I just don’t get it

By Sue Schneider

Having monitored the interactive gaming industry since the fall of 1995, I continue to be amazed that the United States just doesn’t get it. There are now some 89 governments around that world that permit internet gaming operations in their jurisdictions. Granted the regulations range widely, but they ’re sanctioned in some way, shape or form by those governments. And those governments benefits by having those companies operating there in terms of taxes, licensing fees, improved technical infrastructure and jobs.

If you’d asked me 10 or even seven to eight years ago if the US would embrace this industry. I would have said, “ Yes, eventually. But, it’s taken far longer than I would have ever expected!

There are now millions of gamblers who play online poker

Is the tide turning?  If you review the major media in the United States like the recent Time magazine article, one might assume that a change is in the wind. The media is clearly calling into questions the US position that it’s evil. They ’re being rational and asking why are we running talented entrepreneurs out of the country to other parts of the globe when we can take advantage of their successful endeavors.

There are now millions of gamblers who play online (thanks in many ways to the popularity of poker). It has become mainstream so the media is now beginning to question why the US has taken the approach it has over the past decade.
But, at the same time, a small contingent of US Congressmen are posturing to reintroduce prohibitions measures to try to stop online play in the U.S I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. Many other governments have found ways to deal with the issues of fairness of the games, underage and compulsive gambling (measures best enforced through good regulation). They may not be foolproof but, guess what, they ’re not foolproof in the terrestrial world either.

The ironic thing is that there’s been a de facto prohibition in the US for the past few years. The credit card companies have been enforcing the “now-low”  for years already through the coding process. The major issuing banks in the US have cut off transactions so Congress has already accomplished what it’s wanted to accomplish without a prohibition law on the books.
Now, the prohibition effort is raising its ugly head again and invoking terrorism and money laundering to boot. In the 60 Minutes piece, Sen, Jon Kyl stated, “it has frequently been demonstrated that there’s a lot of graft and corruption in this. ” Perhaps in the 10 years of covering the news in this industry, it just slipped by me; but I’d appreciate someone pointing out any proof of these evils to me .. particularly the charge of supporting terrorism. That’s just offensive!

So, how do we stem the tide of this draconian attitude in the US?  It’s easy …activate the player. The Interactive Gaming Council has done that successfully in its past lobbying efforts and The Poker Players Alliance  (www.pokerplayersalliance.org) is preparing to do it again. They need the support of the industry in this effort.

The bottom line is this …policy-markers in the United States listen to voters. And voters are playing online in record numbers. They are my neighbors and the neighbors of many folks throughout the US. Let’s ban together and make ’06 the year that we put this to rest for the last time.

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“Whilst having the best poker site to promote is a good foundation for an affiliate is   by no means a guarantee of success ”

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