The first thing we look for is how a target
compliments and fits our strategy.

Given that Leisure & Gaming has a specific strategy as a buy and build company, we do have dedicated resources to further this goal, and a large percentage of senior executives time is spent locating targets, negotiating agreements through to completion, and subsequently ensuring their successful integration. We’re lucky to have some tremendous industry experience both within the operating companies and at the Leisure & Gaming level – often it is this level of management credibility and transparency that attracts the target to us.

Whilst every transaction is different, there are common themes and processes to all. By focusing on certainty and  commitment at the early stages of the process, we strive to increase the chance of success, and therefore of mutual value creation. All too often, transactions are completed that offer little real value creation, and it is vital that the future fit of the target business into the enlarged group is properly considered by both parties prior to commencing the time and money consuming exercises involved in completing a transaction of this nature in public markets.


Alistair Assheton, chief  Executive Alistair graduated from Aston University in 1992 with a Bsc (Hons) in International Business and Modern Languages, which included study at Ecole suprieure dece, Rouen, a leading French graduate business school. After finishing his degree.

      Alistair worked for I.C.B.T. Company Limited from 1994-1997 as a commodity broker involved primarily in international cocoa bean trading. In 1997, he joined Timab Industries S.A., a private French agricultural and chemical company as market manager for the UK and Ireland. Having co-founded the online betting operation, he became  CEO of the VIP group of companies in 1999 in Curacao, with responsibility for operations, strategey, growth and development. Under his leader4ship, the group has grown from 2 to 150 employees and has enjoyed significant growth in revenues. As Chief Executive of VIP, Alistair has also executed a number of mergers and acquisition of other sportsbooks and gaming companies. !listair is a director and Chairman of the Curacao Internet Gaming Association and is a member of the UK’s Institute of Directors. Following the acquisition of VIP by Leisure & Gaming !listair became Chief Executive of Leisure & Gaming.

How Do You Identify Potential Acquisition Targets

Acquiring company can be a cost-effective shortcut to rapid growth. Acquiring a company is faster, less risky, less costly and easier to finance than organic growth.One major advantage in a well executed acquisition is that the acquiring company can take advantage of synergies, share knowledge and resources.
      In essence, the two companies together will be stronger and more profitable than either company separately. Identifying the right target is a crucial part of the acquisition process. It can take a long time to successfully complete an acquisition and finding suitable targets is usually the most time-consuming and important stage in this process.

Many acquisitions happen between companies that have had an existing commercial relationship prior to the completion of the deal. In searching for attractive targets within existing markets, start by using your own contacts.
      Another way of generating potential deals is to circulate the details of what you are looking for. Investment banks and corporate finance houses always welcome this information as they are often retained to Seller companies. Detail your acquisition requirements in annual reports, press releases and when you announce a successful acquisition, state that you are planning more.
      The most productive approach to identifying relevant targets is through a combination of time, resource and professional advice. This process involves the accumulation and review of as much relevant information as possible on the markets, companies, products and services encompassed by your acquisition profile.
      Due to the management time required for such a dedicated search, you may prefer to buy in the expertise by appointing specialist corporate finance advisers. When doing so, you should only appoint advisers specializing in deals of the size and nature anticipated and look for relevant prior sector experience so they do not learn about a new market at your expense.
      The majority of the corporate finance fee should only be payable in the event of a successfully completed acquisition. The goal is to identify a short list of potential targets that match the acquisition profile based upon a comprehensive research base. Then to methodically contact each target to open a dialogue with the principals before they decide to Seller their business.


Justin Drummond, aged 32, founded Gaming Corporation the owner of in March 2000, six years after his first marketing business was established. Justin saw Gaming Corporation admitted to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange just a year after its inception via the reverse takeover of Chrome Technology plc in May 2001. In March 2005 Gaming corporation raised £ 10 Million via an institutional placing and then acquired the World’s number one gambling search engine for £ 10.5 Million. In may .2005 Gaming Corporation ;aim cued on world’s first mobile gaming service in partnership with Orange UK.

Training and Recruiting Chat Room Managers

By Daniel Kajouie

In the online Bingo industry there are many important factors that are present in other forms of gaming. Unlike the other traditional single player forms of gaming. Unlike the other traditional single player forms of online gaming, bingo is a multi-player game with its own identity and must be managed properly in order to attain success. One of the most appealing features in online bingo is the community aspects, which serves as a method to attract players to your website and maintain membership. Bingo has always been a community-oriented game; players are brought together for many hours at a time, often on a daily basis. It is this constant interaction that serves to create a very essential social atmosphere where  players can meet new people, engage in chat, share profiles and details as well as participate collectively in enjoyable games. To date there has been very limited experience, and subsequently a deficit of knowledge, in the management of a diverse and sensitive member based community. In order to meet the demands of this environment, a bingo site operator must supply resources and dedicate a lot of attention as well as creativity when attempting to monitor the activities and maintain a friendly environment. One popular way to create interest in the chat room is through the use of chat room games. Chat room hosts are employed in order to greet and interact with the players and keep them entertained using chat room contests, games and other interactive events. Chat room managers can also be hired; they will not only manage the rooms, but will also serve to mediate or remove abusive users.

      Many bingo operators will attest to the fact that one of the most challenging aspects of the operation is to effectively train, manage, and retain quality chat room manager, also known as Chat Masters or CM’s. All successful online bingo halls should implement a managed Chat room with their bingo games. The chat room not only serves to provide additional entertainment value, but at the same time, assists to create a trust factor between the players and the website. The chat room provides an open arena where players can communicate with one another and share their experiences. Players are free to discuss a variety of issues including fairness of games and quality of services, and as such it is important to keep your players happy as word of mouth is not only beneficial it is essential for success. The free and open atmosphere throughout online bingo sites has had positive implications towards the governance of these operations. It has not only played a role in driving self-governance standards by the online operators, but has also encouraged the online bingo industry as a whole to invest and concentrate heavily on the quality of service it provides to its customers.

      Since the bingo industry is still in a maturation phase, many operators have turned to their own player base in order to recruit and select chat managers who they believe to be familiar enough with the games and operations. This was originally a successful and easily implemented endeavor, the players were already there and they were simply instructed to “put on a new hat ”. These players who have already frequented the site on a regular basis were familiar with the other players, how the games worked as well as how to best keep the chat room and its players entertained. Initially the chat masters would take on their own personalities in a very informal way and were encouraged to use their real names to identify themselves to the players in the chat rooms. The bond between the chat master and the chat room players created a sense of following for each chat master and, before long, chat master became a type of celebrity, each with their own significant following. These following were created naturally over a period of time in the bingo hall’s chat rooms with some players attending during certain hours to play along with their favorite CM’s. the dynamics of player retention changed however, it was now increasingly more important to keep the chat masters content in order to maintain the players in their following.

      Before long, many operators began to notice that with the departure of a particular chat master, many valuable players were no longer visiting their website and had followed the chat master to another competing site and chat room. This has become very costly for the operator due to the high costs associated with player acquisition and retention.

Due to the competitiveness of the market and the relatively easy access to replacements of online bingo halls for the bingo player, the biggest challenge for any online gaming site is to preserve membership and reward player loyalty.
      Ultimately, part from the different bonuses, designs, and special promotions, bingo has created a distinct approach to customer relations and, most prominently, to chat room communities. When a player feels “at home” at their favorite bingo website it may be difficult if not impossible to entice the player to relocate to another site.
      At 1 Gaming Inc, we strive to provide our licensed operators with knowledge and insight into the online bingo industry which is necessary in order to achieve the highest level of success. This strategy has been proven since 2001 by the performance and great satisfaction experienced by our operating partners.