EELEX organizer Unicum has attributed the low visitor numbers at rival show World of Games to its ‘freshman status ’ and argued that there was only room for ‘one main gaming show’  in Russia. Unicum also claims that many companies planning to market products in Russia would plan to do so ‘later in the year. ’

Unicum spokesperson AnastAsia Kojemiakina exclusively told InterGaming”“World of Games ’ low attendance is determined by a number of factors. First, June is the beginning of vacations time in Russia, and a low season in the gaming industry, plus, as a young Moscow trade  show, World  of Games simply does not have a valuable and effective database of visitors, that’s why many companies do not know about the show though we think 3,000 visitors is a good start-up for a local gaming trade show.
     “Second, the recent changes in the legislation are a factor. While EELEX has been targeting stable gaming companies and has been co-operating with them for many years, world of games tried to attract companies they know and who are now going through a lot of changes in their operations. Many of them are too busy having to adapt to the new, more civilized, regulations. “Third, there is only one main gaming show in each country followed by a   number of local projects. Many exhibitors plan their marketing campaigns to show their new products at the biggest shows to hit the largest audience. They spend gaming money on advertising, which also attracts visitors to the show. Due to the freshman status of World of Games, its exhibitors kept their new products and marketing campaigns for later in the year. We did not observe any heavy marketing activities from the companies who exhibited at World of Games. ” EELEX  takes place at the end of September and Unicum will be hoping that a slow market will not deter visitors from its show.

Breaking up is not that hard to do for Rank

Rank Group, once Britain’s biggest leisure group, is reported to be breaking up and will finally disappear within nine months, after selling off all of its bingo halls and casinos.

Rank, which has been in business for 70 years, is in the midst of selling the 121 Hard Rock Cafes it owns worldwide, which is expected to raise £ 540m on revenues of £244.7m. It is understood that a leading US private equity firm approached the Rank board with an offer for the Hard Rock chain in June and will look to list it on Wall Street. That bid was reportedly   rejected, but Rank is now ready to proceed with selling off one of its three remaining operations, along with casinos and Mecca bingo halls.
      New chief executive land Burke has been seeking to up Rank’s gambling interests by bidding for new casino licenses and buying new online firms, but a large cash offer would certainly test his resolve. William Hill and Ladbrokes betting chains are also said to be interested in Rank. The first has been listed for 11 years and has been forced to Sell off a raft of assets during that time Pinewood Studios, Odeon Cinemas, Tom Cobleigh pubs, Nightscene clubs and Butlins camps were all sold by former chief executive mike Smith as the company struggled with a £1.5bn debt burden. It also got rid of its Deluxe films   arm last year.