Simply SiP

Delivering cost- effective, simple solutions in the complex environment of casino systems has been the mantra of systems in Progress since its launch three years ago.

The modular approach of the Russia/ Austria based company enables operators to pick and choose the functions they need and scale the rest as their location grows. The latest launch at EELEX 2005 of Sip’s Ticket-In, Ticket-Out solution perfectly fits this philosophy. A printer and scanner sit outside the slot, a literal black box add-on that offers Ticket-In, Ticket-Out functionality on all machines supporting modern protocols such as SAS at a decent level. The solution is based on SiP’s product network and is an add-on to SiP’s jackpot accounting system, through which the TITO module is simply plug ‘n ’ play. “Our concept is to make everything as simple as possible, to help operators to achieve their goals without presenting them with complicated technology that throws up more barriers than solutions,”  said  SiP’s managing Director, Helmut Steffenini at the EELEX show. “Because our printer and scanner is contained within a black box that sits alongside the slot machine, there’s no additional hard wiring to the slot or modifications needed. All the system cleverness stays within the jackpot accounting system.

Once you’ve purchased this system, you can add TITO at any point. ” In addition to its impressive TITO module, SiP also showed its new Tournament and Cash Desk Ranking system, which gathers information such as total-in, games played etc. and multiplies these together to give each player their own rank within a flexible tournament system. The start of tournament, duration, number of participating machines (of which any is configurable) are all simply set by the operator. Packaged with multi-screen display running SiP’s Formula 1 animation with no manual intervention required. Finally, sip also demonstrated its new Cash Desk application, showing the latest in remote credit transfer, hand pays, shift reports, confirmations and including an advanced slot analysis feature. So that operators could completely get to grips with the application, a demo CD was also given to visitors at the EELEX show. And not content with these advances, Mr. Steffenini revealed: “Player tracking is the next step for us as we intend to have that module up and ready by the end of 2006.

Russia is our biggest market, Asia has grown substantially too, Macau in particular. We have installations in Cambodia and trials in Africa in collaboration with Aristocrat. But the next big step is into the central European market. ” To achieve this goal. SiP is using GLI to certify its product range in 2006 and although the company has offers to venture outside the industry with its products, SiP remains gaming orientated. “We continue to combine operational expertise and product expertise,” said Mr. Steffenini. “Our focus is to offer a cost-effective high level product to market at an affordable price, and the new TITO module follows exactly this route. We cut down the hardware components, training cost, R&D, maintenance and skill level of employees with one solution. Compare our systems to any other and you will see that this is the most convenient choice. It takes us six days to install a system for 50 machines; that’s hardware, software and installation. We make it affordable in terms of resources and investment, support the sales into different areas and provide customers with the most valid solution. And from purely a technology standpoint, our protocol can go into a machine and work with any other system, we remove those shackles from the customer. ”

Sound secures deal for New Zealand partnership

Sound Leisure has signed a deal with leading New Zealand distributor Music Markers for is entire range of juke boxes. The two companies have been working closely together for the past three years. “We are really pleased to confirm this partnership with Grant Davidson from Music Makers,” said Sound Leisure managing Director Chris Black. “Grant has visited the UK on numerous occasions for the ATEI and has then traveled up to Leeds to view the factory and spend time learning about the wide range of technologies and solutions that we can offer. From the first time he visited us he expressed an insatiable appetite for the Sound Leisure range of products and has been determined to take on the range for distribution in New Zealand, however due to other restrictions that we had in that part of the world, this has never been possible until now. We are extremely pleased that we now have an individual who is respected and has unmatched knowledge on poker gambling of his local market representing our product.