Grosvenor - adds MAGIC touch

First it was the TCS JohnHuxley Touch Table and now CardRoomMAGIC, as UK  casino operator, Grosvenor Casinos, becomes a key product promoter

Grosvenor Casinos is the first UK operator to install a totally revolutionary card room management product, cardRoomMagic. This is the first product of its kind on the UK market. The installation is taking place in Grosvenor Casinos across the UK after which the system will run the company’s card room tournaments and leagues from start to finish., enabling the card room staff to further focus their attention on other areas of customer service. Grosvenor Casinos has worked closely with the creators of ‘CardRoomMagic, cardroom Enterprises, to develop a bespoke product that meets all of its card room needs.

  The system is operated using a PC positioned at the card room desk and duplicated at the cash desk to enable entries to be taken outside card room hours. Plasma screen (s) in the card room give the players a live view of the tournament status including prize pool, re-buys, add-ons, chips in play, bindls, etc. Card room staff carry a portable device and use Wi-Fi technology to scan in re-buys and add-ons and issue a receipt at the table. As this happens the plasma(s) screens are immediately updated. Paul Armitage, London Regional Director at Grosvenor Casinos comments : “The user-friendly system manages all aspects of a game card room tournament from creating player ID’s to generating a seating plan.

It can also manage our club leagues and prize structures! It really takes the organizational element of card room tournaments to a new level. By having a fully automated system, the tournament director has to simply create the competition on the system and type in the entry fee and it will provide printed rd cords for both the casino and customer to keep. As a result there is far less room for human error and the process is much slicker and less time intensive. Plus the records are much clearer so that everyone can see the status of the event at any one time. In addition, the system duplicates the records automatically meaning that all compliance regulations are met as the tournament progresses. As this is the only product of its kind in the UK, and probably the only one in the world, to meet complex legislative requirements we decided to undertake a thorough evaluation of the product. This took place at Walsall and the objective was to ensure that it was the right system for us to use in the long term.

  Moving from a paper-based to an automated system is a big step and we needed to ensure that it could be implemented seamlessly enough to retain the confidence of both our staff and customers. The ‘Magic ’ system has proved successful as it really dos seem to be able to manage every eventuality that a card tournament can reveal. “The system has been installed in several Grosvenor Casinos this year. In addition to Walsall, Luton and Blackpool will be the first to go-live with the Victoria and others following suit later in 2006. John Kriskinans of Cadroom Enterprises who created the CardRoomMagic product comments : “Our aim has been to provide a complete, easy to use, card room solution and, working with Grosvenor Casinos, we feel we have achieved just that. ”

Felix Group agrees retail Powerhouse sponsorship

Felix Group, the company behind ‘Everyone’s A poker Winner’, has signed an agreement with PRG PowerHouse under which PowerHouse will provide Felix with products in retail value of £ 10m for inclusion within the EAW proposition prizebank. The PowerHouse products (or equivalent value store vouchers) will be offered as prizes across all of Felix’s EAW media including its premium rate telephone services and its proposed EAW ATM terminal, which Felix is currently developing to proof of concept stage. In addition, PowerHouse has granted Felix permission to site 50 of its proposed EAW ATM terminals within selected PowerHouse retail outlets as part of the intended roll out by Felix of the terminals following successful proof of concept. Commenting, Andy Egan, chief Executive Officer, Felix Group plc said: “This agreement represents a significant retail endorsement for our proposition and we are delighted to have linked up with such a prominent high street brand. PowerHouse  is the third largest specialist electrical retailer in the UK with over 90 stores across the country Chris onslow, chief Executive Officer, PRG PowerHouse Limited said: “The marketing intelligence EAW ATM’s within selected PowerHouse stores not only provides us with additional services, it provides our customers with enhanced value when compared to other fee charging ATM’s. ”

Brent Electronics, part of the Bandai-namco Group. Is using ATEI 2006 to unveil a wide selection of low cost, high performance money handing  equipment. Taking centre-stage amongst a full range of Japan Cash Machine products on stand 920 will be Taiko, a brand new note validator, as well as JCM’s latest mini and universal hoppers. The Taiko validator has been developed in response to a strong demand at the low budget end of the coin-opponent market. Featuring secure, multi-frequency optical validation within three seconds, it delivers a novel anti-stringing technique, is door mountable and easily removed from the note entry bezel, which boasts multi-colored illumination to enhance the external interface. Also making their London show debut via the Brent Electronic stand will be a selection of note and coin counters from German manufacturer Procoin. Handling 1,500 coins per minute, the PRC100 and PRC110 counters have respective capaciti4s of 1,000 and 4,300 coins with diameters ranging from 14-34mm. Procoin’s PRC 900+ note counter features counting speeds of 800/1, 200/1, 900 pieces per minute with a hopper capacity of 300 pieces and can stack up to 200 pieces. The PRC901 + also features ultraviolet counterfeit   detection. Sales Director, Peter Murphy believes that the JCM and Procoin additions to the Brent Electronic portfolio will offer its customers significant gains : “The new range of coin handling equipment, from two well-respected names with excellent tract records, presents amusement operators with high end performance at an affordable price,” he said, adding: “We are proud to be associated with both these brands and welcome the opportunity to be the first distributors to bring their new products to markets. ”

As G3 went to press it looked increasingly likely, though unconfirmed, that Namco Bandai would reveal its latest arcade gun shooter, Time Crisis 4, at the Namco Private Show, held at Namco’s office in Tokyo, Japan.

The private-equity firm, CVC Capital Partners has strengthened its hand ahead of a potential £ 3bn bid for Ladbrokes, Britain’s biggest bookmaker. CVC has hired Greenhill, the investment bank, to provide advice on how to structure an offer. It has also begun discussion with banks about putting together a debt package. No formal approach has yet been made by CVC to Ladbrokes ’ parent company, Hilton Group, and CVC could still decide to walk away. CVC is one of three buyout firms to have expressed interest to Hilton. Another is Blackstone, whose interest is now understood to have cooled. The third is BC Partners. It CVC does make a formal approach, it is thought to be keen to retain Chris Bell, Ladbrokes ’ CEO, one of the betting industry’s most highly regarded operators.