New Prince of Czech Republic

The Bulgarian slot company, casino Technology, recently opened its new regional office in Prague headed by Ivan Zoumpalov and Head Technician, Jan Kopa. The new centre boasts a showroom area and technical support facilities and is conveniently located to the east of Prague, which is directly opposite the Cerny Most Metro station. Offering a range of video slots and terminal-based products for the market, casino ‘Technology has installed its ‘Live Game Terminal System,’ known as ‘Casino Prince,’ for Czech market has a plethora of automatic roulettes, but the live game terminal systems is still relatively scare.

  An unsuccessful multi-roulette unit from a leading manufacturer was removed leaving a generous space for the six live terminals to be installed. The initial installation was undertaken in November of last year. “It has been a fantastic success, commented Brett Samuelson, Managing Director of Czech Casino. “The players have completely accepted this new format of betting and prefer the ‘live system to the original automatic wheel . we are very pleased with the results and effort from Casino Technology. ” Steve Surch Casino Technology’s International Market Development Director added: “We are obviously delighted with the outcome of the trial.

Working with one the major casino operators in Czech market and reaching a successful conclusion is a fantastic achievement for us. We hope this is the first of many systems we will install in the Czech market over the coming months and look forward to building on our relationship with Czech Casinos ”. The Prince System Terminal betting platform has proven very popular in many parts of Eastern and Central Europe. It provides the player and the operator with a very attractive price. Steve Surch has been involved with Terminal gaming with past employers and stated: “The simplicity and reliability of the screen, together with local service and a competitive ‘price’ makes our system unbeatable. We are discussing a number of installation this year. Brett  Samuelson added one of the benefits of working with Casino Technology was their commitment in setting up a local office in the region. Any small problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently translating into as little down time as possible with any terminal. Casino Technology also recently expanded its workforce by employing new technicians who will work under Jan Kopa. Mr. Kopa worked closely in the initial stages with Czech Casinos Senior Gaming Manager Ian Cooper and Brno Casino Manager Richard Field to ensure the launch and trial was a success. Mr. Cooper added, “It’s been a pleasure to work with Jan and Casino Technology in general. I wish them every success in the future. ”

Irish casinos to be closed under new ministerial law

Under the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act, gambling in Ireland is illegal unless it is a game of chance, or partly a game of chance. Up to now, Gardai have struggled to get prosecutions s against casinos because they have been unable to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt ’ that casino games, such as roulette and blackjack, breach the gaming legislation by offering an advantage to the casino over the gambler. However, Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell, believes that casinos can be used by organized crime as a ‘front ’ for money-laundering, although the minister has no evidence that any Irish Casino is being used in this way. “I have concerns about the enforceability of the present law as it applies to these type of operations,” Mr. McDowell said at the publication of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2006. Gaming restrictions that effectively close private member ‘casinos ’ in Ireland, would be added to legislation during its Committee Stage debate in the Dail (Irish Parliament) following Cabinet approval. The changes would not interfere with private card games, or fund-raising ‘Poker drives ’ games run by clubs and association, he said. Though numerous forms of gambling are flourishing, the minister said he believed that casinos “are more damaging to society than positive. I honestly do not believe that they add anything to the good of life in Ireland. If people want to go to places where they are available then they can do so,” he said. Under the new legislation, the minimum stake on slot machines will be set at 50 cents, while the maximum prize possible from them will be 30 euros.

*  Gaming equipment specialist, cammegh, has fulfilled a very specific order for Gran Casino Aljarafe, the stunning new casino in Seville. In all, the casino wanted 12 bespoke roulette wheels and nine double-sided Billboard Display Systems. All the equipment supplied by Cammegh was tailored to knit into the overall design and décor of the casino. the wheels were finished  in maple and a green pantone specified by the interior architect and designer, Chris Dove of FDA. The Billboard display systems were no exception as they incorporated the Gran Casino Aljarafe logo and embraced the overall casino color scheme. The features on the Billboard themselves were also uniquely upgraded to include the ‘anticipo’, a feature showing the float of any given table. Additionally, the Billboard display systems language was specified to be in Spanish, the user menu system, the game status announcements and the table information was designed to suit the local market. Even the updateable messaging banner was re-designed to accommodate a Spanish keyboard.

  David Knight, General Manager of Gran Casino Aljarafe, said: “The wheels and Billboard displays fitted together perfectly with the interior and décor – we are absolutely delighted. The only wanted Cammegh roulette wheels from the outset, and the result we have here show why. ” Andrew Cammegh, Sales Director of Cammegh said: “Gran Casino Aljarafe is a beautiful casino, the interior is cool, contemporary, and engaging. We are proud that our wheels and Billboard displays have contributed to the overall effect. ” With characteristic panache, cammegh helped the smooth organization of the final stages of the casino’s preparation by delivering the wheels and installing them on time. Andrew Cammegh added: “Producing the best products is only part of the package. It is just as important to ensure those products are delivered and installed to ensure those products are delivered and installed on time, especially when a project team is working to a rigid programmed. ”

Finely tuned

Spain’s Casino De Asturias has become the first casino outside of Cirsa Group properties to install the futuristic GIC Casino Management   Systems. First announced during the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) held in January in London the GIC system (the initials stand for “Gestion Integral De Casinos,” meaning Integral Casino Management ) is the state-of-the-art modular casino management system developed entirely by unidesa Gaming and Systems. The GIC System has been proven through experience in casinos of the Cirsa Group and this extensive ‘fine tuning’ of the product in operation is a major benefit to operator worldwide as GIC is rolled out during the year David Carrion, Gaming Director of Casino De Austria’s , was the first operator to specify GIC and has been both impressed and delighted with the performance of the system following its recent installation in the Gijon-based upscale casino in Spain. Mr. Carrion noted: “The relationship between Crisa and our casino is one of close co-operation and mutual assistance.

Having myself worked in Cirsa casinos in South America I know the dedication of the company to the needs of operators. So it was natural that when GIC was being developed myself and my colleagues followed its progress with great interest and eventually chose the system for Casino De Asturias. The results have been extremely positive and the modular construction of GIC means that we can add on additional capabilities as the systems continues to be developed. ” The announcement of the GIC system is a further demonstration of the ability of Unidesa Gaming and System to provide global gaming operators with a complete range of electronic gaming solutions. From the newly announced In Action slot cabinet and an exciting  range of new games to the recently expanded range of multi-played gaming machines and now the GIC system Unidesa Gaming and Systems is THE total solution for gaming establishments around the world.