Fun world entices Finnish Cinema-goers

From July 7 to August 3, Finish cinemagoers were unable to avoid Photo Play ads in cinemas across the country during this time. The ads were to increase awareness as well as   to inform players 2006 and new poker games were available. Summer is high season for Finnish cinemas, making it possible to reach about 400,000 people aged 15 to 35 years. Photo Play’s sole Finnish agent, Pelika Net Oy, has over, 2,700 Photo Play terminals, making it the largest Photo play operator worldwide. Its innovative ideas and collaborations with interesting brands are a major part of Photo Play’s success in Finland.

      Elsewhere, Photo Play’s sports arenas are becoming more widespread. “Since our presentation with interesting hands-on examples from Germany,  Austria and Turkey right up to South Africa, the demand has increased greatly,” Fun world’s chief marketing and sales officer, Marco Huter told Integrate. Operators can now order an arena ring for a Photo Play island, half rings for individual solutions at a wall, flexible wall elements and matching accessories such as illuminated signs for indoors and outdoors, communications boards, carpets, banners and staircase stickers.

UK awaits summit on gambling reform

According to a report in the Financial Times, October could be the date for the UK government’s much-anticipated summit on UK gambling reform. Guoting culture secretary Tessa Jowell, the British politician who oversees this portfolio, the FT ays that she aims to host a summit in October to try to get international agreement on a new code of practice.

      The UK hopes to persuade offshore gambling centres that are reaping the lion’s share of the explosion in gambling, such as Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, antigua and Costa Rica to agree to new internationally consistent controls on the sites. Jowell says that her government plans to invite the international Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization, along with ministers from all the main offshore gambling jurisdictions.

*  Spain:   Wild Bull dartboards are set to educate the Spanish in the ways of stell-tipped darts. Roger Mahan, president of the Spanish Dart Federation, told Integrate: “Steel-tip darts has always been a free sport. While that is great for those steel-tip players, many   leagues (with the exceptions of some European countries) have never had the membership numbers nor thrived like soft-tip dart leagues have. In Spain, FEDE’s soft-tip league has 20,000 members while the largest steel-tip league has less than a thousand players!”
      now with Wild Bull, Mahan feels he can financially justify adding a steel-tip league to his federation. He concluded: “I can now have a Wild Bull steel-tip game in a location alongside a Lowen soft-tip game, and both types of darters are catered for. This is good for the players and the sport. I can see why the PDC would want to partner with Merlin and support an emerging poker technology. ”

Eastern European NEWS


Ukrainian firm Holding company Park, which Integrate met at last year’s Kiev show,  has opened Neon Luxor, an Egyptian-themed arcade in Kiev. The company, which was established at the beginning of 2000, rates itself as a ‘young, dynamically developing company, a serious and reliable partner. ’  Using their long-term experience, Park’s owners have striven to create an effective internal structure using highly qualified engineers and managers within the company. The main focus has been on co-operation with the leading equipment and software producers : APEX, Novomatic, Eurocoin, casino Technology and so on.
      Park has now created a number of arcades with networked gaming available, such as monte Carlo, Tropic, Territory of Excitement, Neon and Neon Club. Recently it has opened a new arcade, entitled the Neon Luxor. It is decorated in an Egyptian style, with a sphinx at the entrance and a sarcophagus and mummy inside. Park’s sales manager Olga Minenko told Integrate: “Visitors can have a great time at Neon Luxor, either gambling or having a cup of coffee in the bar. ”

Polish first quarter figures released

The first quarter of Poland’s 2006 data concerning special tax control carried out by Custom Houses has been released, using information from the Department of Custom-Excise Control. Tax control in casinos is carried out in the form of constant control concerning the opening and closing of gaming tables and counting game results. The number of casinos monitored by Custom Chambers is currently 27.

Taxing basis amount:
1st quarter 2004 –PLN52,149,275
1st quarter 2005 –PLN47,561,655
1st quarter 2006 –PLN51,758,883

Change 2005/2006: +8.8percent
Tax control in arcades :
      The control in arcades is performed in the form of the immediate controls. In the first quarter of 2006, 442 controls were carried out in the arcades.
      The number of arcades in the range of Custom Chambers is 179.
Taxing basis amount:
1st quarter 2003 –PLN52,195 690
1st quarter 2004 –PLN55,743 299
1st quarter 2005 –PLN59,260 408
1st quarter 2006 –PLN74,336 328  = change 2005/2006:+25,4 per cent

Tax  control in AWP gaming points :
      Tax control in AWP gaming points is carried out in the form of immediate controls. The number of points, according to the stats accrued on March 31, amounted to 10,323 and the number of machines in use was calculated at 17,183. The biggest numbers of gaming points were in the following cities – Katowice (1,968), Warsaw (1,155) and  Wroclaw (948). In first quarter of 2006, 3,320 immediate controls in gaming points   were carried out.
Amount of declared incomes
1st quarter 2005 –PLN60, 056,543
1st quarter 2006 –PLN 137,162,004 – change 2005/2006: + 128 per cent    with thanks to and

A 8 Audio set to reinvigorate Hungarian market

In Hungary, the market for amusement machines has been stagnating for years due to their high price and lack of long-term appeal, according to A8 Audio’s Norbert Koknkoly. “Practically no-one  has bought new pinballs or simulators so far,” he told Integrate, “because they need to be switched among sites often and the return on investment takes too long. ” Konkoly believes that A8 Audio’s new product may provide the solution for switching games in sites without moving heavy cabinets from one place to another. The Hungarian company has launched its new multiplayer automat, Goad Pinball, after a lengthy development and testing period. It has been designed to suit the international game market, as well as the needs of local operators. The appliance is fully owned by A8 Audio, just like the 3D software, which currently includes a virtual pinball, hockey and two soccer games.

      Ference Varga, general manager, revealed that five other poker games are on test (shooting, air hockey, another pinball, billiards, dodgem hockey). And will soon be ready for updates. Goal Pinball’s flat-mounted display allows players to play head-to-head. Consequently, one of the players always wins the game and the other player will usually ask for revenge. The two player games can be played against the CPU, while the player awaits his mates. From the operators ’ point of view, the possibility for competing is a very important feature of the pooker game.
      Varga said: “We would like to say a few words about the Viking Adventures game, because video pinballs usually polarize pinball fans ’ opinions. After trying it many of them reported it to be the most life-like virtual one that they ’ve ever tried. They had almost the same experience with the game as if they had played on a traditional pinball table with real flippers. There are also table-tilting buttons at your thumbs and the machine will stop the game if you push them too many times.
     “The menu, which is available for operators only, is very easy to use but includes many setting options that enable operators to set up the machine for different needs in different entertainment sites (different game times, number of balls, etc.),” he concluded.

*  During the world of games exhibition in Moscow, a congress entitled Gambling Business : Legislative Regulations Problems was held. Igor Dines. A Deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma, made a review of the situation with gambling business development in Russia in the context of the current legislation. Dines assured everybody that the law, which was adopted in the first reading, would undergo serious changes in the second reading. He also expressed his opinion on several issues, in particular, on the issue dealing with rationing. Another stumbling block, he thinks, involves the location of online gambling entitles on ground floors of apartments. But the position of the RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade on this problem is unlikely to change. As far as profile assets are concerned, he believes that, probably, the sum of RUB100-900m will be determined. Regions will no more acquire a licensed right, i.e. there will be a federal license. Dines was uncertain about the time frame when the law will be adopted. The law may be adopted this summer, but   the issue may remain unresolved until autumn.

      During the Congress, anatoly Pischulin, chairman of the Gambling Business Commission attached to the mayor and the Government of Moscow, also spoke against gambling business rationing. He believes that any restrictions hamper healthy competition, and this will run counter to the President’s words that the entrance to the market should be free.