System 2006 can be activated by using a special dongle on all Photo Play terminals that are linked online from December 5, 2005 onwards. For Photo Play terminals that are not linked online, the DVD ‘System 2006 ’ is available at or after the ATEI 2006. Besides the completely revised system the update contains 12 new games for Photo Play XTREME-Terminais (nine for Photo Play 2.1).


  • up to 12 new games including Roman Towers as a variation of the top pocker game, Fun Towers, and other power games.
  • personal coach: Joy -she leads through the system
  • user friendliness tested by an independent testing institute for user guidance and adapted accordingly
  • games carousel with all games of Update 2005
  • free demo version of new games
  • new arena style
  • entirely new, concise ranking list layout
  • set-up with automated special offers : Happy Hour, New Location Promotion
  • enhanced entrance in the tournament system MASTERS
  • My Photo Play -special communication and sports centre for players including their personal Photo Play career, personal data, information about news and events.

  Casino Equipment

Title   :   Saturn Data   Logger
Company :    TCS JohnHuxley

TCS JohnHuxley launched its new Saturn Wheel Data Logger at the G2E. Optional on all Saturn roulette wheels, the Saturn Data   Logger allows the data capture of winning number results and ball drop behavior for every single spin. With active memory built into the base of the wheel, Saturn Data Logger has the capacity to store at least six year’s   worth of data for 24 hour casino. The system records precise information on winning numbers, ball in rim, no more bets, direction and speed of wheel, ball drop zone (patent pending)  and power on/off. Wheel  event data is captured automatically by Saturn’s embedded sensors and can be downloaded easily using an external download kit (supplied separately), which connects the Saturn Wheel to a PC or laptop computer. Software to generate a wide range of statistical reports is supplied including a drop zone report, which provides critical security information on wheel balancing and he wheel’s potential exposure to advantage players. The open source data format can easily interface with third party software applications for further analysis.

TCS JohnHuxley’s Simon Witty stated: “No other wheel can deliver the security features of Saturn Data Logger. The capture of winning number results and most importantly, drop zone analysis, will allow casino operators to ascertain whether a roulette wheel is susceptible to clocking and advantage play. ”

Title    :   Dinosaur King
Company   :   Sega Amusements Europe

In Japan, Sega’s mushy King craze shows no sign of letting up, and neither is the company that started it. Lindbergh may have been the hottest new technology from Sega, but the game that’s most likely to take the big bucks is MushiKing Spin-off, Dinosaur King. Fully titled, in Japanese, Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King, Dinosaur King is a kids oriented title along the lines of MushiKing and Sega’s more recent girls spinoff, Oshare Princess. The game makes use of a similar arcade machine, a small unit that’s welcoming to younger audiences. The difference here is that, rather than beetles, you’re pitting your favorite dinosaurs in battle.

      On test for only three weeks when unveiled at the Preview show in October, Sega’s Dinosaur King is a title aimed at a cartoon / collecting audience with appealing character and an already proven player dynamic. It’s the same concept as mushiKing,” explained Sega Amusements Europe’s Justin Burke at Preview in London. “But whereas mushiKing featured beetles as the main characters, these have been replaced with much more European – friendly dinosaur characters. ”
The two main protagonist are max and Rex, with players helping them to defeat a diverse array of evil prehistoric monsters by collecting cards and taking part in the simple scissors, paper, stone game play. “It’s a very appealing concept and one that’s targeted at the toy market too, with games due to be sited in retail outlets alongside amusement locations,” said Mr. Burke. “We are looking to the larger retail market and to toy manufacturers to back the Dinosaur King concept, rather than send the game into the market as a standalone product. ”
      The game is on test within the UK with a launch to the market expected at the ATEI show in January.


Title   :   Casino Poker
Company :   Harry Levy

Casino Poker from UK’s Harry levy Amusements is a one-player pusher featuring a poker game on an LCD  screen. Casino poker made its debut at the October Preview  show in London and is the latest variation of one-player pushers from Harry levy. Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Magic 7s and full House one-player machines, cosino poker embodies the latest technology taking pusher games to the next level. Players insert a coin to spin the poker dice, whereby full hose or five of a kind wins up to a 50 coin splash, getting coins to drop through the spin channels starts the win chips feature. Winning chips takes the player into the poker game, where the more chips they win earns the player the chance of a huge coin splash for winning poker hands. Constant payouts terrific sound effects, all this plus standard pushers play make this one of the most exciting pushers ever made. Housed in the company’s brand new casino style cabinet the machine comes compete with chrome bench seating.

Video Games

Title   :   Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Company :   Namco

Namco is pulling a Sega with its latest update to Tekken. Similar to Sega’s update of Virtual Fighter 4 with two new characters, new stages, new fighting skills and a host of new items for Virtual Fighter 4 Evolution, Namco has done the same for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Dark Resurrection features two new characters. Lili, a blonde- haired character makes use of street fighter moves as her fighting style. Dragunov is a tall Russian using Command Sambo as his fighting style. In addition to the two characters, Namco has gone back to the series roots and added new boundless stages. New standard stages have also been included in the game, and all the stages from Tekken 5 have been redone, some appearing at different times of day now. Namco has also added new items for each character.

Casino Equipment

Title   :   Easy Chipper
Company :   Shuffle master

Having just announced the buyout of Australian slots maker, StarGames, Las Vegas-based Shuffle master attended the SAGSE  show in Buenos Aires with an impressive line-up of games and utility products. In addition to exhibiting well-established utility products like the Ace and Deck Mate automatic card shufflers and entertainment Products like Three Card Poker and Let it Ride Bonus, the company’s booth featured a balance of utility and entertainment with the Easy Chipper, a next-generation chip sorting device that sorts different size chips quickly and efficiently. Developed by Card, the Easy Chipper optimizes roulette wheel game play by dramatically increasing the volume of chips sorted, and its patented colour reading system accurately sorts up to 10 different colour chips while separating non-programmed ones. On the entertainment side was Ultimate Teaxes Hold’em, a new table game featuring head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet that pays odds if the player’s final five- card hands is a three –of-a-kind or better. A variation of Texas Hold’em ultimate Texas hold’em gives the player several advantages – the earlier a player bets, the more he can Betfair’s, and players don’t have to foold until they ’ve seen all communty cards, including the rivier.

Video Games
Title   :   DragonBall Z
Company :   Banpresto

Shown at the AMOA  show in Las Vegas, Supper Dragon Ball Z (Chou Dragon ball Z in Japanese), is new arcade version of  Dragon Ball Z developed by Craft & Meister, a development studio formed by former Capcom executive, Noritaka Funamizu. Distributed internationally by Banpresto, Super DBZ is a cell-shaded fighter featuring children’s favourite Dragon Ball cartoon characters. The game uses a four button setup. Two buttons are reserved for strong and weak attacks. One button is used for guarding with another used for making your character jump. Press the jump button while in the middle of a jump, and you’£ make your character float in the air. The guard and jump button can be pressed together to execute a dash move. Super DBZ features both ground-based  and air-based fighting. The stages are also interactive. You can use rocks and trees as shields and break them with your attacks. Banpresto has also revealed that Super Dragon Ball Z will make use of an IC Card system. Using a separately – purchased memory card, you’£ be able to build up your character by learning new skills and techniques.

Casino Slots
Title   :   EELEX Line -up
Company :   Casino Technology

Casino Technology is taking part at the 14th Eastern   European Leisure Exhibition (EELEX), taking place on December 20-22, Moscow. The company’s latest developments in various categories of gaming equipment will be presented at Stand No 5A during the show.

  • Introducing Lemon – A brand new 9, 15, 21-line game, especially developed for Russia and CIS countries; featuring fruit symbols and a high hit rate of bonuses and wins. Wins are paid from left to right and from right to left. A new look style of the Second bonus screen: the symbols are cycled clockwise and the player  wins a prize value of the symbol where the movement stops.
  • Brand new videoslot Beach Dream -9, 15, 21-lines; tempting the player with beautiful lifeguards who bring prizes and other delightful rewards. Paying wins from left to right and from right to left this videoslot ensures longer playing time.
  • Brand new videoslot Money for Nothing -9, 15, 21-lines; an easy and entertaining game made in the spirit of classic slots. Featuring low volatility and option for playing on 30 winning lines. Interesting gaming features : a random number of free games.
  • Other new games : Alexander, Metro Mania, crazy Family and toy Shop with innovative gaming concept, diverse bonus features and hit rates, supporting Quatro Cash Mania TMjackpot system.
  • Introducing Zeppelin Respin – the new gaming  concept (next to Alchemic Joy) of the Quatro Cash Mania 4- level mystery jackpot system, featuring 2nd bonus screen and multimedia animations. Zeppelin Respin shows recognizable sights of the world’s most famous landmarks. The bonus screen is a respin game, where the player is spinning the reels and depending to the total number of Zepplin’s symbols shown, he may win the respective Jackpot level : Lead, bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • The new luxury line of slim upright gaming machines, featuring dual 19ins.tft monitors.
  • The automatic roulette Casino King, and the semi-automatic Casino Prince system, with a live roulette wheel linked to remote electronic touch-screen betting terminals.

Title   :   Quest of D 2.0
Company :   Sega Japan

Lindbergh may be on everyone’s mind, but Sega isn’t giving up on its current most powerful arcade board, the Zbox-powered Chihiro. At JAMMA,  the company displayed updates to two of its Chihiro success stories, Quest of D and Sega Golf Club. Quest of D Version 2.0 is the first major update to AM2’s touch-screen   dungeon-crawling series, which has been a major attraction in Japanese arcades since its release. In addition to a new set of D-Force cards, the update adds a thief job class to the list of selectable jobs. Those tried of the interior environments of Quest of D will be pleased to learn that Version 2.0 takes the series out of dungeons for the first time. You’£ now adventure through deserts and grass fields, areas that come complete with new enemies and traps. The update to the golf game is less extensive. Titled Sega Golf Club Version 2006: Next Tours, this update to the November 2004 original adds two courses : Phoenix countryside and Bali Hai Golf Club. Both are officially licensed recreations of real courses. The game also adds the ability to select between a male and female caddy.

Video Games
Title   :   Fist of the North Star
Company :   Sega Japan

Now  firmly under the Sega banner, despite running on Sammy’s Atomis Wave platform, fist of the North Star, is a fighting game based on the manga license of the same name. with its high resolution 2D visuals and massive sprites, this latest Fist of the North Star title (following the successful  pachi-slot games based on the same franchise) features 10 playable characters including Kenshiro, Shin, Raoh, Toki, and Yuda. The characters have all the visual quality of guilty Gear, but look even better during in-game play sessions because the online poker game doesn’t tamper with its visuals by zooming in and out of the action. The fighting system makes use of five buttons . you have buttons for weak and strong punch and kick along with a ‘special’ move. The joystick enables back steps, ducking, dashing and a high jump. In addition to a life gauge, the character has a North Star Seven Star Gauge. The North Star Seven Star Gauge appears below the life gauge as a bar split into seven sections. By striking your opponent with special moves, you steal one star from his gauge. Steal all seven stars and you’ll be able to bring instant death.

Title   :   Mobile Suit   Gundam: On Year War
Company :   Banpresto/Namco

Bandal and Namco’s merger has been formally confirmed and the first joint effort from the two companies sees Namco teaming up with Bandal subsidiary, banpresto, to bring Gundam to Japanese arcades. The resulting title is being published  by Banprestro and distributed through Namco’s arcade distribution network. The game consists of two units : a station unit and a terminal unit. The terminal unit. The terminal unit features a touch screen panel and is used to obtain new Mobile Suits. The game session takes place in the Station unit, a closed-off pod with a domed screen and lever and pedal controls designed to give the feeling of being within the huge robot. Banpresto’s vision for the game has 16 players splitting into eight versus eight, one group siding with the Federation while the other sides the Zeon forces. Team work is a key point to the game as the player can take on an opposing team on the battle field ready.