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What is Gambit?
Gambit is the intellectual playground for all those in the gaming, online gambling industries – The aim is to provide a space for networking, mental stimulation and exchange of views on an industry that’s highly innovative, always controversial yet gaining further legitimacy and respect everyday.

There is no charge to attend: the only investment you make is your time.

The next Gambit
IGaming Marketing –“What Work”, 14th June 2006 – Cass Business School, London, ECY 8TZ
Marketing can make or break an iGaming company’s success, but simply having the biggest budget does not guarantee success. At the next Gambit we will be focusing on the current and future challenges facing iGaming marketers with specific case studies and examples from the leading operators within this sector. Questions that will be addressed will include:

  • What types of marketing work in the iGaming sector? Onlinegaming, above, below, through the line, viral, or indeed Multi-level marketing?
  • How do media and advertising agencies cope?  Do they understand the ins and outs of the iGaming sector?
  • What are the current regulations and legal issues that influence what you can and can’t do?

Currently we are looking for heavy hitter speakers as well as sponsors to cover the cost of the evening. Speakers please contact Gareth speakers please contact Gareth Wong on webGambit@Cassalumni.org, sponsors please contact Alex Pratt on alex@gamingbusiness.com

For further information or to register to attend the next event please go to www.thegambit.info

Thank you UKASH    for sponsoring the previous Gambit on Mobile Gaming


To harness the full potential of all online spending. UKase is a globally- recognized EELEX-commerce cash payment method, which not only brings in millions of potential cash customers, it also offers freedom from credit and debit card fraud.

  • UKash couldn’t be more simple to use. Consumers buy ukash from payment terminals in news agents, petrol stations and grocery retailers. They pay in their cash, receive a numbered voucher, and use the number to purchase on-line.
  • UKash is available to everyone, it’s safe and secure and offers better spending control. It’s easy to use – you don’t need to register, undertake credit checks or wait for a card to arrive in the post.
  • Online purchases won’t appear on any card statement, and the payment is instant, there are no banking or money wire delays, and of course there are no charges to the consumer for buying the UKash voucher, or using UKash on-line.
  • Merchants offering UKash can now sell online to cash-paying consumers, and there are no charge-backs; every ukash transaction is an assured purchase.
  • Funds are instantly available, with no banking or money wire delays to deter purchases and settlement is quick with funds paid on a weekly cycle.
  • UKash is currently available in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain, and will be going into France and Benelux over the next few months, with North America and Asia as targets for rollout. The company offers straightforward integration with one simple XML interface into the cash gateway for all countries, and the acceptance of cash payments in all countries and currencies.
  • UKash will be in attendance at GIGSe in Montreal from 15-18 May, and Jess mccloskey, Marketing and Communications Director on +44773 678 8881 and Justin Lunny, Director  of sales and Business Development   on +447974445 3644 would  very much like to get together with interested parties to discuss what UKash can bring to their business. www.ukash.com



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