool Association for the World Eightball Pool Federation, started in Blackpool in June. Biggest name in the four individual events is defending champion Gareth Potts, who must see off 220 top pool players to retain his title and take the 10,000 first prize. Sixty -four are competing in the ladies event, where Emma Cunnigham defends her title, with 64 in the junior championship and 16 who will compete in wheelchairs. The men's world team championships has attracted entries from 14 countries including the West Indies, Australia, South Africa and Kenya and eight countries take part in the ladies event. The ladies singles final will be shown on Sky on July 17, the men's team event on July 18 and the men's singles final on August 2. Being held for the 14th time, table makers Heywood back the event, cloth manufacturer Milliken, with balls supplied by Aramith. The Championship was in progress as Intergame went to press. For the latest results, go to


Diana Marketing's Adrian Buckley has told InterGame why he thinks darts is such an enduring activity, now that his firm has celebrated 25 years in electronic darts. "For a start its simple honest-to-God Entertainment, it's competitive, it's a way to break down social barriers and increase your circle of friends, it's played where people want to be and most importantly it's not going to go away," said Buckley.
The industry involved in national and international darts is larger than most people assume. The big mover in cash terms is the world of electronic, or soft-tip, darts. These are electronic dartboards where the player throws a plastic pointed dart at the board. This creates an electronic signal that can be accepted and processed by a small computer into a whole variety of games that unimaginable in conventional non-electronic steel tip darts. Moreover the information can be transmitted electronically to organize league play and championship management. The possibilities are endless.
"To say that electronic darts has taken the world by storm would not be an exaggeration. We now have a large flow of poker players moving from country to country to attend Championships, with darts providing the motive force to encourage such travel, as well as the millions of dollars now handed out in cash prizes," he concluded.


Now that Poland's trade organization has joined, European coin-op trade body Euromat is currently composed of representatives from 22 countries. These are represented by the organizations, federations or associations of each of its members. Ukraine and Czech Republic are hotly tipped to be the next two members from eastern Europe.


Czech - based Gamey industries has been on the road again, Teodora Ignatova told InterGame After its appearance with one of the bigger stands at the Prague show, the firm has been Panama for the SAGSE event and Moscow for the World of Games expo.


Gamester is celebrating another ringing endorsement following the announcement of a new national contract with leading catering company, cater leisure. Leisure Link formally held all sites, but under the terms of the new deal, Gamestec will now be the sole supplier of Gaming and Amusement machines for the company. This will see Gamestec further expand into another field of the leisure sector through the management of machines for a large number of airports, leisure centres and railway stations. Following a significant and successful trial at Norwich airport, which saw a range of Gamestec products put on test, cater leisure decided to transfer its estate over to Gamestec.


DLV held its 7th international home exhibition on May 22, 2006. The firm told InterGame that it used spring as the time for the show as the season is 'the time of new ideas blossoming, and opportunities for dreams to be turned into reality.' DLV showed off to visitors all its newest gaming equipment manufactured and revealed plans for its future in terms of development and manufacture. Other companies that exhibited included Merkur Gaming, avantime, CTC Holdings, Unicum, belatra, Euro Games Technology, apex and AW Neoon OU.
Many representatives of leading international companies visited the exhibition. Among them were: JVH Gaming, QPS Interactive, Atronic, aristocrat, National Rejecters, Suzo, automated Transactions, Wee Chin, Japan Cash Machine, AGT, Money Controls, EGT, Orion Gaming and many companies from Russia and Ukraine and the largest companies from Lithuania and Estonia. Additionally, a conference was held regarding social responsibility in terms of gambling and the certification of gaming equipment."


3M digital Signage, a worldwide provider of digital signage network solutions, has released 3M Digital Signage Software - Network Edition version 3.0 Network Edition digital signage software provides the ability to distribute and play back media files, schedule play lists and monitor a network of digital signs from any internet -connected computer. Network Edition 3.0 adds powerful new functionalities, plus augments and streamlines the user-friendly, reliable content and network management features 3M Digital Signage products are known for. Highlights include new network management capabilities such as the ability to assign multiple users / multiple roles, network-status reporting enhancements and an enhanced user interface designed for easier use. In addition, functional improvement, fixes and optional content services help optimize network performance. Current users of Network Edition 2.0 will receive automatic upgrades.


In Ireland, 2005 will be remembered for a return to normal in terms of income from amusement and poker gaming equipment, after the introduction of a smoking ban in March 2004, which had a detrimental effect on income throughout the hospitality sector, including coin-op equipment in both arcades and single site locations.

The minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell, TD, announced that the Government has approved publication of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2006. The Bill proposes to insert new values of 50 cents as the maximum stake and ? 30 as the maximum prize for gaming machines.
In 2004 there were 9,229 gaming machine licenses yielding ? 2,337,900; 6,550 amusement machines license yielding ? 795,827 and 109 gaming (premises) license, yielding ? 62,590. Ireland's coin-op expo - AmEx 2006 - The 27th Irish Amusement and Gaming Trade Exhibition, sponsored by IAEA, was held in Dublin back in March. This was the best-attended show in recent years and there was a very positive attitude regarding the future development of the industry. The next event will be held March 6-7, 2007.


Benchmark has released the Custom Signature Redemption Game. Eleven feet high and 53ins wide, the game can be customized with the name of the operator's choice. Benchmark claims that the game is 'perfect for creating a dynamic entryway, higher profits and massive impact.'


Victoria's Gaming Minister John Pandazopoulos has rejected a gambling industry push for more online poker Machines in clubs and pubs. The Government is reviewing the duopoly held by Tattersalls and Tabcorp over the 27,000 pokies machines outside the Crown casino in Venues across the state. Both the gaming giants want the duopoly extended for another two decades after the licenses expire in 2012.