Enjoy your summer holidays while you can. Looking down the show schedule for September and October is a scary prospect. Spain’s FER, AMOA in the US and Moscow's poker EELEX all take place across the same  days in September and London Preview, EiG, ENADA Rome and SAGSE all clash in October. Some of these are casino shows, some aren’t. You may want to go to all, some or none of the above. But the over-riding message is loud and clear. There are too many shows in this industry.

Hands up who hates the sight of an airport terminal?  Thought so. I recently went over to Germany to watch England scrape past Ecuador in the World Cup, and travelling back was a very strange experience. No laptop, no suit bag. Hang on this wasn’t a work trip! I’d  forgotten what leisure travel actually was. Time between now and ICE in January will be a blur as usual.
      I simply cannot see how this can continue. Why should there be more than one show in any one country every year?  Speaking to a few well placed sources, the feeling seems to be that more shows in the calendar means becoming more focused on the exhibitions you actually need to attend, narrowing it down to a list of the five or six essentials and forgetting everything else. It’s a headache, and some shows are going to end up losing out to congestion.
      Until then though, InterGaming will be bringing you the best coverage from EELEX, G2E and ICEI  among others in the coming months, and previewing the events too, so don’t forget to let us know if you have any news to be included around those exhibitions. Also, going back to the World Cup, commiserations to all our French supporting readers and congratulations to those who follow the Azzurri. As for England, well, there’s always Euro 2008…    


THE public destruction of pirate machines by AGI managing director jens Halle has been garnering reaction throughout the industry, with many paying tribute to Halle for highlighting  the problem of intellectual theft.

      “By putting the problem of intellectual property theft literally on the front pages of the international trade press Austrian Gaming Industries has done the Whole industry a great service,” Unidesa’s   David Orrick told InterGaming. “It is now the responsibility and the duty of all other concerned manufacturers to strongly protect their commercial interests and their considerable investment in research and development.

Right now the problem of copying is centered on Russia but as industry spreads its wings into developing markets Asia and South America, for example then the potential for intellectual property theft is very real. ” poker Gaming Technologies told InterGaming that it’s strongly supports all actions against pirate copies. ’ “As a manufacturer of gaming machines we are committed to our  customers ’ and players ’ satisfaction,” the company said. “We support Jens Halle and AGI’s initiative against the pirate makers and their rubbish creations.
     “We strive for first class quality and customer support. That is why we will not let anybody mislead operators and players by infringing the intellectual property of our company. “AGI’s destruction of the pirate machines at World of Games was a call to operators all over the world. It reminded them to be cautious when they purchase gaming products. Casino exhibitions are the perfect solution for getting this message out.
     “As in any other sphere of life always there will be people who try to mislead, lie or Seller pirate copies. But we can make their activity impossible by having support from our clients and the community. I think this act will impact on all companies that are endangered by illegal action like copy making. ”

However, CTC Holdings ’ Edvins Lobinsh told InterGaming that the act may be less effective. “I think that in most European countries manufactures are already observing copyrights,” he said. “The problem exists mainly in counties like Russia, Ukraine and some others. “In these countries, profit is more important than following the rules. Only legal enforcement can partially solve the problem. Destruction of pirate products can have an affect as an advertisement of the company, but will not prevent pirates from copying.
     “In general, I believe that legal action and law enforcement are not   very efficient in these cases. Sometimes it is easier and more profitable to Seller poker software at special discounted rates to potential users. The really takes pirates out of business. Who wants to by a copy if he can buy an original for a comparable price?”

Swedish publications in trouble over ads

Sweden’s poker gaming Board has reported the editors four Swedish newspapers and magazines to the police for publishing adverts from foreign gambling companies.

      Those reported were the editors of newspapers Expression and Metro as well as those of Slitz and Spray Magazines. “We expect more to follow, as many publications have accepted adverts recently,” said Gaming Board spokeswoman My Hamren. A number of district court rulings have confirmed that it is illegal to publish adverts from gaming companies other than state monopoly Svenska Spel. One already found in a district court judgment to have broken the law is Nerikes Allehanda editor Krister Linner, who asked the Supreme Court to hear his appeal against the ruling, but the court refused.
     “This means that doubt is now eradicated the law applies and we can act more forceful,” said the Gaming Board’s chief legal officer Hakan Hallstedt. The adverts break what is known as the promotion paragraph in the 1994 Lotteries Act. This paragraph makes it illegal to help foreign gaming companies find customers through adverts in the Swedish media. It is legal, however, for state owned gambling companies   Svenska Spel and ATG to advertise. Foreign gambling games adverts brings in around SKR450m per year for the Swedish media.

*  Malta has its fourth casino. The Casino, as it has been simply named, is located in the Porto Maso business centre. It opened in July and is operated by Oracle. The casino director is Laurie Galea, and slots manager, Patrick Demanuel. Galea   formerly worked for London Clubs and the Casino du Liban.
      The location has 150 slots, including 40 from IGT and a mix of Atronic, aristocrat, amatic and Bally machines, plus some gaming tables.

*  The license of the casino di Venezia, in Vittoriosa, Malta, has been cancelled on grounds of insufficient human resources, after 14 staff members, including the general manager, were dismissed following incidents on the night of the World Cup final, which were described as “shameful, disgusting and unacceptable. ” The incidents have not been made public, but involved staff and not been made public, but involved staff and not clients. Gaming inspectors also witnessed them and police reports have been filed.