Manx Telecom, the Isle of Man’s incumbent telecommunications and Internet provider, is a wholly owned subsidiary of O2 (formerly BT Wireless), part of the Telefonica group, the second largest telecommunications company in the world. The backing and resources of its parent companies have allowed Manx Telecom to achieve a reputation as a world-leader, that is unparalleled by telecom in other offshore jurisdictions.

Manx Telecom’s impressive list of achievements includes :-

  • Launching the first HSDPA (3.5G) service in Europe
  • Installing the network which won Cisco’s Best Corporate IP Network’ in 2006
  • Managing Europe’s first e-government MPLS network,
  • One of the first telcos in the world to offer ADSL broadband services
  • First in Europe to launch a live 3G network, in December 2001

To maintain its cutting –edge reputation, Manx Telecom continues to make significant investment in its network infrastructure, year on year. Over £ 50 million has been invested over the last five years. In the last financial year, Manx Telecom’s investment of £ 10.5 million enabled the design and construction of a high specification purpose – built Data Centre facility and the installation of a world-class off Island MPLS Network. Investment continues this year which further demonstrates Manx Telecom’s commitment to iGaming excellence and provides the ideal platform for London markets.

      The off-Island MPLS Network is fully resilient and diversely up to 10 Gbs-1 (gigabit per second), connecting the Isle of Manx Telecom directly to the core of London’s global telecommunication points of presence and onwards around the world. The network delivers fully managed and monitored global connectivity solutions which meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding interactive gaming customers.

      At Manx Telecom we believe that one of the most important factors for –i-Gaming companies is end user customer experience- how your service is perceived by your customers or “Players ”. Manx Telecom’s customer – focused i-Gaming solution combines all the company’s skills and experience to deliver four key elements- Connectivity Datacenter, Managed Services and Security Solutions. This stretegy seeks to reinforce  and strengthen brand loyalty for your products by providing the optimal customer experience.

With the only purpose built datacenter and disaster recovery facility on the Isle of Man-Douglas North -  and our Douglas Central  Web park, Manx Telecom’s blue chips hosting portfolio provides optimal protection for your assets. As well as attracting and hosting global Gaming organizations, we also provide, hosting and safeguards for the Island’s major hosting and safeguards   for the Island’s major financial sector companies and key organizations.

Your guarantee of high standards

Manx Telecom operates at the forefront of its industry and holds certification for a number of standards. These include the international Quality Standard ISO9001 : 2000 and the environmental standard ISO 14001:1996. The company has also achieved the security standard BS7799 (ISO17799) for its telecommunications and hosting divisions. Manx Telecom employs over 300 people based predominantly in three office on the Isle of Manx Telecom and offers the full range of fixed, mobile and Internet communications products. The company provides fixed voice services to 59,000 customers, and mobile services to 66,000 customers.

Specific iGaming Legislation Exists  …. Remote Gaming  Regulations, 2004
Cost of Gaming License     …. 6,900 euros
Security Bond Required     …. No
Must Host in Jurisdiction     …. Yes
Company Must have Name Directors …     Yes
Tax Rate for iGaming Companies   …   Gaming tax is a flat rate for Class 1 and Class 4 licensees and 0.5% for betting. Corporate tax is 35% of which there will be reimbursements on the distributions of dividends to ultimate beneficiaries who effectively will end up paying only 4.17%
Tax Exemptions Available    ….     No
Tax applied to Dividends Distributed…..     Yes, with substantial reimbursements to the ultimate beneficiary
Are the Number of Licenses Granted ltd …..    No

Gaming Software Requires   Certification .. Yes
US Bets are Permitted  ….     Yes
Telecom Infrastructures …. Two international carries both with a capacity of 16STM1. (2.15Gbps). Both carriers are equipped to mitigate DDOS attacks upstream. Bandwidth can be purchased dedicated or by volume.
Has been Licensing iGaming Since …. Online betting offices since 2001 All remote gaming operations since April 2004

Contact for More information   …..

Quote from the Legislator

“Locating in Malta Brings the Odds in Your Favour!”
Lotteries and Gaming Authority, La Concorde, abate Rigord Street, Ta Xbiex MSD12, Malta. Tel : +356 2131 6590, Fax: 211 6599

Type of company Entity available for iGaming Firms : …. Limited liability/ltd liability with ITC status
Corporation Tax Rate : ….. 35%
Additional Gaming Tax Rate :      see above
Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming company : Lm1, 100 by stature but the regulator determines the amount subject to the profile of the company and business plan submitted
Security Requirements/Indemnity for Player Deposits :    Several, including keeping a separate players account and requiring a safety net where situation warrants it.

License Fee :   6,900 euros per annum
License Duration :     5 years (can be renewed on expiration).
Current Number of Licenses :    84, another 60 pending
Do Local Banks   Process online Gaming Transactions :    Yes

Bandwidth Type Available….. (Fiber, Satellite, etc.) Fiber, copper, Wireless, Satellite, cATV.

Software Testing Requirements :   We require certification of compliance. The Authority has issued compliance audit guidelines that are based on ISO/IEC 17799 Standard and FATF 40 Recommendations.

Reporting Requirements to the Gaming Regulators and /or Financial Regulator

Audit reports to be submitted on a half yearly basis, plus all gaming logs which are fully complaint with EU legislation.
Restrictions on Jurisdictions from which you can take Wagers … licensees must operate in cyberspace.