The House of Representatives struck a blow against online gambling in the US   as it approved Bill HR 4411, which merges two separate online gambling prohibition bills from Republicans Bob Good latté and James Leach, by a vote of 317.93. It will now be referred to the Senate for further consideration, where efforts to pass it are likely to be spearheaded by Jon Kyl, the Republican who has had previous attempts to outlaw online gambling rejected.

The legislation would also prevent gamblers from using credit cards to Betfair’s online. A debate still rages, however, over exemptions for certain types of gambling over the internet. Good latté wants to update the language of the Wire Act to clearly state that remote forms of gambling that have not been expressly regulated by states are illegal, and as he does not believe that the technology exists to verify a web user’s location, his bill is effectively an all out ban on internet gambling. However, some opponents argued that most sites that run online gambling businesses are already based outside the US.

      One source with links to payment services told InterGaming  that the odds were still against the Bill making it through the Senate. “There have been Bills that have been through this stage before but have fallen once they have got to the Senate,” they said. “It’s far from being law yet. We are watching and waiting, but the Bill has a short calendar if it is to make it as legislation and there are mid-terms taking place, so there may be a desire to avoid controversial political issues too. ”

Good latté was also wary of a proposed amendment from Shelley Berkley that suggested making remote horse wagering illegal too. Goodlatte had exempted the horse racing industry from his Bill, but Shelley argued that this was only because they would go hard against his Bill if they were included in it. The Bill could have a difficult passage through the Senate though, as time constraints could see it miss the end of the legislative period.

Expansion is Neteller’s platform for success

Payment specialist Neteller is preparing for a year of expansion across various worldwide markets. Dan Starr, executive vice  president of marketing at Neteller, revealed to InterGaming that the company would be releasing enhanced merchant products in Spain, Italy, France  and Germany, as well as an improved Japanese platform and new platforms for Asia, china and Australia.  “We have clients in 160 countries and we are always looking to develop merchant tools, so further global expansion is going to be very important to us,” he said.

     “We also want to make the process of tracking payments and analysis quicker and simpler, and we are focusing heavily on ID verification tools,” he said. “being in so many countries, the issue there is that data is different in each, so there is a lot of aggregation required. But currently, we have about six databases available when someone signs in that will ensure they are who they say they are. ”
      Starr also outlined the importance of Neteller’s collections arm in taking care of much of the ‘business end’ of transaction management, as it allowed operators to concentrate purely on the gaming poker experience. “We offer our clients 100 per cent indemnified funds, so that the transfer of funds is immediate. We can then collect the money and take that particular hassle away from them. ” Neteller currently has 3,500 merchants on its books, with half of those in the gaming sector.