Specific iGaming Legislation Exists  ….   Yes
Cost of Gaming License     ….   £ 70,000
Security Bond Required     ….     No
Must Host in Jurisdiction     ….    Yes, only gambling transaction servers and
need to be hosted in jurisdiction
company Must have Named Directors …  Yes, One Director
Tax Rate for iGaming Companies    …. 0%
Tax Exemptions Available    …. Yes, from 2008 corporation   tax will be 0   rated
Tax applied to Dividends Distributed…..     No
Are the Number of Licenses Granted ltd …..    No 

Gaming Software Requires   Certification .. Approval from the Commission is required
US Bets are Permitted  ….     Yes
Telecom Infrastructures …. Multiple Patched Fiber Optic
Has been Licensing iGaming Since …. 1987

Contract for More Information ’s

PB Box 15, Aldemey, channel Islands GY9 3HT

Telephone number     ….   +44 (0) 1481 823967
Facsimile number …     +44 (0)  1481 823978
Chief Executive Officer  …      Andre Wilsenach
General enquiries  …Rowie Gaydon (Office Administrator)
Websites address      ….

Quote from the Legislator

“The main objective of the Commission is to provide a regulatory environment that meets ‘world-class ’ standards and thereby both protects the reputation of Alderney and attracts ‘world-class ’ operations. The Commissions has therefore positioned itself to offer a regulatory environment that is likely to attract operators who seek a comprehensive and tightly controlled yet commercially friendly regime. In regulating the industry, the Commission endeavors to be commercially realistic and sensitive to the operational needs of the industry. The Commission also realized very early that it is important for potentials licensees to fully understand what is required of them before they consider an application for a license. Accordingly, the laws, guidelines and requirements applicable to the application process and operator of a license are comprehensively explained on the Commission’s website. ”

Type of company Entity available for iGaming Firms : …. Limited Liability company
Corporation Tax Rate : ….. 0% available. However, the intention is to phase out tax on       profits and income payable by most corporations in 2008.
Additional Gaming Tax Rate :      No additionally Gaming Taxes or sales taxes
 Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming company : There is no minimum share capital required for an Alderney incorporated company.
Security Requirements/Indemnity for Player Deposits :    Not Required
License Fee :  £ 70,000 per annum (includes Gaming and Betting License)
License Duration :     Indefinite
Current Number of Licenses :    18
Do Local Banks  Process online Gaming Transactions :    Yes

Bandwidth Type Available

Substantial Fiber Optic assets, multiple pathed resilience and Carrier Grade  Since 2005, e-gambling operators are by law permitted to locate their servers in Guernsey ( in addition to Alderney), where they can take advantage of high quality and resilient telecommunication infrastructure and hosting facilities on offer by a range of service providers. Connectivity to numerous ISP’s in London is via 5 (soon to be 7) different fiber optic routes with virtually unlimited capacity.

Legislation is currently underway that will permit e-gambling companies, operating elsewhere in the world, to conduct their disaster recovery services from Guernsey under the Alderney regulatory framework. It is expected that the legislation will be introduced  in June 2006.

The Cable & Wireless Apollo system is the world’s most advanced transatlantic cable network. Built in conjunction with Alcatel, the world-leader in intelligent optical networking, Apollo represents one of the highest performance cable systems available today. This network offers state of the art resilience. As well as providing two physically diverse cable routes connecting the UK and Europe with the US, the cables are protected using an enhanced design pioneered by Alcatel to offer the highest levels of resilience.

Software Testing Requirements

The core gaming system must be certified as complying with the AGCC requirements before can be granted to go live. Generally, a new system will be base lined by one of our accredited testing authorities and thereafter requests for modification to the system are reviewed and approved by AGCC staff.

Apart from considering the beneficial ownership of companies when they incorporate, there are no ongoing reporting requirements by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. The Register of Companies requires an annual return, showing changes that may have occurred to the standard company information. The reporting requirements of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission typically include operational and financial performance information on a quarterly basis.

The anti-money laundering code requires that a holder has established and maintains a set of procedures. This code is contained in the Guidelines to the Control Systems Submission, which is available on the Commission’s website.

Restrictions on Jurisdictions from which you can take Wagers

There are no restriction placed by the gambling regulator on where licensees can take wagers. It is regarded as a commercial rather than regulatory matter.


Specific iGaming Legislation Exists  …. Yes
Cost of Gaming License     …. Casino GBP35k p.a. Sports GBP25K p.a.
Security Bond Required     …. No
Must Host in Jurisdiction     …. Yes, transactional  servers – not all
Company Must have Name Directors …     Yes
Tax Rate for iGaming Companies    …. 0% Corporation Nil Capital Gains
Tax Exemptions Available    ….     N/A based on above
Tax applied to Dividends Distributed…..     only to IOM residents
Are the Number of Licenses Granted ltd …..    No
Gaming Software Requires   Certification .. Yes – see new Regulations at
US Bets are Permitted  ….     Yes all types – Decision of Operator
Telecom Infrastructures …. High Capacity [1.2 Tera bit] Highly Resilient [Two self healing rings ] MPSL Network full Ddos protection excellent latency
Has been Licensing iGaming Since …. 1998

Contact for More information

Bill Mummery, Head of E-Gaming Development, Department   of trade & industry, Hamilton   House, Peel Road, Douglas isle of Man IM1 5EP

Tel :   +44 1624 682307   Mobile:   +44 7624 494113   E-mail :

“As the Industry reaches maturity the Isle of Man represents a Premium Jurisdiction for operators and investors to Headquarter  and grow their business. It provides easy access to the London Markets who regard the isle of Man as a quality jurisdiction for e-Gaming investment ”.

Type of company Entity available for iGaming Firms : …. Local Incorporation- listing on London AIM or full market
Corporation Tax Rate : ….. 0%
Additional Gaming Tax Rate :      Casino 2.5% of first £ 10M of Gross Yield, 0.5% on next £ 30M, 0.1% over £ 40M
Sports Book .. 1.5% GP
Minimum Share Capital for an iGaming company : By discussion as part of licence process
Security Requirements/Indemnity for Player Deposits : No- Operator demonstrates segregation of player funds
License Fee :   Casino GBP35K p.a. Sports GBP25 p.a.
License Duration :     5 years
Current Number of Licenses : 13
Do Local Banks   Process online Gaming Transactions : Yes

Bandwidth Type Available…..

(Fiber, Satellite, etc.) 3 Diverse Fibers delivering two resilient self  healing loops, latest MPSL Networks and Satellite Backups

Software Testing Requirements :

New Testing regime –‘Results Based’ See
Reporting Requirements to the Gaming Regulators and /or Financial Regulator

Monthly self reporting of duty calculation to Customs and Excise only Anti-money laundering policy for iGaming firms AML Code for sports betting/ casino. new regulation for P2P poker imminent

Restrictions on Jurisdictions from which you can take Wagers

None-Responsibility of the Operator to make these decision