Product Guide

Title:   MC7200
Company : Money controls

The introduction of Money Controls ’ high performance mC7200 note acceptor with ID0003 protocol is set to provide the worldwide gaming market with maximum flexibility for a minimum cost. The ID0003 protocol has historically been used by machine manufacturers and its wider availability with MC7200 will allow the acceptor, with its proven ability for high first time acceptance of street grade notes, to be used in a more extensive range of applications. As a robust note acceptor and a stacker offering trouble-free note handling for multiple applications using notes 62-72mm in width, the mC7200 has already been widely accepted by the gaming markets of Eastern Europe and South America. It has proved particularly popular amongst Russian manufactures and operators requiring an affordable product which will accept all local notes, and has generated significant interest due to the range of industry protocols it offers. The mC7200 is available with a number of various protocol options, including ccTalk and pulsed. With ccTalk tools, the user can upload new note tables, update core software, change settings and provide one-off functionality. As with all Money Controls products, back-up for the mC7200 with ID0003 is provided by a global support network, giving gaming operators complete peace of mind when specifying this highly flexible, cost-effective note acceptance solution.

Touchscreens Title: Entertaible

Company :   Philips

Philips has unveiled the prototype of ‘Entertaible’ a tabletop gaming platform that marries traditional multi-player board and computer games in a uniquely simple and intuitive way. Currently a working concept, Entertaible comprises a 30 inch horizontal LCD, sophisticated touchscreen-based multi-object position detection, and all supporting control electronic.
      Entertaible allows the players to engage in a new class of electronic games that combine the features of computer gaming, such as dynamic playing fields and gaming levels, with the social interaction and tangible playing pieces, such as pawns and dies, of traditional board games .

Initially aimed at the out-of-home game market such as restaurants, bars, and casinos, Enterable has the potential to evolve into a gaming platform for the consumer market too.
      Entertaible owes its name to the social entertainment experience it encourages and the tabletop form factor it is built on. Its capabilities could breathe new interactive life into conventional multi-player board and electronic games. This may include, for example, using a portion of the touch screen to allow private tactical information to be shown to specific players only. Other enhancements to the gaming experience could include ‘play-based’ rule explanation and feedback tips; the ability to electronically store large numbers of games, which could include rekindling large amounts of physical storage space for conventional boxes; instant retrieval of part-played games; on-line access to new or trial games; on-line access to new or trial games; and a fast, simple set-up.
      Philips aims to encourage partnerships and collaboration with games vendors that plan to add new capabilities to their games. Entertaible provides the ideal electronic platform for these companies while the concept of a multi-user digital table is not new, previous solutions have utilized complex arrangements of overhead cameras and dimmed lighting that detract from the user experience. Entertaible, however, is based on a series of infrared LED and photodiodes discretely mounted around the perimeter of an LCD screen. It requires no special lighting conditions or other equipment and is entirely ‘hand’ operated by touch alone. Entertaible can simultaneously detect dozens of objects, including fingers.

Casino Slot

Title: Columbus
Company : Novo Casino UK

Novo Casino UK has seen its star in permanent ascendance since the introduction of the £4000 jackpot option in the UK, with Lucky Lady’s Charm and Columbus being the stellar games that are piloting the current orbit of success. One casino operator that has seen Lucky Lady’s Charm and Columbus excel across locations within its estate is Gala. Consistently good week-on-week performances have led to a positive endorsement from Lee Harford, Group Electronic Gaming Development Manager for the Gala Estate: “Nova Casino UK has produced a strong £ 4000 product range, particularly Lucky Lady’s Charm and Columbus, that has been very well received by our players. ” The popularity of the games is a direct consequence of Novomatic’s player and market analysis, blending the previous success of the £ 2000 jacpot option with a new profile.


Title: Tutankamon’s Treasure
Company :   R. Fraqnco

The Tesoro of Tutankamon (Tutankamon’s Treasure) is a new game for Spain by R. Franco and is based on the discovery of Tutankamon’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922. R. Franco used the title and theme very successfully in the casino slot market, band has produced an attractive video AWP utilizing the key graphics and sounds of its casino hit game. This is the first video AWP by R. Franco for the new Spanish legislation and has a maximum price of play of 60 cents and a maximum payout of 240 euros, with an arcade version of pker game also available. The basic game with three video reels is followed by an additional game which offers extra prizes as part of the attractive bonus section of the game. The machine has a card with 25 numbers and players need five balls to obtain a prize.

Title : Cashline Platino
Company :   Merkur Gaming

Cashline Platino is an updated version of the original and successful Cashline AWP developed by Merkur Gaming for the Spanish gaming market. Merkur has used LED technology for the reels rather than standard bulbs, offering greater efficiency and low power consumption, while delivering a brighter performance. Cashline Platino offers prizes of up to 240 euros. There are re-spins and holds and up to four advances in the Basic Game and in the Club Game. The Club Game has five win lines and three bets (20 cents plus one key, 40 plus two keys and 60 plus three keys). The bar of gold is the maximum symbol and changes the jker to a bet of 40 and two keys or 60 and three keys. There is a mystery risk and a surprise game, which multiplies the prize by the amount won. Teaxas Hhldem Game is distributed by Sente SA