Takeover transformation for XNE to Torex Gaming

In a £ 72 million deal in September 2005, Torex Retail successfully acquired XN Checkout Holdings Plc, the parent company of XN Entertainment, XNSA and ACE.

The newly formed company has a £ 400m market capitalization and employs over 3,000 people in 19 countries with a strong global presence. In recognition of the important and growing market that gaming represents, a new division has been launched ‘Torex Gaming,’ which brings together the brands of XN Entertainment, ACE (African Casino Equipment), XNSA (XN South Africa ) and XN Gaming. All four groups within the new division provide a range of exceptional and complimentary products and skills to a global market under the new name of Torex Gaming. The full portfolio of products include cashless solutions, server-based and traditional electronic gaming, furniture design, multimedia broadcast platforms and a host of complimentary products aimed specifically at the fast moving global gaming market.

“We certainly aim to replicate our pattern of both growth and success in the gaming sector, based on best of breed products that we continue to enjoy within the retail and hospitality market,” said Ed Dayan, CTO Torex Retail. “The success of both XN Checkout and now Torex has been growth both organically and through acquisition, by knowing the marketplace and our customers, delivering high quality products and supplying excellent support. We see a convergence of gaming, point of sale, retail and digital signage forming the backbone of a new integrated and seamless customer poker experience. Our aim to deliver to our customers a high level of integration, such that their systems can begin to deliver increased value through improved operational and ‘cost of ownership’ efficiencies. ”

TLC and Genesis combine in Europe

UK distributor, Genesis Games, has announced an agreement with veteran US game manufacturer and developer, TLC Industries. Genesis will represent the TLC Industries range of gaming products in the UK and European market. The first products to be presented will be the new Texus Hold’em title an AWP format at the ATEL show.
Following a successful Amusement and Music Operator Association (AMOA) show presentation, TLC’s Texas Hold’em caused a stir with the assembled trade, an example of a game that mixed popular playability and advance technology in the play-to-play sector. Following initial negotiations at AMOA, Genesis has worked closely with TLC to agree a degree a deal to being product to Europe.

Germany’s AWP specialist, bally Wulff, has made a concerted effort to help those children abandoned in the earthquake-stricken regions of northern Pakistan and India. Dr. Christopher Hofener, CEO for Bally Wulff, presented a cheque for 5,000 euros to Hedda Panke from the German Hermann-Gmeinder-Fonds, an association that supports SOS Children’s Villages worldwide.
80,000 people lost their lives in the earthquake which devastated great parts in northern Pakistan and India in October. Many children lost their parents and relatives. “With the help of this money we will build an emergency shelter of 500 orphans in Muzaffarabad in Kashmir,” said Mr. Panke. The money will also be sued for the repair of the damaged SOS Children’s Village. This recently built facility was still uninhabited at the time of the earthquake.

One of the mot famous  brands in the amusement business, ace, is set to make a resurgence from its original homeland of south Wales. The brand, which has been synonymous with top performing games for many hears in the international areana, holds the affections of many within the industry, the Ace name being firmly embedded in the history of coin machine operations.

The Ace brand has been acquired from its former owner JPM by Gamesoft, headed by Alan Parker a former employee of the Welsh company. Mr. Parker has an obvious soft spot for Ace having himself been part of the former success of the original business before he departed to pursue a variety of successful business ventures, the latest of which is Gamesoft. Mr.Parker was full of enthusiasm for the regeneration of the brand, stating: “We have been working on this project for some considerable time and it has been difficult to keep the negotiations under wraps. We have at last secured the Ace brand and have formed a new company. Ace brand and have formed a new company.

Ace Coin Entertainments Limited, which will be the vehicle to press the brand forward. Although Ace will share production facilities with the Gamesoft Group of Companies, it is the intention to allow Ace to steer its own course and develop separate products within the international arena. Phil Thomas has recently joined us to head up the new company and we look forward to regenerating the former strength of the brand. ”
It is understood that initially Ace will share a stand at ATEI 2006 with Gamesoft, however, it will be exhibiting its own online poker games and carry a separate identity. Phil Thomas was quick to point out that Ace will also have its own presence at ICE, having taken the last available space in the casino hall.