Software is backbone of your business

Play tech says the secret to any egaming company’s success is having the right software provider on your side.

Even as the egaming industry matures, the spotlight remains focused on the technology platform running everything behind the scenes. Whether your operation includes an onlin casino, a poker rom, a bingo room or an integrated sports book environment, the software platform is the backbone of your entire business.

      A key factor towards success, selection of a software provider should be treated as any other stratagic business decision. In fact, the right software goes beyond the nuts and bolts of web-based applications or database management.


Play tech was founded in 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs determined to create a product dedicated to state of-the-art technology and constant technological innovation. Quickly earning software provider. Play tech adopted a business model and philosophy that placed high priority on fostering a true partnership with its licensees. Play tech’s philosophy demands that it works in partnership with its licensees to choose the optimum business solution for their operation and to provide the flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements and a rapidly evolving market.

“The Play tech gaming platform is designed to provide
operators with added value and help them optimize
their business performance”

      With product development driven first and foremost by client needs, the Play tech gaming platform is designing to provide operators with added value and help them optimize their business performance. A practice of ongoing and open dialogue with licensees and the symbols it engenders has led to the release of some of the company’s most successful and revenue-generating innovations and continues to form that basis of the core development efforts to this day.

Generation next

A prime example of Play tech’s commitment to technological leadership is its innovative next generation (NG) software platform. The NG platform is the outcome of a deep research process of both technological and operational needs and limitations and its release during 2005 to all Play tech’s products – casino , bingo and poker- provides a highly advanced and robust infrastructure for all future client developments. Among the principles of the NG platform is a dedication to supplying state of the art graphics and a commitment to the constant expansion of Playtech’s game portfolio, which boasts more than 85 games.

Another level

The NG platform introduces some first to be seen features such as multiple-window casino gameplay as well other advanced features including integrated HTML, content with complete backend configurability, auto play in all slot machines with both simple and advanced modes, andreal-time progressive jackpot tickers display in the casino lobby.
      With operators capitalizing on the powerful management tools and the diversity of games, Playtech’s technology is constantly attracting more licensees. The company’s rounded business understanding takes the technology to a new level, including aspects such as marketing, regulatory certification, and industry-leading design.

      With its sight set on the future. Playtech has concentrated all its efforts to bring a successful future to gaming operators worldwide