State of the Art Design, Technologyand Comfort identify the ambitious Gambler to the trademark CASHPOINT.

In our betting shops the technical, as well as the personal equipment are a big concern to us. Our comprehensive Betting and Gambling programme is offered to the customer in a comfortable environment, and by well-trained staff. Furthermore, we provide Lice Events as well as information about our international Game-offer and the latest scores to the ambitious Gambler with big screen coverage. CASHPOINT  does not only help you to achieve your highest commissions on a secure and lucrative business,

but also guides you with the highest security into the future by a competent trademark concept. Many satisfied customers and successful agents prove this fact. Therefore it is worthwhile breaking new ground with CASHPOINT as a strong partner from the outset.

Live Bets on Demand

with the media PC you can receive all the CASHPOINT Power Races products. CASHPOINT offers the ability to enlarge your entertainment offer to 24-hour non-stop betting possibilities. The decisive advantage of the media PC is, the PowerRaces can be totally integrated into the existing system and therefore a complicated acceptance of the bets linked with an extra computer is not necessary!  The PowerRaces series does not only involve Horse- and Dog Races but also an additional product – that differentiates cashpoint from the competitors PowerCamels (funny Camel Races) and the very up-to-date PowerBike