Product Reviews

Title    :   Silver Strike 2007
Category    :   Video game
Company   :   Incredible Technologies

      In June, Incredible Technologies opened its doors for the launch of Silver Strike 2007 Bowlers club ( ). The media and operator event was held at Beer Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois, US. This game is the latest incarnation of its bowling franchise, which has now sold over 14,000 games and remains one for the highest earning poker games in the industry. IT has added new weekly and monthly sweepstakes. Each Friday evening, Silver Strike 2007 Bowler’s Club machines   around the country will countdown and announce the sweepstakes winner in their local bars. During test, iPods and cash were being given away. Greg Cobb of Game Time Amusements won a free SSBC conversion kit and when the game launches IT will start out with US $1,000 in weekly prizes, eventually going up to cards and other mega prizes. Players don’t need to pay anything extra to participate. Instead, five cents per play will go to fund IT net and prize pool, keeping play cost at an easy $1 for players.

      Silver Strike 2007 Bowler’s Club gives each bowler one entry into the sweepstakes just for playing. Additional  entries can be won by making a strike when the new Red Pin Bonus Frame is available once per game. In this way, casual and serious players alike have a reason to play. Graphically, the game had some improvements that were noticeable – slightly more detailed models, motion blur during replay and similar items that didn’t really affect gameplay. Additionally, the game now features Strike Trak technology that replays your bowling line and speed after a strike as well as real-times worldwide odds and staristics.
IT  also demonstrated that Silver Strike 2007 Bowler’s Club features an S-Video Out option, allowing operators to project the game on a wall during tournaments. One operator, Larry Elbert of Camden Amusements, is currently using this feature to plaice TV screens on top of the games, so that people can watch while someone is playing. According to Lee Timm, general manager at Camden, this has resulted in about 20 per cent increase in revenue as it allows people to play in larger groups- not just two or three players at a time. Additionally, locations are happy as this allows patrons to sit down, drink a beer and eat their dinner between rounds because they can still see the game from their table. IT also announced that Silver Strike 2007 Bowlers Club is compatible with is Free Automated Contests and Tournament poker software, allowing operators to run local leagues and contests.

Title    :    Fast Track Bumper
Category    :   Air Hockey
Company   :   Sam Leisure
      Fresh from exhaustive, and exhausting, testing at Blackpool, UK, Sam Leisure presents the Fast Track Bumper. This easy to fit component transforms any Sam air hockey playfield into a random res0onse surface that heightens the playing experience. Games are now even more fat and furious, making customers return for game after game and cashboxes swell, says Sam.
      This latest innovation from one of Europe’s largest pool and air hockey manufactures comes close on the heels of the Fast Soccer and Baby Air Hockey shown to great success at Blackpool’s Amuse show. The bumper was placed on the bed of a Fast Soccer double air hockey and customers trying it were very enthusiastic about its potential. The bumper requires no complicated installation and multiple bumpers per machine are possible, commonly located under the safety screen.

Stars on bikes
      The England squad at the FIFA  World Cup enjoyed Super Bikes, the new motorcycle video game manufactured by Raw ‘Thrills and distributed throughout the UK firm, Europe and the middle East by Brent Sales/Namco Europe. Super Bikes was part of a consignment of Brent/Namco games, which also included Raw thrills. The Fast and the Furious. Namco Mario Kart Arcade GP, the special 25th anniversary edition of Pac-Man/Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga and Typhoon Air Hockey Deluxe supplied to the England squad training camp in Baden-Baden via HB Leisure and The Tussauds Group.

      England squad members were the first non-trade players of Super Bikes. The game, which first appeared at January’s ATEI, began its first round of shipments to locations throughout Europe in July. Brent/Namco sales and commercial director, John McKenzie, commented: “We were delighted by the invitation from HB Leisure to help the England squad limber up fro the finals in a less conventional manner. They’ll certainly benefit from using the games not only for a bit of rest and relaxation but also to sharpen their reaction skills in a highly enjoyable way without risking injury. ”

DOClub updated
      More Derby Owners Club World Edition Ex software update kits are now available from Sega Amusements USA. Sega has successfully sold Derby Owners Club  World Edition Horseshoe and 8-player cabinets for five years. The EX software updates are still selling for both machines. The EX software update offers 30 new sires, 30 new dams, tournament customization software, on screen race results, and new, realistic race-day audio. Sega has designed new seven cards that look even more authentic than ever. The new cards have the functionality of the old with leather style graphics, plus an area   for locations to print serial numbers   for Derby Owners Club promotions.
      Tournament details can be customized within the game by age of horse and choice of 13 race schedules ranging from three to 16 heats   per event. Sega is also offering tournament guide materials free to the operator. Operators can request a poker tournament Guide with instruction on how to run an event, a Stable Guide (the source for players to study horse traits for breeding purposes), and a Player Pamphlet (a ‘how to play ’ guide) for the player to be circulated at the location. “Derby Owners Club has an incredibly high niche fan base,” Bridget Bell told Integrate.

      Derby Owners club is approaching its fourth anniversary in the market and Sega wants to ensure those operators and locations owners who have purchased  the game continue to enjoy maximum earnings. The EX software update provides a variety of added features including a new race call with legendary Tampa Downs and Canterbury Park track announcer Richard Grunder.

Title    :   The JayBox
Category    :   Jukebox
Company   :   Jaybox
      The JayBox, from UK-based JayBox, provides operators with internet technology for the price of a digital jukebox. At the time of going to press,  JayBox was about   to pilot its jukebox in the north of England. Currently, JayBox has 50,000 tracks already online and is adding 200 per week. Casino operators   can download tracks from JayBox’s   own server and database for free and pick their own tailored programmes and style of fascias. A 17ins touchscreen interface allows easy selection and the creation of personal play lists. Furthermore, JayBox is swipe card compatible. Marketing director Richard Elsy told Integrate: “We have no immediate plans for export although we have had interest from Australia. ”

Title    :   Fotossera
Category    :   Digital technology
Company   :   Dedem
      From its headquarters in Italy, the Dedem Group, founded in the early sixties, is active in operating, manufacturing and selling automatic photographic equipment. It has more than 4,000 machines under direct operation and sister companies in Spain, Israel, Russia, Romania and Peru. With such qualified technical competence, competitive prices and the production of high quality certified equipment, Dedem has won a considerable reputation in the vending market. Today’s digital revolution has opened up a wide range of opportunities in different markets. Some application that were previously restricted to the specialized sector can now be offered to a vast array of new customers and create new and concrete business opportunities.

      Following this trend, Dedem has integrated the latest digital technologies into the R&D and manufacture of new products : photo booths for ID pictures, fun photos and stickers; digital kiosk and desktop terminal (to print files from any digital media and save data on CD) and the recent Dedem Kiddie Camera, a booth that goes with the classical kiddie rides. These are just a few examples of the work carried out by Dedem to be ready to surf the digital wave and offer traditional and new customers a complete range of modern solutions. A particular case of success is the Kiddie Camera, one of Diadem’s latest innovations, which captures children’s fun in a superior quality picture, while they ride the classical Kiddie ride. Dedem has combined its long experience in the photographic industry with an endless fun instrument: the kiddie ride.
      This innovative solution, with its bright colours and recognizable cartoon characters, is extremely attractive and can be installed in front of any kiddie ride, enhancing its profitability. Kids can follow their live performance on a high definition screen installed in front of the kiddie ride. A second screen on one side is dedicated to parents. Completely automatic, it is very easy to use; an adult just inserts a coin and the Kiddie Camera does the rest, printing 10 x 15cm or 15 x 23cm high quality photos. No specific maintenance is required. In the kiosk business, Photo Print offers the easiest way to print superior quality images captured by camera, camera phones and most of the digital media   available on the market today.

Photo Print is an authentic money generator and is the perfect answer to catch the growing print demand from digital support. By means of a touchscreen and a user friendly interface, this easy to use, simple and intuitive machines allows the customer to operate autonomously and to receive a top quality and rapid printing service. Photo Print, with its thermal dye sublimation technology, can print pictures on 10 x 15cm, 15 x 23cm and 20 x 25cm   format, according to the configuration chosen. The multilingual vocal instructions assist in the choice of many different, high value services   such as calendars, framed or black and white pictures, CD burning and photo cropping. Fully self service, compact and with an attractive design, it is ideal for all environments. Its compact design permits installation in just half a square metre of space. Photo Print is   simple to maintain and does not require specific know how.

*  Wild Bull at Vegas
      The professional Darts Corporation allowed merlin’s Wild Bull automatic scoring steel dart machine to be set up in a separate electronic darting area within   the PDC’s main event hall at the recent Party Poker. net Las Vegas Desert Classic. Several of Merlin’s   Wild Bull automatic scoring  steel dart games were available for spectators and competitors to play on, during the week of the LVDC.
      Tim Darby, PDC, CEO, stated: “In addition to the blind draws being run at this event we have also created a separate area for ‘electronic steel darting, where our guests can join friends in friendly matches and experience the Wild Bull’s Feel Of Steel automatic scoring machine. This is a fine way to introduce players to the machines and to provide added entertainment for our attendees. ” The eight wild Bull games were available for open play, as well as for some fun organized competition. All Wild Bull boards were on a on a pay-to-play 9coin) basis.

      The news that these machines were added to this event came just a day after the PDC announced it has recognized the Wild Bull machine as ‘the world’s only electronic dart game officially endorsed by the PDC. ’ “These are exciting times at our company,”  said Merlin’s Steve Pope, adding, “on the heels of this endorsement, we are pleased to have the product in front of important and talented darters to show them what we are all so excited about. ”

*  Keroro Gunso
      Japan based Banpresto wowed the GTI Taiwan crowds with its new product, a wide pusher medal machine for the Asian market, featuring Keroro Gunso a famous Japanese animated  frog character. The colourful, high-impact machine was demonstrated on the Pan Asia booth at the GTI show.

Dawpol boxes clever
      Dawpol, based Zory, Poland, is an experienced manufacturer of amusement power machines. Its main products include various ‘power amusement devices,’ cusch as Boxer, hammer and Kicker machines. The firm also has a wide range of large kiddie rides, carousels and more.
      Being in this field for over 10 years, Dawpol believes that it can offer customers the best prices, prompt delivery, steady supply, best quality and service. “We are confident that we can give full satisfaction to our customers,” said the company’s sales manager Arkadiusz Rudnicki.

Title    :   1739L monitor
Category    :   LCDs
Company   :   ELO
      The 1739L 17ins and 19ins rear-mount touch monitors from ELO are now in stock, as well as the previously released 1537L 15ins model. These monitors were previewed at the ATEI show in London. The LCDs    feature ‘brilliant, high-quality panels with wide viewing angels and Leo’s all glass IntelliTouch surface wave touch technology for the utmost in optical quality   and durability. ’  Both have a new, more compact form factor and include Elo’s unique injection-molded mini bezel with watertight   seal. All Elo products include worldwide agency approvals and are RoHS compliant. Meanwhile, Elo’s entry-level desktop touch monitor line, the 1000 series, now includes models from 12ins to 19ins and provides a ‘truly economical solution. ’  Elo will appear on booth 28 at   the Peru Gaming Show 2006, held at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Center in Lima, Peru, from August 3-4.

  Title    :   Eyes Down
Category    :   Sequential AWP
Company   :   Mazola
      Mazola   has launched in the UK the first triple player sequential AWP. Eyes Down   presents each player the choice of a up to 20 games to play on their screen, all offering up to £ 25 for a 10p stake. One push spins the number of games selected with wins being recorded in a win meter on each game. All wins are then counted into a master bank. The top box boasts a 32 ins TFT screen, which displays a giant wheel containing bingo balls. A bingo caller announces when three mystery bingo balls land on the inline, releasing  a series of balls displaying  various values from the wheel. These add into the player’s bingo accumulator up to £ 25 or until ‘stop’ is displayed. More than one game selected can win this award and all three players are able to enter the top box together. Mazola’s Andy Murder told Integrate: “Stunning graphics and animation offer added excitement to this new sequential game. ” Eyes Down is available as a brand new game or as a conversion for those wishing to upgrade their existing AWP or Section 16 Eyes Down machines.

Biggest Golden Tee Live Update ever
      Incredible Technologies claims that Golden Tee’s new courses release day is described by some players as ‘Christmas and the Super Bowl rolled into one. ’  This month, Incredible Technologies will debut the first update for Golden Tee Live since the game’s launch in April of 2005. Jim   Zielinski, Golden Tee’s award-winning chief golf course architect and the game’s co-designer, said: “I’ve designed nearly 70 Golden Tee courses throughout the game’s lifespan and this update was the most challenging and enjoyable  that I’ve ever been a part of. ”
     “Using tools like real-life satellite imagery, we were able to build true courses in the middle of Central Park and within the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula. These feats are graphically intense and never would have been possible without the hardware engine o Golden Tee Live. ”   Golden Tee Live 2007 will feature five new courses designed by zielinski and his team. New courses include: Rustic Bridge – Central Park, New York city, Indigo mound – Yucatan, Mexico, Palm Springs C.C. – Palm Springs, California, Moose Landing – Acadia, Maine and Glacier Ranch – Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

     “In the past we were concerned that too many options would dilute the value of an update and confuse the player,” said Larry Hodgson, VP of product development and co-designer. “But we’ve found a way to minimize confusion and make these still –great courses available. The payoff will continue next year when operators will have a choice as to which five of the 10 legacy courses they will make available to their all to poker players. ” Don Pesceone, VP of sales, added: “The new courses will get all the play initially but players have their favorites. With 10 courses to choose from, players will have something new and fresh to look forward to every time they step up to the machine. ”
      When IT launched Golden Tee Live in April 2005, a decision was made to delay activating the acclaimed Hole-n-win! Feature until players grew accustomed to Live’s   real-time tournament structure. However, the game’s project manager, Brian Jandula, told Integrate that Live’s wireless connection has allowed the development team to expand Hole-n-win!’ capabilities : “Now when a player hits an ace after choosing Hole-in-win!, their prize money will instantly be credited to their Golden Tee Live player account. That money can be sued to play more Golden Tee Live player account. That money can be used to play more Golden Tee Live or Silver Stricke Bowler’s Club. It keeps the money in the game and that’s a win-win for everybody. ”
      Hole-n-win! Will not be available in all areas. Golden Tee Live 2007 will continue to feature actual golf equipment integration into the game courtesy of Live’s official sponsor, Top Flite, including new clubs, balls and apparel. In addition IT unveiled its newest major  brand sponsor, coca-Cola, at this year’s operator  Summit in Tempe, Arizona. Gary Colabuono, IT’s marketing director, explained: “It doesn’t get any bigger than Coke!” he said. “Their product placement was designed to be seamless and fun. Partnership opportunities are fuelling the console market, and they will have a significant impact within the amusement industry too. ”
      The company will start taking orders on August 1 for the first shipment of updates scheduled for a mid August release. Pesceone said: “New course updates re-energies players and boost earnings. It will be 16 months since the launch of Live when this update hits the street,” he said. Pesceone went on to explain that IT will again offer a 12-month, zero- interest financing programme for all 2007 updates, as well as free updates for anyone who purchased a Golden Tee Live deluxe dedicated, deluxe retrofit kit or standard online kit after July 1.


Title    :   Double Fast Track
Category    :   Air hockey
Company   :   Billares Sam
      After more than 20 years of evolution, billares Sam is today a giant in the leisure games industry. Product development now permeates every aspect of the company. From the design and testing of every component part, to the packaging and the product presentation in shows or professional championships.   The 10,000sq.m plant incorporates wood and metal workshops, lacquer and oven painting systems and the final assembly line. But the strength of the company relies on its ability for fulfilling the customer’s requirements, driving the industry forward with innovation.
      A good example is the Double Fast Tract. “Billares Sam is the only company to produce such a table,” Sam’s Pablo Madariaga told Integrate. Obviously, with only a small increase size, the four-player element improves the game and the potential income. But the ice-like surface represents the state of the art in air hockey design. Today, billares Sam is spreading this technique to other products, but you can bet that in few years time every competitor will be doing it also.
      Billiards and pool too incorporate improvements, in the way the games perform and the way in which tables integrate in various environments, every day. Once again, billares Sam takes the risk of launching an expressive and unconventional wood finish in the mango first series. In just six months, Magno production has already equaled previous model Bison’s numbers.
      Billares Sam is now ready to tuern the pool and billiards market upside down, offering more and more customized products and tailor made finishes. From now on, Sam’s customers can design their own table. In an increasingly competitive world poker game tables must find new and more varied venues, attracting new customers and income. “By becoming as much a part of venue design as the carpets and furniture, Sam tables will boldly go where no pool tables have gone before,” he concluded.

Title    :   Orang Ultan Racing Car
Category    :   Kiddie ride
Company   :   WuMar Harng
      Taiwan-based Wu Mar harng has been busy of late. Three new products were launched at the GTI Expo in Taipei recently, the Orang Utan racing card kiddie ride, the maxi Claw crane and the Bonus mini Crane. Orang Utan racing car measures 150 x 115 x 165cm, weighs in at 130 kg and works off a voltage of 110v/220v. Operators   can set the ride’s playtime between 30 second and five minutes.
      Alternatively, the maxi Claw, developed in conjunction with Paokai Electronic, is described by Wu mar Harng as a ‘fashionable super jumbo crane. ’  Its dimensions are as follows : H 215cm, W 117cm, D 145cm. It comes in two models, one for plush toys, and the other for balls/capsules. Finally, the Bonus mini crane features a ‘lucky key ’ prize which, if caught, the player is able to open a door at the foot of the machine. Inside the door are prizes   of a greater value than elsewhere in the unit.

*  Extreme Hunting 2 - TE
      Sega Amusements USA has completed the sale of all Extreme Hunting 1 machines, which made a November 2004 debut. The company now reveals a 50ins deluxe cabinet for Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition. All deluxe  machines will include a free point of purchase display. The company has also upgraded its gun unit to a new 28ins feedback shotgun available with the 50ins and 29ins cabinets as well as kits. Sega currently has over 17,000 coin-opponent hunting games in the market with its collection of Sammy hits. The company is proud to say that over 4,000 Extreme hunting 1 games have contributed to that accolade.
      The new feedback gun model more closely resembles an actual shotgun. Each trigger pull creates a shotgun sound from two small speakers located inside the plastic molding. The sound creates a vibration emulating the feel of a fired weapon. The company has also developed a colourful marketing display for the 50ins deluxe cabinet. The POP stands tall like a true mounting wall, including trophy animals : bison, black bear, moose, elk and whitetail deer. Due to a positive customer response, Sega now includes the POP display free of charge with purchase of the 50ins   deluxe cabinet.

      Test results with this attraction piece are encouraging as well/  one dressed-up 50ins deluxe cabinet on test has reported a one-day income of US $270 at a billion dollar poker peyl. The display stands 115.5ins tall at its peak, and extends 14ins on each outer side of the machine. Once customers purchase the All.Net package in autumn, they will receive two ‘Online Now’ stickers to be applied to the top board. The cabinet itself is 45.1ins W  x  91.5ins H x 76ins D.
      Meanwhile, Sega has partnered with Buckmasters, making it the first Extreme Hunting 2 tournament Edition in game advertiser and tournament sponsor. Buckmasters is an organizational media umbrella specializing in magazine publications, video productions and public events for North American deer hunters. The division has developed business opportunities win in-game adverting as well as a valuable All.Net tournament model for locations are companies like Buckmasters to benefit from.
      Buckmasters will be included in Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition cabinets with the All.Net configuration. In addition, the association will act as a   leading sponsors in upcoming Extreme Hunting 2 tournaments. Tournament players can win prizes form the Buckmasters license as well as memberships. Extreme Hunting 2 – TE is available now in 50ins deluxe cabinets, 29ins standard cabinets, full conversion kits and update kits. Arriving shortly after will be All.Net kit, which will be available for all the game.

*  Pirates of the Caribbean
      The famous pirate adventure movie franchise is now the latest pinball machine from Stern Pinball machine from Stern Pinball. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball features exciting elements from the first movie, as well as the box office record-breaking Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead man’s Chest. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine adapts the characters and settings from the two Disney films perfectly into a pinball playfield. Two former Williams’s developers designed the machine, game designer Dennis Nordman and rules designer/software engineer Dwight Sullivan.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean offers the following features :

  • A mechanical pirate ship that the player strikes with the pinball. With each hit, the ship lowers its sails and eventually sinks into the playfield, thus revealing a shot into the Kraken’s mouth.
  • A mechanical treasure chest, the Dead Man’s Chest, through which the player can shoot the ball. When the player has the key, the chest opens.
  • A contained spinning rubber disk where the player can capture up to three pinballs. The disk bounces them around in the contained area and holds them for an extended period of time till the player starts multi-ball.
  • A map compass comprised of playfield inserts that show the player each feature they poker gambling to finish.

Disney’s   Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine began shipping in July.