The main Event for Merkur Gaming in June was the international trade show World of Games in the Crocus-Expo Centre in Moscow. From June 7-9, Merkur Gaming presented the latest Gauselmann made innovations on its 200 sq.m booth. Participating in the trade show again demonstrated its many years of success in the Russian market. “The Moscow trade show is an important building block for us for securing and continuously expanding our market position in Russia. Like for all our target markets, here too we offer innovative gaming fun specifically for the Russian market. This is how we assist our customers to successfully master their local business,” said Axel Pawlas.

The new video-based AWPs, including Merkur Diamond Casino and Mouse in the House, come with one or two TFT monitors and feature win-schemes, special bonus games, free games, attractive wild symbols and many other features. Merkur Gaming also showed its latest products in the fields of kiddie rides and kids ’ Entertainment in Moscow such as Donald Plane, an exclusive Disney licensed product, the unique Space Car Simulator and the touchscreen product ‘Happy Kids ’.
      The portfolio was completed by the compact version of the touchscreen Merkur Trendy. To be able to continue to ensure the excellent support and service quality of Merkur Gaming in Moscow in the future, starting from mid-June lgorj Kiselijov joined the Merkur Gaming office in Moscow as service technician. Kiseljov’s duties will range from organizing technical training in Moscow or on-site at the customers ’ premises to telephone support and assisting or carrying our installations and maintenance work on-site.

Poland’s trade body joins Euromat

The Polish Chamber of Commerce (IGPOUR) is a now a member of Euromat. From May 18-19, Euromat’s General Assembly Meeting took place at Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was led by the Belgian Union of Machines (Unie van de Belgische Automatenbranche) under the leadership of the president Willy Michiels. Poland was represented by the following people: Stanislaw Matuszewski – IGPOUR’s president, Stanislaw Legierski co-founder, Waldemar Leszczylski – co-founder and lwo Bulski –treasurer.
      After a vote by all the current members, the Euromat group welcomed Poland as a new member. Each country’s interests in the fields of casinos, wagering bets, lotteries and may be represented by only one organization, which is held responsible for all information relevant to its country. The meeting strengthens IGPOUR’s position as it has now been officially recognized and ratified by Euromat as the reliable representative of Poland. Euromat’s elaborations and information will be helpful for analysis and favorable for better knowledge of law and regulations in Poland.

IGPOUR  hopes that by joining Euromat it will pave the way for further eastern European countries, such as the Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Latvia, to join up. With thanks to low Bulski, of

Astro Systems ‘success ’ at World of Games

Astro Systems exhibited for the first time at the recent World of poker games 2006 in Moscow, Russia. Accompanying the GBA HR1 note validator Astro Systems also demonstrated the new GBA ST1 note stacker product and Microcoin coin acceptor ranges. The show provided an ‘Excellent Opportunity ’ to speak directly with manufacturers and operators, to gain their understanding and perspective on the current state of play in the market. Steve Priest, sales executive, commented: “Our objectives were to find local companies who could provide us with high quality representation in the area, and to raise the profile of Astro Systems and our products within the Russian market. ”
      He added: “We were delighted by the response to our products, in particular the GBA ST1. Our plastic vertical stacker is priced to be  very competitive and has the unique feature of a lockable cash box that the Russian market really wants. ” Meanwhile, astrosys International has completed a transition programme that will deliver 100 per cent RoHS (reduction of hazardous   substances) compliant products to the worldwide market.

The fall of the Polish Lottery Monopoly

On May 16, the Polish Exchequer’s Resort asked the court to announce the bankruptcy of the Polish Lottery Monopoly, a national company Selling lottery tickets. The company does not possess enough reserves to pay out prizes from its lotteries. For two years, the PLM teetered on the edge of bankruptcy, gathering only few million zloty income a year. The possible bankruptcy (the decision will be made by the court) does not mean, however, that Poles cannot still buy lottery tickets. They are still being sold by the Totalizator Sportowy. But, on the other hand, Totalizator is not doing so well itself, reports

*  CZECH:   Wings is a new reel-based AWP from JPM International of the UK. The Game is designed for the central and Eastern European markets and is housed in the new Linear cabinet. The Czech Republic is likely to be the prime market, where it is distributed by Synot. The company has introduced  a skill feature and a mechanism for feature entry alongside the base game, with an ‘entry symbol held’ function and will come in either 300 or 750 jackpot format. The base online poker game randomly holds over any feature entry aeroplane symbol to increase the player’s chance of entering the feature. Once entered, the feature spins a propeller blade stopping on a value. The player may then collect or move on to a Turbo Gamble.

POLAND:   Poland is to be the venue of the biggest amusement park in eastern Europe, reports  The city authorities hope that the investment of PLN 110m will gather half a million tourists a year. The part is to be opened in two to three years. To encourage tourists, it will feature a host of brand new attractions. There will be at least one huge rollercoaster and attractions typical of established European amusement parks. Wroclaw is still in discussion with five operators of the biggest amusement parks in Europe, such as Disneyland  Resort Paris and Legopark. Signing an agreement is ‘a matter of months away.