To attract new players, the barriers have fallen. Although System 2006 in itself is quite complex, it has become much more player friendly. From the moment the poker player steps up to the terminal, they find themselves in a stylized sports arena where they are greeted by Joy, funworld's congenial avatar. Regardless of where a Photo Play newcomer taps the screen, they can immediately enter a game or even a tournament (should they have selected a game that is currently part of the tournament mode) after the second tap. Most importantly, funworld has done away with time consuming registration before the game experience begins, with newcomers now quickly and smoothly integrated into the masters tournament system. This helps put Photo Play’s fundamental elements : ‘challenge, competition and honour' into practice from the start.

In addition, every registered player is recognized by their personal 10 card. Personal data such as email address, birthday, mobile gaming phone number as well as the tournaments that they have succeeded in are all visible (provided this information was entered by the player, of course). Over and above this, a special communication and sports centre for players has been integrated into the new 'My Photo Play' section. Here news such as the announcement of events, information about and from other players and one's own Photo Play ‘career’ can be exchanged. “The members of our community wish to exchange information amongst themselves and to network. We provide the right platform to make this possible,”


Operators’ needs have also been addressed and the entire set up area revised graphically for greater user friendliness. In addition, there are a number of new and important contents. Two ‘Special Offers ’ that are particularly suitable for promotions at the operating location, have been pre-programmed in the location related settings. The ‘Happy Hour’ promotion allows games to be offered at a lower price during a certain period of time, while the 'New Location' promotion is intended specifically for new operating locations. If activated, games provided are automatically reduced to 10 top games, which can be played at a discounted price. All other games are added gradually within a particular period of time. “This allows the public to become acquainted with the games step-by-step. The effect of this promotion is immense and the publican has an excellent opportunity to turne players into regulars from the start, without having to activate complicated settings,” described Mr. Huter.

Also new is the games carousel. Every month the two games that have been played the least at that particular operating location are deactivated and replaced by two different casino games from an internal games pool, guaranteeing that the right selection is available for each location.