“Some will learn it the hard way ”

Johan Berg from Boss media says one tool can do the job properly

“Some will learn it the hard way. It’s not just a game. ” If we have learned anything, it is what is required for a gaming operation to be successful. And it’s not just about games . Long-term success is a matter of consolidating, evaluating, fine-tuning and retaining control of your business.
      Our strong conviction is that one tool should be able to accomplish this – no matter how many different system suppliers you may co-operate with, or how many different games you offer. One central back-end interface for your entire operation – the only way to go.

Too fast, too furious

I noticed a guy at the airport the other day. He was some sort of executive, and his mobile conversation gave him away. “The business right now is great,” he shouted to some poor associate at the other end, hoping the sweet girl at the help desk would notice his success. I bet you have met him too. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that business is great is a good thing, it’s the “right now” part that worries me.

      When business develops faster than you can develop what you’re offering, it’s easy to focus on supply, and forget to make it easier to use your offer in the best possible way. When you quickly expand your platform with solutions that can’t talk to each other, that prevent customers from moving freely between different games, you’re not exactly creating right conditions to optimize your business.
     “It’s not okay when having complex isolated systems means it takes forever to get new products out, or limits the ability to cross-sell. On top of that, if your clients need to do multiple logins, well, then you could really do a lot better. ”

“We should all go to work every day knowing that
 our gaming offer is a bit better than yesterday.
But then again, that’s our conviction ’

Multiple logins and accounts not only make the administration resource consuming, they also complicate the gaming, and make it more difficult to recruit new players and to develop opportunities for customers.

Simple and attractive

It is easy to forget when everything’s going well, but in the end customers will choose the supplier that offers the simplest and most attractive gaming experiences.

      A game experience naturally reinforced by unique communication and services, something which a patchwork of different isolated systems prevents. What if you could go not one single system and find out which VIP sportsbook players lost a lot yesterday, give them 100 free spins on the slots to cheer them up, and follow up with a report on how it went the next week?  That’s taking care, that’s being proactive, and that’s cross-selling.
      It’s also a waste of internal resources. It’s not good enough when employees spend most their days copy pasting information from different systems into Excel in order to make sense of the business and the profit-ability. We must make both the playing and the administration more accessible, more interesting and more individual. To do this we need a new kind of system.

Just one system

“A truly successful gaming offer is based around one single business and administration system. ”
      We’ve worked hard to complete a system that addresses all these issues, and now we are done. Our management system gives you the ability to manage your entire gaming business through one powerful system, allowing you and your players to profit from a genuine one-account solution. In order to be truly successful we must take care of each unique customer. We should all go to work every day knowing that our gaming offer is a bit better than yesterday. But then again, that’s our conviction.

      And by the way, the man in the airport didn’t get the girl. But I guess you figured that one out already.

Proud to keep your company Ron Martin from Neteller discusses the growth of his company

They say the company you keep says a lot about you. And we are proud of the company we keep. We grew up with you when the industry was in its infancy. Since then we have all innovated. We have all found new ways to delight our customers. Many have become public companies. And we’ve all become successful.
      But we’re not the company you keep. Or rather, we’re not the company you thought you kept. As you’ve changed over the years, so have we.

      Today, with more than 2.5 million members in 160 countries, 3,400 merchants, and US $7bn in annual transactions, Neteller operates the largest independent online money transfer business in the world. We specialize in providing innovative and instant payment services where money transfer is difficult or risky due to identity, trust, legislation, currency exchange, or distance, I think most of those apply to you.

Your online wallet

Let me remind you of the premise of Neteller. It is simple: an online wallet that acts as a trusted intermediary between our members and site operators. Our members get the benefits of privacy, security, and rapid money transfer. Operators get reduced risk because we fully indemnify 100% of all funds transferred. High trust, no risk. It’s that simple.

      Of course, delivering it is far from simple. You need to build a service that can transfer money around the world in second. One that can detect and prevent identity theft and fraud in real time. You also need connections to the world’s major banking infrastructures. And you need to understand regulatory and legislative environments in every country you do business. And because money is dear to most people’s hearts, you need to be able to respond when they have problems. You need 24/7 contact centers that can handle millions of calls a year in dozens of languages.

“You don’t need to worry if the customers we

hand you are liquid or not, we will guarantee it ”

we have been busy over the past few years. And now we’ve done it, here’s what it means to you. We should be:

  • Your partner in risk reduction

We’ve made a huge investment in identity, age verification, and fraud technology. That means we can provide 100% indemnified funds, so you don’t need to worry if the customers we hand you are liquid or not, we’£ guarantee it. And we’re well in touch with local legislative environments. That all means, if you don’t push a significant amount of business through Neteller, you are not spreading your risk, or even worse, planning to keep your doors open.

  • Your partner in new customer acquisition

Our 34 language, 100,000 call-per-month global contact centers are focused on new member acquisition. Our call center-driven innovative declined credit card programmed has increased operator acquisition rates by 30%. We can step in to help you.

  • Your partner in spending velocity

Our members use Neteller as their online entertainment wallet. At any one time there is more than US $100m sitting in our members ’ e-wallets waiting to be spent. We have innovative tools, such as our new Merchant Remote Interface to be released this summer, to tap into these wallets and increase the volume and velocity of funds being transferred to site operators. Get your development teams ready to integrate these new tools.

  • Your partner for global expansion

Our global product already serves our members in 160 countries. And now we are localized right in time for the FIFA World Cup. We have new country deposit and language options for Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and China, with more in the way. As you enter new locations, work with us to ensure you’ve got your local payments nailed. We’ve already ironed out the kinks for you.

      Surprised at how much we’ve grown? We are not the company you started with several years ago. We’re much more. We are your partners for business growth and risk reduction because we solve difficult payment problems worldwide. Are you ready to step up in how you solve yours?  Talk to Neteller about risk reduction, customer acquisition, deposit velocity, and global expansion initiatives