Namco Bandai formally created unveil new icon

Officials from Japanese toy, animated series and game maker Bandai and veteran video game creator Namco, have formerly announced the merger of the two companies into new entity Namco Bandai Holdings.

As part of the formalities chairman and director Kyushiro Takagi and president and representative director Takeo Takasu also unveiled the new corporate identity. The visual icon, which will be applied throughout Bandai Namco Holdings and its affiliated companies, is the latest development following September's management integration, which resulted in the creation of a global entertainment group involved in business fields ranging from toys, giant amusement facilities,
video game software and visual software through to apparel, network content and sundries. Namco Europe managing Director, Mike Nevin, believes that the Bandai Namco Group offers unlimited possibilities for creating new forms of entertainment and inspiration to people of all ages. He explained: "By bringing together a leading toy company and a leading games company we have created one of the intellectually richest organizations in the world. The aim is to develop new opportunities by harnessing each partner's distinctive strengths and expertise. " He added: "We are currently exploring a significant programme of organic expansion, acquisition and diversification, elements of which will be delivered in the first half of 2006. "

Atronic and Atronic System have once again demonstrated their partnership power after securing a joint deal with all six casinos in Denmark to launch the first ever Danish Wide Areas Progressive jackpot, which went live across the country last month. The WAP went lie with a mega jackpot of 2m Danish Crowns (around 265,000 euros), and at the time of press, stood  at 2,428,00 DKK. The Atronic collaboration was awarded the pioneering project following months of intense consultation between Atronic, Atronic systems and the Danish operators culminating in the historic nationwide launch of the Casino Denmark Jackpot   on September 1, 2005. Henrik Larsen, Slot Director at Casino Copenhagen and Project Manager for the Casino Denmark Jackpot was delighted with the end result: “With the increasing attraction of big jackpots, we are happy that we are now able to offer such opportunities to our customers. Atronic and Atronic Systems have done a great consulting job in all phases of this project. ”

Atronic Sales manager Stuart German added: “The launch of the Danish WAP is by no means the end to this project, we already have exciting innovations lined up for the future in order to provide a dynamic   solutions for our customers and players alike. Player reaction to the initial launch has been excellent and we now look forward to congratulating the first lucky jckpot winner. ” All six casinos are participating in the WAP, which incorporates the three operations of Casinos Austria International; Casino Copenhagen, casino Munkebjerg Vejle and Casino Odense as   well as the three independent   casinos, Royal Scandinavian Casino, casino Marienlyst and Casino Aalborg. The nationwide go live event was marked at each venue with various promotions, champagne receptions and official speeches and was even broadcast live on Danish television at Casino Munkebjerg Vejle where the country’s dignitaries enjoyed the spectacular occasion. Representatives from both Atronic and Atronic Systems attended the official inauguration at casino Copenhagen where customers stood at every machine eagerly waiting for the clock to strike eight and this demand continued throughout the night. The single-level Casino Denmark Jackpot connects 58 e-motion machines featuring four top game titles Bella Venezia, Gypsy Fortune, angles and Devils and Sign of Zodiac using Atronic System ’ field-proven Crystal  Web technology as well as the Star /Jackpots module of the Galaxis Casino Management software. Alex van den Burl, Regional Sales manager of Atronic Systems commented: “It has been a great poker experience to be part of such a project where all the casinos in one country participate in a mega Jackpot. Talking to all parties and getting the project off the ground also in collaboration with my colleague from Atronic Stuart German, has been an ambitious endeavor and a very enjoyable one, from beginning to end. ”

Street ban

Russia’s Gaming Act is in the hot seat once again with the Duma instigating changes.

The Moscow City Duma passed in November a city-wide gambling bill that will close gaming halls located within 100 meters of educational institutions and forbids the sitting of game machines within dwellings, state offices, hospitals, stores or supermarkets. At least a third of Moscow's 70,000 legally registered slot machines will be effected by this decision. The move by the Moscow Duma is seen as a sign that the industry is looking to consolidate the gaming business into the hands of a smaller number of bigger. operators. A large number of St. Petersburg's gaming halls were also forced to close last month as the local government cracked down on sites located within 50 meters of subway stations and 10 meters from other public transport stops. Meanwhile, Russia's State Duma Economic Policy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Committee recommended in November to pass in the first reading a bill that would govern gambling across the country.

The most significant element of the Federal Bill is a ban on all street gaming machines with gambling sanctioned exclusively within special gambling  establishments. The proposals also include a step by the deputies to move gambling to a restricted area. At present, Russia has no single law on gambling, but eager to rectify this, a group of deputies headed by Valery Draganov, who chairs the Duma's committee on economic policy, has proposed a new draft aimed at regulating gambling in general, including the production and location of slots .The bill puts forward a closed list of gaming types That will be authorized, including casinos, the arrangement and conduction of games of chance and bets, and the production and sale of gaming equipment. Pursuant j to the bill, gambling could be carried out at gaming establishments exclusively and 1 only by persons at least 18 years old. Therefore, street machines will be placed t outside the law once the bill is passed.

Another mandatory provision is that I operations must site at least 20 slot I machines in a gaming hall and at least 15 I gambling tables and 45 slots in a casino. There will be no online poker gaming machines in l metros or stores. On the same day, the l Duma's committee went through another bill that also related to totalizators and  gambling establishments. The bill brought in by deputy Alexander Labeled and  deputy Andrey Samoshin suggested that all gambling establishments should be n kept at a distance of at least a kilometer from population centres. The deputies rejected the bill, but because they didn’t favour the idea. Vladimir medinsky, who is the deputy chairman of the economic policy committee, said the removal from Moscow, for instance, would mean that gambling taxes would go not to the city’s budget, but to the budget of the Moscow region. And as it is not easy to determine the frontier areas in these regions, the deputy advocated the creation of restricted areas instead.