Odrex’s Unique Game Designs

Ukrainian manufactures now rival the rest of the world in release of gaming equipment.

But these are existing devices idea taken from concepts developed by the West and already existing in the European market./  of course they’ve been re-engineered for Ukrainian operators by Ukrainian manufacturers, but is there anything new coming ‘from ’ the Ukraine?  Manufacturer and operator Odrex certainly thinks so as it seeks to invest in home-grown product for domestic and export markets. “In the last 12 months we have seen export grow to become the largest portion of our production,” explained Odrex’s Edward Gorodysky of the scale of development. “Our largest markets are in Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe and Russia. Our manufacturing department is busy with orders that are keeping us at 100 per cent capacity all the time. And these sales volumes are very important for profitability. ” Key to this growth is also new product. Odrex’s new Live Betting Terminal is a new concept that’s taken Odrex’s entire 200-strong  team of project designers to realize. “We have several,” explained Mr. Gorodysky. “These are completely fresh ideas, because as an operator we must satisfy our own needs too, examining how each product can be optimized to best fit the task. ”

In response, Odrex sees the area of live-betting as an important product to offer its customers and in Ukraine this is a relatively unexplored sector. “The potential in the Ukraine market for liwe poker bettin has yet to be exploited,” said Mr. Gorodysky. “We are the first ones. There are sports betting offices, but those that exist now are woefully out-of-date. We entered this market six months ago and have already seen excellent results. Within   this time we have added features, such as bonuses to attract the player to the terminal. These include the ability to top up their mobile phone, or pay household bills directly from the betting kiosk. And when we offer a betting terminal it’s exactly the same as any other Odrex product, with top quality technical maintenance and support. Even when we lease the game cards to other operators, they are assured of support and Odrex quality assurance. ” To explain the terminal itself, Odrex’s Eduard Glushchenko ran through its features : “Put simply, the Live Betting Terminal accepts bets from sporting events. We’ve signed up Ukraine’s major mobile operators to the machine to add extra utility and entertainment, and the touchscreen is very intuitive, but the main focus is the betting options available. ”

Odrex’s Live Betting Terminal lets players pick their sport and their league, for example the English Premier League, and then choose from a list of matches. The player can then select various bets, wins and losses, bet on the scores, total goals, number of yellow cards, penalties, corners and multi-bet combinations, multiplied into accumulator bets. Players then enter the amount they want to Betfair’s and the built in printer dispenses a ticket. Next day the terminal scans the barcode and pays out any winnings.

Mega Jack clear winner with Ukrainian operators

Avangard Technology, a Ukrainian company established in Kiev in 2003, became the exclusive distributor for Casino Technology’s gaming products in Ukraine in 2004. As one of the major countries in the former Eastern Block, the Ukrainian gaming market is a very strong market and Casino Technology’s products are widely popular there. To date more than 40,000 gaming machines use Casino Technology games. As the exclusive distributor, avangard Technology has created a business plan to increase further the sales of the products and also to ensure 24/7 technical support. Avangard Technology’s General Manager, Kiril Simeonov,  stated: “It is our pleasure to serve the products and customers of Casino Technology. Our main purpose is to offer first class client service and support and to enhance further the sales in the Ukrainian market. We employ very high quality personnel, engineers and technicians, and thus we can build a network of service, consultation and advice to our existing and new customers. We advise our clients on the best means of setting up our range of products and of utilizing them to achieve maximum returns. ” Avangard Technology has many operators interested in creating business opportunities in Ukraine, and currently services one of the biggest companies in the market. In every gaming location in Ukraine you will find Casino Technology’s products,” stated Mr. Simeonov proudly.

*  In what its Export Sales manager believed was a ‘first ’ for an Italian exhibition arena, components specialist Alberici’s Bologna booth was dominated by the impressive presence of a piece of production equipment from their factory floor. The laser writer, that is used in the production of mouldings and buttons, drew great attention but the thinking behind it was strictly practical. “Our customers see the finished products, but less of the effort and investment that goes into getting there,” explained Guido Scarpetti. “Many of our processes are extremely sophisticated and complex, which is why the end product is of such high quality. We decided that it is important to communicate what is an extremely important message. ”

Astra Games has continued its   expansion plans with the latest addition to the team, Gareth Lewis, who joins the UK based company from DP Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electronics, as Head of Production. Mr. Lewis, who will report directly to Managing Director Neil Chinn, trained in Japan and plans to introduce new technologies and management systems at Astra. Neil Chinn commented on the appointment: “Gareth brings to this role experience in other industries which is invaluable if we are going to compete globally. In addition to overseeing the introduction of new product lines and improving both our own and our suppliers ’ quality, his other priority will be the development of members of the purchasing, mechanical development and production teams. ”

*  Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), has added a new team member in its European office with the arrival of Theo Vranken as market Development Manager. Mr. Vranken will be based out of GLI Europe’s offices in The Netherlands and will pursue GLI’s development efforts in the rapidly growing Europe gaming market. Mr. Vranken has been active in the gaming industry for more than 20 years, most recently serving as the Export Manager of the Fair Play Centers in the Netherlands. He was also directly involved in its real estate management, and has consulted independently on AWPs. Roger Farrell, Director of Operations, GLI Europe  said: “We are thrilled to have Theo join the GLI team. He brings with him an extensive knowledge of the gaming and AWP industries, and a key understanding of the emerging markets in eastern   European countries. ”