ATEI’s poker new floor plan, which will see non-gambling companies move to Level 1 of Earls Court 1 next year, has received the backing of the show’s former chairman and ex-BACTA  president, Roger w\Withers. Withers, who was in the ATE hot seat prior to its purchase by Clarion Events and has held a portfolio of high ranking positions in the international leisure and electric entertainment sectors, said: “This was always going to be a difficult but necessary move to protect the long-term health of the shows and to reflect the changing nature of both the UK and the world’s gambling markets. It’s been a tricky course to navigate because of the value that the coin-oddonent exhibitors place on the event. If ATEI fell into the ‘just another exhibition ’ category of event, there would not have been the same depth of feeling. ”


The recent World Cup would not have been possible without the masses of volunteer helpers. They were known as the ‘smiling faces of the World Cup’ welcoming international football guests, answering questions and taking care of the interests of team and journalists. To help the helpers, the Gauselmann group equipped the leisure time areas of all the official venues with fun-parks, consisting of number of sporting games including the much typed computer controlled bar football game, Star Kick.


UK-based gaming machines manufacturer Gamesoft has had some good news with confirmations of its first production run of its new poker game for the Spanish market Reno Casino. “Our Spanish distributor is delighted with how the machines has tested on site,” said the firm’s Robert Taylor. “We’re obviously very pleased that this is now translating into firm orders. ” Deliveries were due to commence in July.


Tenpin bowling is taking off all over Chile, according to Chilean FEC manager, Steve Geyer. The representative of Brunswick International in Chile, Peru and Bolivia, told Integrate: “Santiago, which accounts for 40 per cent of Chile’s total population   of six million, has many bowling installation. However, regions are gradually taking on more relevance owing to an improvement in the quality of life and a greater tourist awareness. ”

Apparently, the installation of bowling lanes in the central and southern regions of Chile is becoming an increasingly attractive option, where the sport can be played in closed air conditioned places. The installation of provincial casinos and the proliferation of new malls, supermarkets and sport centers guarantees Geyger greater possibilities of Success in selling bowling lanes. “Our company has to be more aggressive in selling bowling lanes, with good service policies and an excellent after sales assistance since this business is not massively known in Chile. It is an expensive product and that is demonstrated with the fact that part of the placement of our lanes has been in holdings and families of huge economic power, with facilities in malls and supermarkets. However, our head office will establish credit policies so that we can also reach the middle class in sport centers and social clubs. Currently all the lanes are sold paid in cash,” Geyger revealed.

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Sport betting website offered markets on the recent US national Spelling Bee. Punters could bet on a selection of markets, including whether or not the eventual winners would be wearing glasses.


The first working day of the recent World of Games exhibition in Moscow ended in the Shore house yacht club in the Crocus City, where a Heat Party was held in the style of a Brazilian carnival, which was visited by more than 1,400 people. The visitors were treated to hot drinks, ram and calf barbecues and chocolate fountains. Cool weather added to the party goers ’ desire to be warmed by the Latin rhythms played by the marakatu group.   The hits of Diskoteka Avaria and Ottawan added fuel to the flames, and some people decided to cool themselves in the pool together with some synchronized swimmers.
      And so that the visitors could recall on what occasion they had gathered, the tireless murzilki International organized a radio broadcast from the stage.


Louise Janeway of Hemisphere West Europe, UK was buoyed by the recent Middle East Vending and Kiosks Expo in Dubai. She told Integrate: “Global Links organized everything extremely well, we had excellent potential customers visit our stand and furthermore, someone from Global Links was always around if help was needed. For sure we want to come back to do the show again, they made us feel so welcome. ”


Skee-Ball’s manufacturing  facility has relocated from Phoenix to Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Parts and services for the complete line of products have been transitioned into the Chalfont headquarters. The company would like to ask customers to call the Chalfont office for service and sales on all casino games previously serviced and manufactured in the Phoenix office.
     “The consolidation of Skee-Ball’s service departments will allow customers the convenience of receiving  parts and service for all our games with a single phone call,” Jeff Hudson told Integrate. To help ease the transition, Vicki Hendrix- Smith, of the Phoenix customer service department, will be joining the customer service department in the Chalfont office.


This year’s EIG Conference, to be held in Barcelona, Spain, will clash with the London Preview event. Last year’s EIG, for the igaming industry, was held in Nice from November 7-9, avoiding a clash with the London Preview. The UK-based event, however, predominantly serves the coin-opponent industry. For anyone who desperately wants to attend both events, EiG lasts a day longer than Preview and Barcelona only takes two hours and five minutes by air from London. Both events kick off on October 11, with Preview finishing the next day and EiG reaching its conclusion on the 13th.


The South London Open Day was well received by Sam Leisure’s Liam Barrett. He described it as : “A beautiful sunny day spent catching up with a number of industry stalwarts. We brought two air hockey’s ,  a Fast Soccer and a Baby Air. Both of which were placed. So all in all, a great day out courtesy of Deith’s wonderful hospitality. ” Sam Leisure will also be at Leisure Industry Week, Birmingham, UK this year. Recent shows have proven Sam pool tables and air hockey machines are just as popular outside the pub and bowl sectors as in these traditional heartlands.
      The Fast Soccer and Baby Air have spread the appeal of air hockey beyond the usual customer base, and the bold customizing of pool table cabinets and cloths have put the accent firmly on the fun of the poker game to encourage new players from across the spectrum. Sam’s philosophy is to maximize revenue by satisfying customers all down the supply line. Liam Barrett told Integrate: “Stunning contemporary design and professional standard playfields attract and reward players. ” LIW 2006 will run from September 26-28.


New music is a significant factor in broadband jukebox revenue, according to Ecast. A third of its most downloaded songs were recently added tunes, meaning within the last five weeks, says Ecast, which contrasts with the greatest hits model that often prevails with CD juke boxes. When Integrate went to press, the fifth most popular download, Dani California, by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, had only been on the Ecast network for three weeks, and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, the number two hit on the network, was less than four weeks old.
     “There is a direct relationship between how fast you can get new music out to your jukes, and how much money those jukes earn,” said John Taylor, CEO at Ecast. “This is what drives our Download and Play feature to account for nearly 40 per cent of selections on our network. ”


Electronic dartboards, using steel tipped darts, are taking off in Australia. Trevor Hughes, director of Darts For Fun and the Wild Bull dartboard distributor in Australia told Integrate: “None of the operators we work with in promoting the Wild Bull simply going to take money out of the game and walk away. Instead, everyone involved is going to use some of that revenue to help fuel the future of steel-tip darting. To be successful in the long run, we must add value for the players through promotion. ”


HB Leisure established a best puoker game room within the hotel where the England World Cup squad stayed in Germany. This custom equipped facility was for the exclusive use of the players and was filled with the latest arcade games, table sports, golf simulator and other state-of-the-art entertainment. HB leisure was contracted by the Tussauds Group which provided the games room to the Football Association for the team when it traveled to Japan in 2002, and Portugal in 2004. Madame Tussauds MD, Glenn Earlam, told Integrate: “We had every confidence that HB leisure could deliver this outstanding experience; they are the games operator for two of our theme parts and do a great job there. ” FA commercial and broadcast manager, James Elliott, told Integrate: “The Tussauds Group is a   long-standing supporter of England football and we really appreciate that they, together with HBL and a group of leading games manufacturers, make this room possible for our players. ”

HB Leisure CEO, Tim Batstone, commented: “We are very grateful to the Tussauds Group for this fantastic opportunity to support the England team, and emphasize that the superb quality of the facility would not have been possible without the generosity of some of the industry’s premier companies who have made available their latest. ” Sega supplied  WCC Football, House of the Dead 4, Ford Racing Full Blown and Virtual Striker, Spiker and Tennis. Namco handed over Super Bikes, Mario Karts and Fast and Furious as well as Pacman 25th Anniversary. Electrocoin offered Grand Prix Pintable and Golden Tee Fore. Pool and table football were supplied by Excl leisure, while Jacques ensured that table tennis was available. Smart Golf sent a golf simulator and Sound Leisure gave a state of the art jukebox.