Partnerships by definition serve the needs of all parties. For a partnership to succeed in the long term the respective needs of all parties must be served equally well. Based on Game Account’s experience, partnerships between software service suppliers and iGaming operators require a number of conditions and precedents to formation, discussed below.

  1. Offer a Relevant Service. With a market as large as iGaming comes a broad array of potential operator partners for service providers. Every operator has a unique customer base with unique demands for games and real money stakes. As a supplier, you should seek to maximize your chances of forming a meaningful partnership by approaching each operator armed with a healthy understanding of their customers needs. For example, major international sportsbook, casino & poker operator Victor Chandler International recently partnered with us on the basis that our high-staking games best suited the tastes of their diverse customer base. Crucial to their decision was the presence of a fully-featured Backgammon game, players already in the network 24/7 and our ability to provide a single-wallet managed service localized in several languages and currencies.
  2. Experience Counts. Demonstrable experience in serving the needs of operator partners is also crucial to forming partnerships. A managed service, should come with a team dedicated to providing ongoing marketing, technical & customer services support as well as maintaining a consistent line of communication. Forming your very first partnership can prove the most difficult hurdle to overcome. We owe a significant debt of gratitude to Eric Semel, CEO of UK Betting Plc, for being the first operator with the vision to license our single-wallet managed service for p2p skill games early in 2004. Several  sportsbook operators followed suit including PaddyPower Plc, Sporting bet Plc, betCRIS and BetWWTs.
  3. Justify the Service. Operators have only so much time and resource they can invest in a new product. A skill gaming service is not a replacement or substitute for Poker. It is a health extension to poker with a similar rake-based model for (a) generating incremental additional revenues; (b) improving customer retention across the product portfolio; and (c) offers a valid Trojan horse for acquiring customers in restrictive jurisdictions.

A capable service comprises several games such as backgammon, gin rummy and 8-Ball Pool.

  1. Incremental revenues. A capable service comprises several games such as backgammon, gin rummy and 8-Ball Pool. All these games are relevant to the typical sportsbook customer. Acting in concert these games generate per-player economics comparable to poker. Rake per-player day approaches $10.00 and monthly rake per player start at $ 30.00 and increase depending on the nature of your sports book customers. As with poker, all rake revenues are risk free when compared with the proprietary risk in casino & sports betting.
  2. Customer Retention. Improving customer retention, reducing the effect of churn, is equally important. An integrated single-wallet service, offering dormant or lapsed customers the opportunity to play relevant games, is a compelling way to reactivate and retain customers with a recreational gambling pastime. Tournament Blackjack, p2p multi-hand blackjak, has been proven to reactivate lapsed players of Blackjack within a Casino. The consumer proposition of “Tired of the House’s Edge?” is a compelling call to action for anyone familiar with casino Blackjack.
  3. Trojan Horses. There are many potential Trojan horses out there offered with questionable conversion rates to sportsbook, casino or poker. However, recreational gambling games such as Backgammon are deemed to be skill-based in problematic jurisdictions such as the United States. Skill-based games side-step the common restrictions on marketing. Such games, if marketed in conjunction with high-staking opportunities, can and will attract customers capable of being converted once acquired to other forms of gambling.


Forging partnerships within the iGaming market requires dedication, patience and a long-term commitment to serving the needs of operators. The sales cycle can be long, the due diligence process by the operator protracted but the end result is well worth the effort for both the operator partner and the service provider.

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