Choosing the right bingo software provider

Parlay offers some sound advice on how to cut through the clutter

As interest in online bingo will soon become as popular as poker, it’s no wonder software developers are eater to jump on the bingo bandwagon. But what are the important factors to consider when looking for a bingo technology provider?
      To begin with, prospective operators must realize not all bingo software is created equal. Although most solutions on the market have a similar look and feel where the user interface is concerned, one needs to look past the flashy exterior and marketing hope to discover the true strength of the software’s architecture. Sure, it’s important the site looks great, but it’s equally important it has been built soundly and won’t collapse under your site’s traffic.

      Due to its high degree of interactivity, bingo is unlike any other form of egaming. Bingo software must be able to support hundreds, even thousands, of con-current players who not only play bingo and various side games, but also chat with cache other in real time. This requires a sophisticated software product that can’t be developed overnight. Parlay Entertainment has been developing its bingo software for nearly 10 years. That kind of experience is hard to beat. Here we explain what to look for when choosing a bingo software provider.

Proven technology

No one wants their business to be the guinea pig for an unproven solution. It’s important to know how many other sites license the software, and how many players routinely play con-currently at peak times. If possible, log on to a site that uses the software and play during prime time to get a feel for the product and its performance. Better yet, contact existing licenses to inquire about their experience. It might look good, but is it stable?  Is it easily scalable to expand as your business expands?  Is the provider responsive to the needs of licensees?

Best practices

Running an online bingo operations is unlike operating any other type of egaming. If you are new to bingo, choose a software provider who knows the business and can share ‘best practices ’ in operations, marketing, game scheduling and chat hosting. These best practices can only be learned by being in the business for many years and working with a variety of growing sites. Ask whether your prospective provider offers on-site professional consulting services.

Focus on bingo

For some software companies, bingo is just one of many games in their arsenal of casino products. In such companies, the bingo product can be neglected and underdeveloped due to competing priorities. (Of course, they would never admit to it.)  It’s important to choose a software provider that focuses its energy on developing robust bingo solutions. You want a developer that considers bingo its core business, not just a sideline.

      Like Poker, bingo networks need to attract an essential critical mass of players to be successful. More players mean bigger prizes, and bigger prizes attract more players. Whether you are considering joining an existing network or launching a standalone site, it’s critical to choose a software solution that can attract and support such large numbers. Look for software that is tried, tested and true. Some companies are still ‘working out the bugs ’.


Of course you want to negotiate the best deal possible. But be careful. When software companies license their product for next-to-nothing, it usually means they have a weak product or need your customer base to generate critical mass in order to attract licensees. Don’t jeopardize long-term success for short-term gains. It may be more profitable in the long run to go with a proven solution, even if it means paying slightly higher licensing fees.
      Choosing the right bingo provider means doing your homework, but if you tread carefully and ask the right questions, you can find the right technology partner for your business. As they say in the bingo chat rooms :  “GL GL GL” (good luck, good luck, goodluck).