Refreshing installs from TCSJH  at the Palms mint

TCS JohnHuxley has recently completed an installation at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The newly opened high-roller gaming lounge called ‘The mint ’ consists of a 5,000sq.ft.

area split over two levels located just off the main casino floor. The main gaming area has relaxed ambiance with wood paneled walls and marble mosaic floors and features high limit baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker, surrounded by cool, contemporary lounging space, a full Barcrest, and premium buffet. The upper level offers a more exclusive area to game, complete with views below and a private Barcrest. The mint will also be accessible through a private VIP valet entrance and guests of the Palms ’ new Fantasy Tower will have exclusive access to the gaming lounge using elevators that operate between The mint and the tower’s newest mega-suites and vilas. Dawn Becerra of TCS JohnHuxley worked closely with the Casino to produce custom designed table that were finished to match the interior. The whole process form design, selecting finishes and colors, through to production was streamlined as a result of the new state-of-the-art TCS JohnHuxley manufacturing facility based in Las Vegas. To complete the order, all accessories and e-FX displays for roulette and baccarat were supplied. CJ Graham, Director of Table Games commented: “The mint High Roller Lounge at the Palms wanted the best in quality custom designed table games. TCS JohnHuxley had the quality and service we wanted to spearhead our gaming table design in The mint. We are very pleased with the finished results. ”

PBL to invest in Russian market

      Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd (PBL) has reportedly signed an agreement to run a casino in Russia. PBL has signed the agreement with Russia’s Crocus Group and is expected to manage the casino and hotel in Moscow. The deal would make PBL the first Australian company managing casino in Russia, Executive chairman James Packer last month said PBL had acquired a US $900m ($ A1.21bn) sub concession to own and operate hotel casino resorts in Macau. Currently, PBL owns Perth’s Burswood and Melbourne’s Crown casinos in Australia.

The ENDA Rome exhibition, held October 12-15, 2006, at the Fiera di Roma, in expo centre in via Cristofora Colombo, will be the 34th edition of International Amusement and Gaming machine Show. After last year’s debut, Rimini Fiera will organize on behalf of SAPAR an event able to involve the entire coin-opponent game and gaming market, from amusement poker machines through those with cash prizes, to all the key companies involved in new systems for on-line communication. The expo’s product manager Gabriella Zoni explained: “Our aim is to follow the expansion route taken last year and also gave the trade further reasons for optimism in the spring edition of ENADA Spring in Rimini. We shall continue to work on increasing the show’s international profile, as far as both exhibitors and visitors are concerned. ” On the exhibition front, ENADA will occupy halls 22-23-24 at Fiera di Roma, but –due o the registrations already received – the technical department is already working on preparing two more halls to host the show. On show, the latest models of video Juke-boxes, etc., billiard tables, table soccer, kiddies rides, equipment, accessories and spare parts, automatic dispensers, bingo hall equipment, technology and services, furnishings, fittings and security systems for amusement arcades, gadgets, internet and bowling. As is the custom, ENADA will also be an opportunity for discussions between trade members and institutions on current regulations.

*   Konami of Europe  that the company is now to be know as Konami Digital Entertainment. The new name will act as an umbrella title for Konami’s existing core business of console and PC  titles, arcade games, mobile phone release and unspecified “new additions to the company portfolio. ” The new holding company structure is now in effect with the newly established and wholly-owned subsidiary being introduced specifically for European territories. “These are exciting times for Konami,” commented Kunio Neo, President for Konami Digital Entertainment. “We have a hard-earned reputation for producing cutting edge titles and stand on the cusp of a new era of video games as a new formats are launched. As such, this is a terrific time to grow our unified business under the new company name, and we foresee a time of great growth for Konami Digital Entertainment. “We have a hard-earned reputation for producing cutting edge titles and stand on the cusp of a new era of video games as new formats are launced. As such, this is a terrific time to grow our unified business under the new company name, and we foresee a time of great growth for Konami Digital Entertainment in the coming year and beyond,” he added. The restructuring is aimed at not just consolidating the company’s portfolio, but also addressing the wide gap in performance between the company’s best selling titles and most of the rest of the company’s European published titles.

ATE exhibitors see red and blue

Intrigue and Blackpool are two words not usually found in the same sentence. However, at the recent AMUSE show held in the UK seaside resort last month, the amusement industry found plenty of time to engage in heated exchanges concerning the ATEI 2007 exhibition, held at Earls Court in London. Clarion ATE, organizers of both AMUSE UK and ATEI, announced changes to the format of the January event earlier this year. ATEI 2007 will see the amusement industry relocated to the second level of the exhibition hall. Amusement upstairs and gaming downstairs is the new layout. However, incremental changes have been taking place that have incited amusement companies who have also been upset by the manner in which the changes have been imposed upon them. In the lower hall, amusement companies can exhibit in the centre of the hall if their combined product offering is over 70 per cent gaming. Exhibitors on the extremities need only display a 40 per cent gaming portfolio to qualify for inclusion downstairs. The reset of the amusement business must exhibit upstairs. This splitting of the halls is to create an adults-only downstairs environment, further reinforced with the introduction of red and blue badges for visitors. The red gaming badge allows access to all areas, while blue is an amusement only badge, whereby visitors will not be allowed into gaming sectors of the show.

Amusement exhibitors are worried that such a scheme will limit casual trade visiting their stands. They are also angry because a change to the plan will see red badge holders, after 10am, able to enter the show by the front downstairs entrance. Originally, all visitors were to be channeled upstairs before heading down into the gaming floor. Amusement exhibitors believe this change will also negatively affect passing trade to their stands. As such, blackpool turned into a melting pot of disgruntled exhibitor reaction, where a meeting was held with the UK amusement association BACTA, and industry representatives to discuss these issues. BACTA chairman, Keith Smith, was asked to act upon accusations that event organizer Clarion has : “no interest in the traditionalitst amusements sector, being motivated to establish ICE as the world’s leading casino gaming exhibition,” said one exhibitor. Another stated: “We are being forced to exhibit upstairs. We are being forced to pay for the privilege of serving as guinea pigs in Clarion’s experiment. If it feels like we are being held to ransom it’s because that is exactly what it is happening. ATEI should never be about “making the best of a bad job,” but that is precisely how we are approaching 2007. ” Having sold the show to Clarion last year in order to secure its financial future and accumulate a ‘war-chest ’ to fight the new UK Gaming Act, the UK industry waits to see if BACTA’s sway with the show organizers is as big as its bank balance.

Random Bingo strikes it big in the Dutch market

Unidesa Gaming and System is enjoying significant success in the Dutch gaming market with Random Bingo, the Spanish company’s newest addition to its multi-player range. Random Bingo was inspired by respected Dutch game developer Delta Automaton b.v. headed by industry veteran Alphonse de Wild, and brought to reality by unidesa’s research and development team in Terrassa, barcelona. The design brief for the game was based on the growing similarity in appearance between Dutch casinos and their upmarket street counterparts, the gaming arcades. This latter market was no stranger to multi-players, having a large installed base of machines, predominantly roulettes. De Wild sensed the need for a new multi-player variant that would excite players while also maintaining the social interplay that is very much a part of the Dutch gaming scene. Having gained NMI approval for the product Delta Automaten worked hard to not only introduce the game into Holland’s arcades but also to the players. De Wild commented: “Unidesa worked hard to develop Random Bingo and from the very start it was vital to our success that ‘image is everything’. Holland’s arcades are classy establishment and they only accept games that are in that mode. By introducing players to the Random Bingo concept we have a solid foundation on which to build. ” Results suggest that Random Bingo can achieve comparable success to multi-player roulette; to date the most successful product ever in Dutch gaming. Henri spijkers, Unidesa’s agent for Holland, said: “Delta Automaten has done an amazing job in introducing Random Bingo to key arcade groups in Holland. By working together with operators and with players they have created a brand new market sector that is proving extremely successful. Auto-roulette was the key product for Holland in the nineties and I believe that Random Bingo will be of the same importance in the first decade of the 21st century. ”

Germany’s Gauselmann Group has organized a national tournament to promote its Star Kick electronic table football game and capitalize on the World Cup fever sweeping the country. From June 9, the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, cologne, Hanover and Hamburg, play host not only to the world’s best footballers, but also to the Star Kick. Together with Deutsche Bahn, one of the national sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2006, the Gauselmann Group will entertain tr4avelers in the lounges of Deutsche Bahn in the venue cities of the World Cup during the run-up to the football event of the year. Also in cooperat9ion with Deutsche Bahn, on June 4, during the ‘rail-day ’ for the World cup,  a table soccer tournament with 32 teams from all over Germany will take place in the new Berlin main station based on the World Cup schedule. Legendary German goalkeeper  Gerd Muller is the patron of the tournament.

Three of the industries leading trade associations have committed their promotional support to TiLE Conference and Exhibition, held June 20-22, 2006, in Maastricht the Netherlands. The associations include European Collaborative for Science, Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE), World Waterparks Association (WWA) and Themed Entertainment Association   (TEA). Paul Grinnall, TiLE Sales and Marketing Director said: “We’ve had relationships with all industry associations over the years, but this is the first time we have joined forces to co-promote our Conferences and/or support the Exhibition to this high level. ” Mr. Grinnall added: “I commend WWA, TEA and ECSITE for their forward thinking approaches in this co-operation and I look forward to working with them now and into the future. ”

*Octavian International has expanded its team with the appointment of Helen Hedgeland as Head of Marketing. Ms. Hedgeland joins octavian’s corporate team having already worked for Octavian for three years in a senior role at Octavian’s lead marketing agency. Prior to this she was an account director at Nettec (now LB Icon), where she worked on award-winning transactional websites for First Choice Holidays, as well as on print and interactive projects.

Talking about her new internal role at Octavian. Ms. Hedgeland said: “Octavian’s innovative games and systems answer many of the gaming world’s biggest challenges, particularly in the drive to make gaming operations more efficient and profitable.