Product Guide

Title : Multi Lotto
Company : Astra

Novo Casino UK – Part of the Novomatic Group of Companies – has reported increasing popularity in its latest Section – 16/21 compendium, Multi Lotto, following the product’s launch at ATEI 2006. building on the initial success of its forerunner Magic Lotto, it is the product’s wide-ranging game options that offer a versatility that appeals to players across casino, adult gaming centers and bingo locations. Novo Casino UK Sales Executive, James Honor, explains the advantages of the Section 16/21 compendium of games : “The blend of games provided by Multi Loot gives the product an inherent flexibility that translates into many market sectors. For example,

always Hot is one of the most popular and established game brand names in adult gaming centers, and Multiwheel Roulette is based on Novomatic’s pioneering roulette games, undoubtedly the leader is roulette based gaming. These strong performing games make multi Lotto a product that can be operated with success in any location. ” Always Hot and 9 line game Jewel, plus UK Roulette 12, a formidable mix of styles and games. Talarius, one of the UK’s most prominent ADC operators, has recently injected Multi Lotto into their considerable estate. Talarius CEO Nick Harding stated: “Multi Lotto appeals to a broad range of players, providing well performing games in roulette and reel formats. We have tested the product and believe it will be a strong performer. ”

Title : e-FX displays
Company : TCS JohnHuxley

TCS JohnHuxley has introduced two new additions to its exceptional e-FX suite of table results displays. They are the e-FX Multi-Table Display and the e-FX Punto Banco / Baccarat Display.
e-FX gaming displays use multimedia to present gaming results and game statistics, as well as live TV and video to help attract players to gaming tables. They can be configured to show both live table results   and multimedia feeds. The system works either stand alone – just connected to tables, or online as part of One Line media System.

All e-FX products deliver live table results that can be interspersed with attract animations or run as split screens showing results and media at the same time. By utilizing an extensive range of media sources such as live TV or promotional videos, operators now have the ability to create a more exciting, informative and entertaining gaming floor.
The e-FX Multi Table Display is a powerful marketing tool enabling operators to show live Roulette results and information from multiple tables onto any monitor of their choice positioned throughout the casino.
Variable timing and display layout settings, allow the rotation of up to 4 sets of table results to be displayed simultaneously. Over 250 tables can be connected to the system allowing all your tables to display results using a page scroll feature.
Requiring a single VGA connection, the controller allows casinos to connect to their choice of leading flat screens LCD display or plasma screens. Operators can either utilize existing displays or choose from a wide range of sizes / designs that are available  on the market.
The e-FX Punto Banco/ Baccarat Display shows winning hands, games history and winning streaks along with any type of promotional media simultaneously. Available in single or double sided configurations, it comes in 17ins. and 23ins. LCD screen sizes and features high quality aluminum extruded cases with a choice of silver, gold or black finishes.
Packed with a range of selectable gaming features the system continually entices your customers to play by showing: table ID, minimum and maximum stakes, Egalite bet values, winning hands results statsics, ticker tape and attendant call.
      Quick and easy to change, the e-FXPunto Banco/ Baccarat Display delivers results and information in either English or Spanish as standard. Display as whole screen, split screen, with or without ticker tape and incorporate winning hand results statistics.

Title :   Big Toys
Company : Atronic

Big Boys Toys from Atronic International is a stylish new Harmony slot. It’s base game pays wins left to right, with the Wild Lady appearing on reels 2,3 and 4 substituting for all symbols, except trigger and scatter symbols, except trigger and scatter symbols. The scatter sees three or more Big Boy ’ symbols in any position pay scattered wins. Four or five car key symbols in any position pay a scatter entry win. During the Joyride bonus, if three or more car key symbols appear anywhere on screen the Joyride bonus is triggered and the player is awarded an initial x1 multiplier. The must then select one of 24 cards to reveal either a free game award, or an increased multiplier. The player continues to select cars one at a time until a collect appears. The awarded free games are then played with the corresponding multiplier up to x5.

Title : Purple Hot
Company : Casino Technology

Purple Hot is a low volatility game from Casino Technology featuring classical slot fruit symbol. It’s targeted players who prefer a simpler ‘bet and win ’ scheme and who aim for the higher prizes. Purple Hot’s second screen feature brings more appeal to the product and is especially suitable for use with dual-display machines. The game is a five-reel video slot with 5, 9, 15 or 21 winning lines. Jckpot symbol 7-5 on the active line pays the max win or the Jackpot at a max bet play. the scatter symbol Banana – 3,4,5x bananas on the screen pay scatter wins according to the pay table. purpose Hot also features a special screen fill feature where the whole main screen fills with the same symbol. The dual slot’s second screen pay table changes to welcome screen when the slot is inactive. There’s also an additional double-up card feature with high/low, high/low/collect, or black/red versions.

Title : Soccer Heroes
Company : funworld

Photo Play’s Soccer Heroes is to become available to Photo Play NET customers between June 5 and July 9, 2006 to coincide with the start of the World Cup in Germany on June 9. The new net game has scored very highly in testing, whereby the aim of this card game, which features well-known football stars, is to position three similar cards in one row. What sounds simple becomes quite a challenge within the time limit. Photo Play’s Soccer Heroes provides operators and publicans with an up-to-the-minute topic right to their location. A poster to attract attention has also been specially designed to create further promotions. In addition, registered players are made aware of the promotion via fun mail at the Photo Play terminal and by fun sms Soccer Heroes will also host an international Fun Cup from June 12, 2006 onwards. The three best players of each country will be awarded a trophy.

Title : System 2006
Company : funworld

After System 2006’s outstanding performance, it was just a question of time until some of the top games move into multi-player mode. Quiz Show, double Jack and clockwork are now available in multi-player now available in multi-player mode, to fascinate and frustrate players in 17 countries throughout the world on a daily basis. Here too country –overlapping hit parades are beginning to emerge. While Swimming leads the statistics, billiard and Quiz Manic are competing for second place. It remains to be seen in the coming months as whether one of the new games will make it to the top. In total there are now nine multi-player games available (in Germany it’s 10 including Scat). Fun world’s chief marketing and sales officer, Marco Huter stated: “This is where one really experiences just how the world is turned into a global village, which one wants to be a part of. ” Co-players ’ photographs and (nick) names are displayed across the network, while the sending of quick, short messages is also possible. Language barriers are no longer an obstacle as the messages are automatically displayed in the particular co-player’s national language.

Title:   NASCAR
Company :    Global VR

Global VR has signed an exclusive agreement with Electronic Arts to develop and manufacture a coin-operated video game based on EA’s popular NASCAR console and PC racing game.

      The coin-operated video game industry has been several successful driving games over the years, but only now will players be able to enjoy the true NASCAR experience. With the new NASCAR game, players will select from today’s most popular drivers, including Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, drive in official cards and select tracks such as Indianapolis motor Speedway, and Daytona. Perhaps the most important new element will be the use of cutting edge technology in the game’s development. State-of –the-art graphics, al and physics engines promise to deliver a racing experience that could only be replicated in the cockpit of an official NASCAR vehicle. “As a multi-platinum hit on the home consoles, this franchise has tremendous significances for EA and now for Global VR,” commented Jim DeRose, Global VR Chairman and CEO. “We have assembled a team of developers who are avid gamers as well as NASCAR fanatics and we plan to deliver a ground breaking racing experience for fans of racing and driving games. ”

     “We believe the coin-opponent NASCAR game will deliver a unique gaming experience and will bring the excitement of NASCAR gaming to a new audience,” said Jon Dean, EA’s NASCAR Executive Producer.
      The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc, (NASCAR), which began in 1948, is the sanctioning body for one of America’s premier sports. NASCAR is the No      1 spectator sport-holding 17 of the top 20 attended sporting events in the US. However, the motor sport and game is relatively unknown in Europe and EA has had modest success on the consoles in this market, though an arcade game may fair better thanks to the success of Sega’s Daytona.

Title: Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova
Company :  Konami

it has been three years since a new version of Dance Dance Revolution has stepped onto arcade floors, but Konami has scored again with Dance Revolution Super NOVA. This is no huge departure from the DDR franchise. There are still four arrows on each side o0f the platform, whereby the biggest change is the song list. supernova brings more than 300 songs to the party. Those songs cover just about every genre you can think of, and along with the songs are more than 2,000 step patterns, so there’s more than enough variety to satisfy even the most seasoned stompers. On top of the song and dance is an all-new visual style with fully 3D characte4rs and backgrounds. The dancers all have realistic new moves, and the animations look smooth and complement the music well. SuperNOVA also has music videos that play in the background, much like in the DDR console games.

Title:   Cleaning Card
Company : JCM

JCM American products have validated more than US $2.2tr in US currency for the gaming industry, and JCM’s preventive maintenance program has helped bill validators keep pace with consumer activity. Now, a new business relationship will enhance that program and help to keep operator’s systems clean and ready for the next trillion dollars. JCM has teamed with KIC Products to create the brand new JCM Waffle technology Bill Validator Cleaning Product. The Presaturated cleaning card was designed in cooperation between KIC’s development group and JCM engineers exclusively for JCM bill validators. The card’s design precisely and thoroughly cleans JCM bill validators to maintain optimalo performance. It will make its debut at Southern Gaming Summit this may, and will be available thought the JCM sales a team and through KIC Product’s distributors.

Title: Bachelor
Company : Unicum

bachelor is a five-reel 20-line video slot with a base game that pays wins on active lines. All line wins are multiplied by get per line. Coinciding wins on different pay lines are multiplied. Three mobile symbols on a pay line trigger the Girl Friends bonus, while three Dumbbells symbols on a pay line trigger the Gym bonus 3, 4, or 5 Stroll symbols in any position trigger 5, 10 or 15 free games. During the gamble feature, the screen displays a deck of cards, and the player is always gambling on the next card to be turned from the deck. The player chooses red or black to double the win at the risk of losing everything, or the player can gamble half of the bet. He can also select an individual suit and hope that the next card matches his choice to multiply their win x4. Bonus game During the Girls friends bonus, the screen displays three photo consist of two, three or four parts- the more parts to create the photo, the bigger the win.

Title: Great Scot
Company : WMS Gaming

Great Scot, from WMS Gaming, is another new Bluebird title now available in the French market. The game features a number of exciting features and bonuses, including the Scottish Scatter. The Scottish Scatter Box is activated on every reel spin with any line or bet configuration. The reel symbol contained in the Scottish Scatter Box acts as the scatter and will pay for any scattered win combinations. Three or more Up Yer Kilt symbols on an active pay line trigger the Up Yer Kilt Bonus. The Bonus consists of 5 Scotsmen appearing in a pop-up window over the reels. Players select two Scotsmen to form a credit pay. Players are the taken to another scene where they will select one of three sheep for the Scotsman, Mungo, to shear. Mungo will then shear the sheep to reveal a 2x to 15x multiplier that multiplies the credit pay from the preceding event. When the player’s selected sheep shears mungo, it is because the multiplier is 10x or higher. The Lucky Loch Ness Bonus is triggered by three or more Loch Ness symbols on an active pay line. To begin, the player is prompted to select three areas (our of seven)in a Scottish scene to place 1,2 and 3x multipliers. Once the multipliers are placed, Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) will begin to spout water up in your selected areas causing your credit amounts to increase. When Nessie appears in one of the seven locations, that location award is doubled.

Title: ION - updates
Company : Merit Entertainment

Merit Entertainment has changed the procedure for its fully-paid annual ION software updates to a one-minute Quick-Click. Quick-Click refers to the company’s installation procedure for its new ruggedised, pop-in ION hard drives. The Quick-Click drives come pre-installed with the latest ION software. Merit now includes them free of charge with purchase of the annual ION software update.
     “Quick-Click is another example of our commitment to improving the operator’s total ROI. By enabling him to swiftly service and update his machines, the merit ION makes it easier for the operator to keep his route current, maximizing coin drop with minimal effort,” said Dave Logan, Merit’s CEO.
      The update process involves just a few simple steps, which should take an operator about one minute to complete. First, shut off the unit, unlock and open the service section of the game (Merit’s ION houses the cash in a separated steel case with its own lock, so an operator could safely have a technician perform the updates). Next, remove a single Philips screw and slide our the drive. Then, slide in and secure the new drive with the same Philips screw. Finally, costs the case, and power the unit back up.
     “I’m not technician, but on my first try it took me just over a minute, from powering the ION down to powering it back up,” said Colin Higbie, Merit’s Director of Marketing. “I have no doubt that experienced operators will find it even easier. We are very excited that we can now ship our ION updates on a pre-configured, Quick-Click hard drive. No more than time wasted waiting around for an update to finish or lugging external drives. Just in and out of he location. For an operator with many locations on his route, that’s a real cost savings. ”

Before Quick-Click, operators needed to carry around a CD or DVD drives, plug it into the game, and spend time updating the software on every machine. With each new ION software update shipping pre-installed on a Quick-Click hard drive, Merit also promises to extend the ION’s hard drive warranty by thirty months from the date of the last update, effectively warranting the hard drive for the life of the system. Merit will still ship a DVD of the software, but the operator will not need it for a typical upgrade.