Gemini doubles game delights

Casino technology goes Greek with EELEX launch of two new cabinets and platforms.

Gemini is the new dual 19ins. Monitor cabinet and latest game platform from Casino Technology. Unveiled at EELEX show in Russia, with official launch at the ICE show in London, Gemini was shown with the latest game Lucky Kingdom, in Moscow. Gemini represent a new generation of games from Casino Technology with SAS implemented in readiness for international market requirements. The Gemini cabinet is a high-end product, whereby Casino Technology, will reveal the new Apollo cabinet at the ICE show, a second line of cabinets aimed at street locations. Both offer increased functionalities with bill acceptors, multi-denomination, player tracking, TITO, and jackpot connectivity. In addition to Lucky Kingdom, casino Technology expects to display three of four new titles for the ICE show. “To satisfy more customers, we would like to expand our business into Western Europe,” explained Casino Technology’s Sonia Nikolova. “By the end of July we’re looking to receive GLI approval and promote the Gemini  as a true casino machine, targeting Apollo bas the street equivalent. ” Gemini will be offered in different technical packages on top of the increased memory, enhanced graphics, and the development of Casino Technology’s own player-tracking system. “Gemini is a very modern gaming machine,” stated Casino Technology’s founder, Milo Borissov at the EELEX show. “It’s a very sophisticated new ergonomic design, both externally and internally for ease of maintenance. ” Technicians can remove the plug ‘n ’ play board within Gemini without switching off the machines, which is a first for the gaming industry.

“We’ve also developed a special range of new games for this product,” said Mr. Borissov. “Our 50-strong R&D team is working to create unique dual screen games under the supervision of Derek Russian, who is in charge of the R&D department. ” Gemini is specifically targeted at Western Europe, Russian markets and the international aspirations of Casino Technology, as the company develops specific features for the US and Australian game market. Meanwhile, casino Technology’s Apollo single monitor cabinet, which will replace the company’s 6800 Series of machines, will be launched later in the year. Although targeted at street locations, Apollo with feature player tracking and multi-denominations as standard. Gemini, on the other hand, will support SAS 6.1 and in January will be launched with TITO functionality, an addition Mr. Borissov believes is an increasingly important feature for gaming devices in Europe. “New projects are looking for this offer, and so we shall support the standard TITO system,” said Mr. Borissov. “The market for TITO resides with the big European projects. We are a games content provider, but we must be compatible with all the systems currently available on the market.

Ozzie rules of IGT slots in Russian gaming market

It’s perhaps ironic that the world’s largest manufacturer of slot machines, IGT, should find its US-designed games overlooked in favour of games developed by its comparatively tiny Australian design team. IGT Europe has won installations with all the major Russian operators, Vulcan, Jackpot, Super Slots, casino de Paris and Crystal, but it’s the hard gaming, deep math machines popular in the Australian market that have become IGT’s sales backbone in Russia. The similarity between the Australian and Russia player has been sited as the reason for this trend. “We continue to release US games into this market,” commented IGT Europe’s Kurt Quarter at the EELEX show in Moscow. “However, these games are naturally changing towards the Australian-style of play and mathematics, and we’ve seen particular success with the Classic range of games in Russia, which we introduced in June last year. ” IGT narrowed its game selection, focusing on the Classics range of games, concentrating on delivering the right math to the market with a smaller range of games. “It’s a strategey that’s also worked well in the Macau market,” said Mr. Quarter. “We’ve considerably grown in experience in this market. First with the Australian games, then Classics, Russian language games and in future we’£ be looking to combine Australian mathematics with better looking graphics, cleaner layouts, bigger symbols with lots and lots of free games and multipliers. We know that we are on the right track. ”

Atronic Internationals announced a deal with Grosvenor Casinos, one of the largest casino operators in the UK, to place a substantial order of its electronic gaming products   following a successful three months trial period in six of its casinos. The order has been placed to supply machines to a large number operations in the Grosvenor estate. After a low key entry into the market earlier this year, Atronic has been working closely with a number of casino groups and independents including Grosvenor Casinos to monitor performance, gather market data and to fine tune the new product to ensure it meets the specific requirements of the market. Atronic set up a number of UK trials introducing its Cashline video slot to the market with two top performing game titles, big Blue Bucks and Mystery, adapted to suit UK players. Mario Vilela, Director of Electronic Gaming for Grosvenor Casinos commented: “Following the successful trials we ran with the Atronic games it may good sense for us to look at developing this further for our group of casinos across the UK.

  During the trials we were very impressed with the support we received from Atronic in terms of sales, marketing and technical assistance and could see no reason why we shouldn’t develop this relationship further. ” Trials are still ongoing with a number of other UK operators and further order have already been received Atronic has also just released two more titles into the UK with various stake options and line configurations and all available with the new £ 4,000 jackpt limit. The next games to be released will be the Mexican themed game Jumping Jackpots and the romantic retreat of Hotel Amore.

Casino Technology has appointed a new R&D Director. Derek Russian, after two years with the company, has been promoted to his new position in order to achieve even more remarkable results. Now, with such rapid growth. Casino Technology has asked Mr. Russian to take the role of R&D Director. “It is a really challenging and exciting opportunity to take a strong and successful team that is rapidly outgrowing its structure and to mould them into western ways and create a world class center of excellence at the CT headquarters in Sofia. ” Sales and Marketing Director Sonya Nikolova said “It is very brave of Derek to take on this challenge which would be hard enough without the extra challenges created by languages and cultural differences. I am sure Derek will overcome these and lead the R&D department forward”.