Prize Fight

The mot kinetic stand at the December EELX exhibition was undoubtedly that of Unidesa Gaming and Systems, which hosted an hourly prize fight   between two sparring females, and drew, understandably, a very large crowd.

  This captive audience was then introduced to the latest games from Unidesa, including the appropriately titled Fighting Queens. “The reaction from Russian customers has been very very positive to the new pocar games,” explained Unidesa’s Jorge Ibanez who is keen to build upon the company’s strong market image. “There’s a large installed base of Unidesa machines on the Russian market. Most of these are older games, and so we have chance to upgrade to the latest products from Unidesa. ” The games Mr. Ibanez refers to are the latest developed on a completely new platform that’s immediately obvious from the clarity, speed and animation of the graphics in Fighting Queens.

“The games are currently on test,”  said Mr. Ibanez, “But so far the response has been wholly positive. Customer have been sold on the experience of the game, of the platform, and the theme which has been targeted at the Russian player. ” Each of the games show on the stand were Russian language versions, with Fighting Queens created specifically for the Russian player the subject matter aggressive and male orientated, the majority of the players in this market are men. Unidesa has clearly been working upon its Russian customer profile, and while the game is currently seeking approval in the market, Fighting Queens ’ provocative style and almost videogame graphics, excited  the crowds almost as much as the two real-life pugilists.

The new platform can take credit for the power to run the animations and graphics, but the distinct change in style for a Unidesa game was a very apparent. Mr. Ibanex explained: “We have five teas, both external and internal, creating games for the new platform, with Unidesa creating the majority of the mathematics. In 2006 we are seeking to employ different lines of games for the different markets. ” As an example, Mr. Ibanez demonstrated the new Cupid’s Agency game, an altogether different approach to Fighting Queens, with softer graphics, alternate game design and bonuses in a very female friendly package. “All the new games will be manufactured on the new platform,” stated Mr. Ibanez. “But there will be different markets. Our intention is to quickly expand our games library using these design teams “Having Unidesa’s own commercial team in the Russian market place has benefited the Spanish manufacturer, both in terms of specific games creation and hands-on sales distribution. Mr. Ibanez also stated that Unidesa would build on this firm foundation to grow the distribution of its products in the Russia market. “We are talking to distributors in order to venture further  into this enormous market than we can currently reach with our own team. To expand sales to the medium and lower sectors of the market, we will seek to work with several distributors,” stated Mr. Ibanez. “Having a local office in Moscow means. However, that even these are not remote relationships, which is very important in Russia. ”

Atronic Systems creates a Chain Reaction at ICE

Chain Reaction is the name of the new concept of Mystery Jackpot that Atornic Systems will be presenting at ICE 2006. Chain   for a group of players and has been conceived by South African casino operator Sun International. Using Atronic’s Crystal Web hardware platform, chain Reaction can be installed on an unlimited number of machines – regardless of their make, brand, game and denomination. Based on the mystery jackpot will hit once the jacpot value has reached the random-generated hit amount.

Once hit, all linked machines that are actively playing at that time will be locked and all active players have the chance to participate in the Chain   Reaction jackpot. “It’s a very exciting and interactive concept,” stated Atronic Systems ’ Anette Jauch at the EELX show in December. “The winning player hits a button to stop the overhead display. If the wheel lands on the right position, a chain reaction awards every player on the active link, delivering a top award to the initiator of a bonus multiplied by the number of players on the link. ” Chain Reaction will be presented at ICE alongside Tournamania and the final version of Casino GEMS.