Take your gaming seriously

Since its 1998 launch, Real Time Gaming makes real sense out of egaming – and its success begins with its people

At Real Time Gaming (RTG), our philosophy is simple: we take gaming seriously. Since 1998, we have led the way in the egaming industry not just as designers of ‘cool’ games   and interfaces, but as the engineers of complete gaming business platforms. Since the beginning, we have recognized our success begins with our people. That is the reason we employ some of the best people in the industry- seriously talented people with a deep understanding and passion for the gaming business. This mix of talent, passion and experience drives our business, and our commitment to innovation keeps us at the cutting edge of the industry.

Straight to the core

At the heart of our business is game development, and the best online games anywhere. But our software development goes beyond plugging in the latest bells and whistles – instead, we focus on developing the most realistic and efficient game play possible.
      Our catalogue of games includes all the classics- slot games galore, blackjack, craps, roulette every casino standard is covered. But what sets us apart is our commitment to real game innovation. We twist rules, introduce outlandish characters and themes, and bring games to life online in ways that have never been seen before.

      Equally important is the flexibility and cross-platform compatibility our software can deliver. RTG games integrate easily with existing with gaming sites such as sportsbooks, allowing us to customize a solution to fit any operator’s needs. And with wireless, flash and kiosk-based gaming. RTG operators can deliver the best gaming experience possible, wherever their players may roam.

The bottom line is we’re more than just game
designers; we’re engineers of complete gaming business platforms ”

      but we also know that there’s more to an online casino business that cards, dice, and chips. Operators need a full business solution – a robust back-end engine to handle all the details. When it comes to back-end development, we are simply unmatched in the industry. Our back-end engine has the power to crunch masses of data in an instant and intuitive reporting tools such as our administrative Dashboard make it easy to make real business sense out of all the numbers.

      The bottom line is we are more than just game designers : we’re engineers of complete gamin business platforms. Our clients already know the Real Time gaming difference; their success is the best testimony to our ability. Success – it’s what happens when you take gaming seriously.
      We are excited to once again be a sponsor of the eGaming Review Power 50 Summit.

The very best of reasons

Paysafecard explains its many benefits

In recent times, paysafecard, the prepared payment card for the Internet, has become the viable alternative to credit card payment methods. Here are three of the main reasons why paysafecard has become so popular, and how we can help you grow your business.

Attracting new target groups

      Have you  ever questioned why so many people quit the transaction process when it comes to revealing their personal data, or paying online?  Customers seeking secure payment are wary of fraud and reluctant to give away banking details on the internet-people often want to make a simple one-off payment.
      And what of the people who do not hold a credit card?  Considering that credit card penetration in European is still less than 50%, focusing exclusively on credit card payment means millions of potential customers are being ignored. Not to mention those web shops   were credit card payments are not processed.

Guaranteed funds

Paysafecard is prepaid. This means the payment is guaranteed for the merchant. Any amount spent on goods and services is wired to your account immediately without any hold backs or rolling reserves, and of course, no charge backs.
      Issuing an independent prepaid card, which is open to more than one web shop, requires a banking license for managing third-party funds. Most European jurisdictions demand compliance with banking authority regulations, especially regulations regarding money laundering. Paysafecard, the European market leader, has partnered leading banks which issue the cards and manage the prepaid funds. As the funds are held by banks, paysafecard is fully compliant with conditions of banking authorities and guarantees payment to the web shop.

*  Quick and easy to use

      Everyone is familiar with phone cards or mobile top-up vouchers. That’s how easy it is to pay with the paysafecard. Simply type in the 16-digit PIN code located on your paysafecard, in the payment panel. No personal data, no banking details – pay for whatever you want within second.
      Paysafecard is already established in Germany, Austria, Greece and Slovenia, with many more countries to follow soon, including the UK and Spain. Available at more than 20,000 physical outlets and a numbers of online pin shops, paysafecard can be purchased in values of £ 10, £ 25, £ 50 or £ 100. And as it is prepaid, no transaction is declined. Furthermore, paysafecard is particularly popular with people who want to keep track of their spending on gaming

Fulfill customer’s needs

Over the past few years, prepaid cards have become increasingly popular in the Internet payment market, hitting the shops five years ago, they are now accepted at more than 2,000 web shops, among them numerous egaming operators and sportsbooks. There is high customer demand for payment alternatives to credit – and debit based payment transactions. Leading gaming operators and sportsbooks have experienced a significant increase in revenue as a direct result of accepting paysafecard as a means of payment. So when will you start offering this attractive payment alternative to your customers?

Gaming is not always the best policy

Mark Houghton of Michael Page explains why operators   must recruit outside the industry to create lasting growth

Recalling eGaming  Review’s article last February on the recruitment crisis within the egaming sector, it struck me that many of the recruitment issues facing the egaming sector could be resolved by a few straightforward adjustment in approach.
      Over the past three years the industry has experienced a high level of churn. This has resulted from astronomic growth and the need for staff with industry experience to make an immediate impact. While this was necessary at the outset it must now be accepted by the industry as a whole that to create lasting growth they must invest in employing fresh skills and experience from outside the industry.

Keep it general

Regular use of recruitment agencies   who are purely specialists in egaming will have negative impact in the longer term. These firms are one of the main accelerators of excessive churn as they are entirely dependent upon moving the same group of candidates among the same group of firms. Their methodology will be to introduce candidates in the industry who are the most available but not necessarily the most talented. They will not be well-placed to convince and introduce top talent from outside the sector.

      In addition, if you use more than one of them at any time they will be fighting over the same pool of people and not providing the most professional service to you or the candidate base.
      In short promiscuity does not pay. A lengthier relationship with one or two professional consultancies will pay huge dividends in the longer term. They will have a much better understanding of your culture and your needs. They will be able to provide you with sound advice and market intelligence. It will not be in their interest to simply present the most available candidate as their interest will be for the long term.
      They will have instant access to the broader market; suggest which industries are likely to house the most experienced and relevant candidates for any given function within your business and provide services such as psychometric profiling and thorough reference checking.   They will also invest the time to ensure the smoothest integration for candidates coming into your business. These factors are fundamental for developing a solid cultural foundation.

Faces of the future

Michael Page is well positioned to provide these services and help your business whatever the growth ambitions, be they local or multinational. Michael Page has more than 2,000 consultants in 118 offices in 18 countries. We have specialists in every sector and every discipline and possess the knowledge and resources to recruit   chief executives as well as office secretaries. We recruit teams for every department whether it is human resources, marketing, sales, finance, legal or technology. In addition we can provide contract or interim solutions. In short we can provide local or global teams to support your every recruitment need.

      As far as industry expertise is concerned Michael Page has successfully partnered a number of key players, but our services to the industry could help dramatically to improve the current situation and help to provide a professional, talented, broad-ranging and successful workforce for the future.