Product Reviews

Title   :   Wireless Playcard System
Category   :   Debit card
Company :   Sacoa

Keeping up with its continuous development of leading edge technology, argentine company Sacoa recently launched its latest innovation:   the Sacoa Playcard Wireless System, a simple solution that needs no wires running to or from the attractions or turnstiles. With the Sacoa Playcard Wireless System information transfer between the server and the games is handled by Sacoa Access Points distributed throughout the venue. It is fully compatible with wired operation and functionality of the system as a whole is independent of the connection method.

      Installation is simple and effortless and is ideal for traveling fairs and amusement parks. Some of the locations that installed Sacoa Playcard in the first two quarters of 2006 include Gameworks Mexico City, Dave and Buster’s in Manhattan, New York, US and a further 18 venues across the world. At the time going to press, eight more theme parks and FECs in the likes of Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia were about to receive Sacoa’s installations.

Title    :   Gold Bar
Category   :   AWP
Company  :   JPM International

JPM International has launched a new reel-based AWP game housed in the Electra cabinet, designed for there central and eastern European market. There are two base game styles available to the player, either a traditional single winline three-of-a-kind reel based game on stake two or stake five (on 750 version) and stake one or two (on the 300 version), or the win/dash game.
      A new high stake game played on five winlines with three award cards, Gold Bar introduces an innovative approach, combining the highly popular multiplier concept with interactive top game award cards determined by the combination of overlaid bar symbols on the reels. Bronze, silver and gold award cards on the top game are achieved by the corresponding coloured bars appearing in the 27-way reel window.
      When three identical overlaid bars appear in the reel window during the top game, the game switches to the corresponding award card, where it remains until the next time three matching bar symbols appear. The award cards offer increasing prize levels from bronze through silver to gold, with the top award card offering three jckpot level awards.
      Gold Bar also incorporates the turbo gamble, allowing wins achieved to be gambled on the multiplier ladder up to the maximum x10 award. The player begins the gamble with three lives and has the opportunity to collect at any time. The new game is now available from JPM’s exclusive distributor for these markets, Synot.

TouchTunes keeping busy

Touch tunes music Corporation has expanded its product line-up with a new, larger wall-mounted jukebox – the Ovation. “This is TouchTunes ’ second major new product introduction in less than a year, coming just seven months after our Allegro floor model made its debut,” said John Perrachon, the company’s president and CEO.
      Equipped for both broadband and dial-up connectivity, Ovation is designed for locations that don’t require a compact digital jukebox to fit the available wall space and can benefit from a model with a bigger presence and higher visibility, the company said. Ovation’s 19ins LCD touchscreen monitor is the largest of any digital wallbox, the company says. A TouchTunes ’ exclusive, this screen size yields a viewable area that’s 60 percent larger than a 15ins screen.
      Viewed from the front, Ovation is 66 percent bigger than its compact cousin, TouchTunes ’ space-saving Maestro II wall unit. Ovation’s overall dimensions are 38ins high, 28ins wide, and 12ins deep. Ovation is also the first digital wallbox with a durable cast-aluminum case. Dan McAllister, TouchTunes ’ senior vice president for sales and marketing, said about the choice between Maestro II Ovation: “For many operators, size does matter when it comes to a wallbox. Now there’s a choice,” McAllister says.
      Ovation has a black cabinet and vertical sidelights inspired by classic jukeboxes. For improved operating efficiency and cost effectiveness, Ovation also uses the same interchangeable parts as Allegro. These include the 19ins LCD monitor and cutting –edge innovations line like the company’s exclusive fan-less mJS computer and fan-less digital amplifier. The same components are used in a new CD-to-digital conversion kits for NSM and Rowe wallboxes.
      Additionally, the company has introduced new CD-to-digital conversion kits to torn wall-mounted CD Jukeboxes   made by NSM Music and Rowe International into bona fide TouchTunes online jukeboxes connected via broadband or dial-up. Notably, these new kits include  a 19ins LCD touchscreen display.
      A conversion kit is also available for Rowe International’s Berkeley and Storm wall models. The conversion kits use the same interchangeable parts 19ins monitor, MJS computer, and digital amplifier – as TouchTunes ’ new Allegro floor model and Ovation wall model digital jukeboxes, simplifying field service operations.

      TouchTunes introduced the world’s first digital downloading commercial jukebox in 1998. Today, it has an installed base of nearly 20,000 online jukeboxes and more than 90 per cent of them are broadband enabled. The company estimates that it has a 75 per cent shares of the digital jukebox market.

Title    :   EMP 800 v5 USB Interface
Category   :   Coin selector
Company :   WH Munzprufer

EMP 800.14 is the new 3.5ins coin selector with integrated USB interface from WH Munzprufer. These coin selectors can be directly connected to a PC. The current consumption has been optimized to facilitate the power supply of the selector via the USB-bus. Optionally the integrated connector for a 12v power supply can be used if the standard 500mA are not available via the USB bus.
      The coin selector is available with standard and mini-frontplates and for frame mounting. For special applications, the selectors can also be delivered with steel frontplates in different sizes.

Title    :   Game Park
Category   :   Video slot
Company :   Vlassis

Greek manufacturer Vlassis continues innovating in the gaming sector, creating a machine featuring horse races and greyhound racing. This game aspires to attract players who love a bit of excitement. The firm’s lfigenia Vlassi told InterGame: “The huge amount of races included ensures ensures that even the most demanding players will be satisfied. ”

ELO introduces 17ins and 19ins LCD touchmonitors

A leader in touch technology and a division of Tyco Electronics corporation, ELO TouchSystems has announced two new LCD rear mount kiosk touchmonitors aimed at manufacturers in the gaming and amusement market. The touchmonitor complements the existing collection of ELO LCD  rear mount touchmonitors that feature a wide range of technologies.
      ELO touchmonitors have a long-standing record of being available – unchanged – through all phases of game roll-outs. Mike Sigona, market manager of ELO said. “Their high quality compact design, competitive cost and global agency approvals including full RoHS compliance make them ideal for gaming / amusement   manufacturers. ”

New payment terms for Slam-A-Winner

Slam-A-Winner  X-treme, by Benchmark’s reckoning the ‘biggest and best earning game in the world’ is now available to buy, lease or to revenue share. Benchmark Games has announced a revenue share scheme on Slam-A-Winner X-treme, which means operators can potentially earn a lot of money. Rich Long told InterGame: “Slam-A-Winner X-treme will pay for itself in no time and benchmark Games even pays the freight if you purchase it at the end of 12 months of revenue share!”
      Benchmark Games now produces a number of popular redemption games around the world, including Slam-A-Winner, Gold Zone, big Rig Trucking and Wheel Deal and now Slam-A-Winner X-treme. These are in addition to the firm’s ticketing solutions – Ticket Station and Ticket Merchandiser – which Long insists are 40 per cent faster than any other ticket machines.

Title    :   Smart Book
Category   :   Data Collection system
Company :   Subsino

The Smart Book from Subsino is a portable wireless system to collect the book data from the games. Hunter Wu told InterGame: “It’s a reliable, cost efficient money management system for all coin-operatored machines, which provides an owner / operators access to their operating equipment anytime. ”
      Its features include the following-

  • Collects a maximum of six counters, automatic date/time recording for individual machines.
  • Unlimited machines for data collection.
  • Transfer to PC for data reporting and printing.
  • Smart Book software, which is a Windows –based program, offers complete solution and consulting services.

Title    :   Happy Kids
Category   :   Touchscreen game
Company :   Merkur

Merkur has slaunched Happy Kids – a modern touchscreen machine in conjunction with Haribo. The corporate philosophy of the Bonn-based firm Haribo: “Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo” now applies equally to the special sales and promotional actives at the Haribo point of sale. The physical incarnation of the sales promotion is the innovative touchscreen Happy Kids from Merkur Gaming using the Haribo Goldbear as its design inspiration.
     “The Happy Kids in the Goldbear design is ideally suited for our POS campaigns,” explains Michael Thomas from the Haribo marketing department. “It excellently underlines the quality of our products by conveying the same positive image. ”
      Happy Kids features state-of-the-art touchscreen technology in a design ‘perfectly suited for children,’ and offers interesting and valuable educational programmes for learning and playing create a totally new atmosphere in waiting, service and information areas. Furthermore, Happy Kids can successfully support sales, marketing and promotional campaigns with targeted branding.

Title    :   Gemini
Category   :   Video slot machine
Company :   Casino Technology

Designed to provide player comfort and appeal, the new luxury gaming machine from Casino Technology boasts a dual 19ins TFT display. It introduces a new set of ergonomic designs that encourages longer play from casino visitors. An armrest, handle and touchscreen monitors, as well as ‘great ’ graphics and sound have enhanced the player’s fun and comfort.

      Casino Technology told InterGame: “Gemini has all the advantages indicative of modern slot machines. The model features a plug and play CPU unit supporting different gaming platforms, player tracking system, ticket in/ticket out and several types of JCM bill acceptors. A range of technical improvements ensures better serviceability and minimum downtime. Its multi-functionality and appeal make a winning formula for any operator aiming to attract more players and to increase revenues from its gaming equipment. ”
      The Gemini series is complemented by specially designed video slot games, featuring ‘amazing’ graphics and sounds and a second video screen, which add more appeal and interaction to the game. Gemini is also a solution for linking video slots to Casino Technology’s multi-level jackpot system Quatro Cash Mania, where the second monitor of the cabinet can be easily integrated with the multimedia animations of the jackpot display.

As four approaches two decades of trading

Jordan-based As four Group was founded in 1998 and is fast approaching its 20-year anniversary of operating, renting, buying and selling in the amusements market.
      Headed up by general manager Amjad Asfour, the company operates and rents amusement rides, video machines, kiddie games, inflatable games and trampolines. The firm also deals in the buying and selling of spare parts for all the above, while supplying equipment for theme parks. Asfour’s product portfolio, while including new and used machinery, is ‘good quality ’ and available at the ‘best price’.

Redemption Plus does redemption and more

Based in US, Redemption Plus has a large selection of redemption and incentive merchandise, ranging from penny novelties to high-end electronics, plus a complete line of birthday party products and crane and merchandiser kits. It combines customer service with the latest in technology to create an easy and cost effective way to do business. Its team serves customers with a ‘do-whatever-it-takes ’ attitude and is empowered with the authority to satisfy every customer, every time. Its proprietary online ordering tool allows companies to customize their buying process to suit their business needs. The company caters to various market segments including FECs, educational/learning centres, school carnivals and fund raising programmes for organizations and other commercial business –to-business sales.

Clown Magic Cherry Rush

Currently, Goyo’s main thrust is to supply a new eight-line PCB for slot machines, named Clown Magic Cherry Rush, to the world market. The game can be linked by up to 65 machines, with a progressive jackpot composed  of main play, free game play, cherry Rush start and end play and Clown Fever play.
      The above PCB can be easily built into a standard slot machine cabinet or JAMMA  connection cabinet, and it has ‘fantastically feverish’ gameplay, making Clown Magic Cherry Rush a game that most players will be ‘fully satisfied with. ’  Goyo is convinced that this PCB will increase any arcade operator’s location income results.

Title    :   Gamopolis
Category   :   Multigame
Company :   Casino Technology

Gampolis is a multigame, which includes four original video slot games, featuring classic slot design with chances for riskier bets and higher wins. The combination of sophisticated engineering solutions with innovative game software is a winning formula, which brings great atmosphere to casino floor and ensures a lot of fun and longer play for the clients.
      Its main features are as follows :

  • Great graphics and sound.
  • Second  feature screen – in a dual display slot machines it shows the current pay table changing to welcome screen.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Additional double-up crd game feature.
  • Compatible with the four-level mystery jackpot system Quatro Cash Mania.
  • A choice of four original video games, selected by the player on a multigame screen: Happy Kingdom, Purple Hot, Pure Hot and Blazing Dice.

Title   :   Bingo Majestic
Category   :   Bingo pinball
Company :   GAA

Renato Bazzarini, from GAA, describes Bingo Majestic as : “Amazing compact bingo pinball but still a complete 100 per cent hi-tech quality bingo. ” If anything, bingo Majestic is very similar to its ‘big brother’ Continental Super 7 – with a 19ins TFT screen.
      The game incorporates three ‘attractive’ single ball games that have been designed to be easy to understand and to play. Bonus awards add to the fun. It comes equipped with a hopper, bill validator and is online linkable. Bazzarini told InterGame: “All our software can be adapted to all specifications and legal requirements. ”

Title    :   Hopper One ccTalk light version
Category   :   Hopper
Company :   Alberici

Alberici ccTalk Hopper One now features a special light version. It’s slide support and because a soft pressure on the slide lid nimbly releases the hopper. “Such features make assembly and maintenance simpler and faster,” said Guido Scarpetti, “and therefore keep the cost down. ” The ccTalk Hopper One light version replaces the traditional metal slide support by one sturdy polycarbonate glider, which reduces the weight significantly.
      Furthermore, it makes use of a rational 10-pin (2x5) standard connector, so instead of soldering pin by pin, connection is then made through secure flat cable and plug, which is faster and leaves no room for mistakes (i.e. dry soldering). Also, signals go through a smaller number of electrical contracts, so avoiding bad-contact failures. Such advantages reduce the costs of assembly and service. The ccTalk Hopper One Light is available as 24v front access, 12v front access, 24v access and 12v access.

New online fun on Photo Play

The number of Photo Play multiplayer fans is growing proportionally to the number of online terminals. Meanwhile  there are close to 4,500 Photo Play terminals with online linkage on which players from all over the world challenge each other. Statistics confirm that constant development in this area is important because the novelty effect is enormous.
      A new game that manages to spark a fire in new Photo Play players right away is the online version of the classic board game, Get4, which was launched in July. The first player to plant four chips in a row wins the turn. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal rows count.
     “One of the facts why Get4fun is bound to hit big is that this game is internationally well known and liked,” remarked Marco Huter, Fun world’s chief marketing and sales officer. Get4fun is the fourth multiplayer game to be launched for Photo Play’s growing online market in the last three months.

DR200 display and reader units

SACOA  Playcard is the world’s leading debit card system developed to optimize the operation of arcades, FECs and amusement parks by using rechargeable debit cards, with centralized management from a remote corporate system in over 350 locations on five continents. The system was developed in-house by a large operator for its own use and later released for third party usage.
      Players buy an empty card and add value to it up to the amount they expect to spend that day. They then may swipe their cards to play the games or activate a ride’s turnstile. The card reader, having no moving parts, is extremely reliable.
      Each game and attraction can be priced according to its present entertainment value, and prices may be changed according to demand and competition pricing. “Arractive pricing startegies and enhanced customer loyalty built and consolidated by PlayCard translate into significantly increased revenues. ” Remarked Sebastian Mochkovsky.
      Also included are great money making features impossible to achieve by traditional means or with other debit card systems. Playcard implements computerized management, monitoring and control for operations of any size, covering all traditional business and operational aspects. Optionally, it offers the possibility of setting up a wireless system. Due to all these features and for its world-renowned tract record of outstanding performance, reliability and unparalleled support, it has become the most widespread system use worldwide.

Title    :   Multi Random Dice
Category   :   Multiplayer
Company :   GAA

Multi Random Dice is a completely new multiplayer game inspired by GAA’s own well known topper Random Dice Euro. Various ‘interesting’ and ‘attractive’ bonus awards can accumulate up to €2,000 for successful players. The concept of this game is based on another hit product, Elaut’s Take 5. The machine has a 42ins plasma screen, six touchscreens, sophisticated technology and multi-coloured moments.

Title    :   Tornado
Category   :   Pool table
Company :   Longoni

The Longoni Tornado pool table is considered as one of the best coin operated pool tables in the industry. The table is available in the very popular 7ft and 8ft American sizes. On request also a 9ft version can be produced. The Tornado cabinet is completely made of  A-grade plywood and covered with scratch resistant Formica in a choice of three colours and finishes. The rails are also made in plywood covered with black Formica and completed with Championship’s US-made precision rubber cushions.
      The Italian one-piece slate is covered with Championship Mercury ultra cloth. All these fine components guarantee a perfect product, superior playability and outstanding overall performance for years, Longoni says. Due to a service door, table maintenance is easy. In just two minutes the ball return system can be cleaned and freed from any obstacle, saving downtime and money. The table comes standard with a mechanic coin chute, but is also available with an in-built timer system, allowing rack and time play, including electronic bookkeeping as well. Noirditalia Ricambi, Longoni’s sales and export office, distributes the table.

Title    :   Highway 66
Category   :   Bowling
Company :   Qubica AMF

Qubica AMF, a leader in bowling, provides a wide range of fun games of bowling suitable for both kids and adults. Highway 66 is an eye-catching, scaled down version (to 66 per cent ) of a traditional bowling alley. The modern designingis intended to attract, hold and captivate every customer and give operators the possibility to configure their favourite ‘total look’ according to the style of their location.
Successful attributes of scaled down bowling solutions are the players involvement and interaction along with the thrill and action of the scoring video games. Francesca Gozza told InterGame: This is why the popularity of our bowling solutions spans generations, Everyone- from kids to adults – loves it. Just about anyone can play and have fun. ” The quality of the engineered electronic and hardware systems deliver years of trouble-free operation and also features only basic general maintenance and cleaning. “Thanks to the ease of coin operation and the allure of bowling, operators can sit back and watch the profits roll in,” concluded Gozza.

Amatic makes the world go round

Amatic’s 80 days implores players to accompany Phileas Fogg and his mates on his exciting journey around the world in 80 days. Described as an ‘adventurous game,’ this five-realer with up to 20 winlines lets the players share the adventures of the famous Fogg and his companions. The free spin bonus is triggered with three or more traveler bag symbols on any position on the screen. During this bonus game additional free spins can be reached with three or more traveler bags. The second bonus, around the world, is triggered with three bonus symbols, ship, balloon and train. The travel is divided into several stations, each of them offering the chance to select from five tickets. The choice of the right travel card decides if the journey can be continued and additional bonuses can be won.

Dream Play on World Tour

ACE Coin Entertainments will be exhibiting its Spanish Dream Play machines on the Screen Game stand at the FER Exhibition, Madrid, Spain, Screen Game is the exclusive distributor of Ace machines for the Spanish market. This will be the first showing of the new Ace product to Spanish operators and is the first game of a multigame offering from Ace which brings flexibility to the market that Ace and Screen Game feel will offer many operational benefits.
      The firm will also be at Preview in London showing its latest compendium offerings to the British market on the stands of its British distributors, MDM, crown and RLMS. Comax, the Ace Coin distributor for the Czech market, will be showing the Dram Play cabinet at the Forbes show in Prague in October. This is the latest venture into the Czech market for the Ace brand that has traditionally been very strong throughout Europe. Ace personnel will be in full support.

Title    :   BS2500
Category   :   Vending
Company :   Beaver Machine Corporation

The BS250 D stand incorporates the product diversity of Beaver’s BS800 rack but with a different, more urban, heavy-duty look. The BS250    D stand has a sturdy 4ins pipe and a heavy duty, cast iron, powder coated base. This stand allows for two large machines on top such as a Northern Beaver, Flat Pak or Retreaver with three smaller machines on the bottom. The BS250 D stand is convenient with a contrasting look from what is presently on the market, beaver says.


Title    :   Convini Catcher Compact
Category   :   Prize vendor
Company :   Banpresto

Banpresto of Japan is set to launch what it describes as ‘a very cool and smart catcher machine’ into the Japanese market in November, the latest in the series of its popular long life catcher machines. The one-player cabinet will be suitable for any FEC, arcade and traveling funfair due to its size and sophisticated design. It measures 550mm (w) x 630mm (d) x 1,500 (h). There are 14 pins for small soft toys, key holders and mobile straps contained with the cabinet.

Title    :   King Kong
Category   :   Kiddie ride
Company :   Feng Yung Cheng

New from Taiwanese kiddie ride specialist FYC is the one-seater King Kong. The colourful ride measures 150cm x 115cm x 165cm, weighs 130kg and works off a voltage 110/220v. The ride time can be set to last between 30 seconds and five minutes, according to the operator’s choice.

New from WMH

Prolific Taiwan manufacturer Wu Mar Hamg has launched a raft of new products in conjunction with Paoki Electronic. The WMH-136G single-player bonus mini crane unit features a ‘lucky key ’ contained within one of the prize capsules. If the lucky key is caught, it enables the player to open one of the doors at the bottom of the unit – where the prizes are of greater value. The compact unit measures 156cm (h) x 56cm (w) x 63cm (d).
      The WMH-288k Maxi Claw is a super jumbo crane available in two models, one for plus toys (50-70cm) and one for balls. Both have the same measurements. 215cm (h) x 117cm (w) x 145cm (d). the first game for the colourful PK Game cabinet WMH-206 is the Brave Navigator, an innovative single –player unit featuring a VGA, high resolution video game and 19ins monitor. Players operate a trackball to win prizes in the games, which are exchangeable. The 135cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 78cm (d) unit is available in three models : with capsule payout, ticket payout and token payout.
      The WMH-622 Peekaboo game is a novelty prize vendor with a difference. Styled on the traditional Whac-a-mole games, players must use the supplied mallet to accurately hit pop-up targets in one of five holes, which are powered by a long-lasting, low noise air compressor driving system. When the time is up the game finishes but a number matching game beings and if the player’s number matches the random generated number then a major prize is won.

SuperPro fine tuned

UK cue sport cloth manufacturer Milliken Woollen Specialty Products has improved the quality and consistency of its premium worsted pool table cloth. In responding to feedback from players, table manufacturers and operators, Milliken SuperPro is now faster, thinner and lighter than the existing product – offering players more response and control. New SuperPro is the result of ultra-fine cutting that offers pool players responsive ball control characteristics, consistent conditions and SpillGuard, which protects the cloth from liquid spills and stains.
      It is being supplied in olive, red, blue, tournament blue, burgundy, purple, electric blue, yellow green and blue green, and black, on request. “From trials to date, new SuperPro offers players improved playing conditions, in general terms up to a 30 per cent improvement on the cloth it replaces,” said Milliken European sales manager Stuart Gardiner.
     “As with all cue sports, consistent conditions are the key to improved play and, following manufacturing improvements, we are confident the brand will become the premium brand of choice not just in the UK but further a field. “Europe is proving to be a growth region for our cue sport products. In Russia, for example, we have built a 30 per cent market share of the pool cloth market.
     “Obviously, the US is a significant market for us to attack and we have established a foothold though our new distributor Sterling Gaming. ” Sterling is also Milliken’s US distributor for ArtScape. The new cuttings system introduced at the company’s Stroud plant removes all surface fibre from the wool and nylon blend to produce a nap-free end product with a visible weave.

Title    :   Wasteland Racers Standard
Category   :   Video game
Company :   Triotech Amusement

Canadian manufacturer Triotech Amusement is set to launch a standard version of its deluxe Wasteland Racers 2071 at the AMOA  show in Las Vegas, from September 27-29. Featuring  a more compact shape, the game features the same graphics and gameplay as the earlier model but the motion has been removed.
     “We are extremely pleased with the commercial success of the original Wasteland Racers Deluxe and grasped the opportunity to develop a more compact standard version,” said John Lotz, VP, sales of Triotech Amusement. “We are always looking to produce products that will generate new revenue opportunities for operators. ” In a game reminiscent of the mad Max movies, players race souped up cars through post-apocalyptic wastelands. Completing a perfect race unlocks hidden tracks and bonus vehicles and, like the deluxe unit, up to eight machines can be linked for multiplayer action.

Title    :   Ice Hockey
Category   :   Air hockey
Company :   Yuan Gong Enterprise

Yuan Gong Enterprise demonstrated  its latest generation of air hockey, the two and four-player ice hockey, at GTI in Taiwan this year. The latest ice Hockey has three major features. The whole top frame is aluminum, which is much stronger than plywood; the Ezzyglize surface permits exciting play without the pattern fading away; and the head scoring offers a different visual effect from the other hockey tables   available on the market. UDC has been appointed as Yuan Gong Enterprise’s exclusive distributor of Ice Hockey in the UK.

Title    :   Pong Pong
Category   :   Prize vending machine
Company :     Tecway

Tecway, one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, has launched a new prize vending machine, the versatile Pong Pong, which brings the concept of the LCD touchscreen to prize vending. There are four games in the one machine and players can choose to play or to buy the prizes.

JU!CE at the ‘cutting edge’

JU!CE from Games media of the UK is “at the cutting edge of pay-to-play digital gaming and betting, offering stunning design married to high specification technology,” the company says. A 23ins portrait LCD touchscreen with full 3D graphics capabilities provides the player with an interactive experience. Games media and its associate partners have created a full range of digital content, spanning the product categories from Section 34 through to S31, S16 and 21 and fixed odds.
      JU!CE has been designed specifically for pay-to-play applications and is licensed exclusively for use in the UK and Ireland from Conei Corporation of Spain. The JU!CE terminal was chosen for its stylish and robust design to be the new digital gaming and betting terminal from Games media. This product is currently undergoing an extensive testing trial and will not be available until later in the year, but will be exhibited at the forthcoming FER Interazar show in Madrid and Preview 2007 in London.

Three new alley games from Tecway

New alley games from Taiwan’s Tecway are Power Strike, bugs Strike and hoop Strike. Ideal for any FEC, players roll the balls up the ramp and enjoy the fun and excitement. Also, the games are very competitively priced.

Title    :   Afterburner Climax
Category   :   Dedicated Video
Company :   Sega

Afterburner Climax from Sega has the hallmarks of another great title rebirth from the Japanese video giant. The original title back in 1987 was a massive success at the time and the new Boeing –licensed Climax version to be released this autumn has all the levels of high standards that seem to be the norm from Sega these days. The game is powered by Lindbergh and naturally features some stunning imagery; there are more than 20 scenes to fly through, including extra and secret stages. Players get the choice of three aircraft.
      The game has many special missions where the players are put to the test outside of the normal stages. It also features a ‘Climax’ mode as the title suggests, when players can enter a slow motion feeling for a period of time, enabling them to out-maneuver the enemy. It will be available in three formats from standard sit down, through to a motion based deluxe cabinet, culminating in a full motion simulator. The cabinet can be linked and players work as a team as opposed to fighting against each other.

Title    :   GBA ST 1
Category   :   Note Stacker
Company :   Astrosys

Currency validation specialist Astrosys international has introduced the GBA ST1, a cost-effective, compact note stacker unit. With a robust plastic construction, the ST1 can be used in either an up or down stacking orientation and has the option of lockable cashboxes to maximize cash security.
      The ST1 offers a variety of industry standard interface options. Flashing note guides provide more obvious and user friendly interaction while an innovative new discrimination method, Sense Technology, has been developed to provide high level acceptance of true notes while maintaining security against counterfeit and fraud attempts. The ST 1 delivers the performance and functionality previously restricted to top-end note validators, at a price to suit most budgets.

Title    :   Goal Pinball
Category   :   Pinball game
Company :   A8 Audio

The Goal Pinball game from hungary’s A8 Audio has been designed to satisfy most of the requirements that a successful coin-operated game can, consequently raising the profit potential for operators. The display is mounted in a horizontal position, therefore two players can play simultaneously head-to-head, standing at each end of the machine, competing against each other. Everyone can find a game that they like in one cabinet so it’s not necessary to install several machines in one site.
      Besides the competitive games, there are single-player traditional pinball’s among the games. The pinball games are designed to provide almost the same experience as traditional pinball do. Viking Adventures and Noah’s Ark are realistic pinball video simulation.

Spongbob add-on

UK-based Harry Levy Amusements has launched a redemption game called Spongebob Jelly fishing, an additional piece to the original Spongebob Square pants, which has been such a hit for the company .
      The machine takes on the classic skill-stop format, as players aim to stop Sponge bob’s arm on the highest possible ticket payout on the playfield. As with the other Spongebob redemption piece from Harry Levy, the game is housed in an attractive cabinet, featuring the colourful characters from the popular cartoon and audio samples from the original soundtrack.
     “Spongebob seemed to capture kid’s imaginations and was one of our best-selling redemption pieces of the past year,” said Gary newman, sales director at Harry Levy. “We are really pleased that the new machine is also doing exceptionally well. ”

Smaller Super

Following on from the success of the Supersonic 12-player pusher, Harry Levy has responded to operator demand and produced a smaller eight-player version. Supersonic is now suitable for most locations and offers clear all-round vision. It is built to any coinage for worldwide use and is fitted with the latest dual coin entry for fast action play. Coin entry is placed at a low level for player ease and the cabinet features the attractive ‘jet ’ top, which gives it arcade centerpiece appeal.
     “Supersonic offers great value for money and a lot of machine in a relatively small footprint. It has proved to be one of our most popular machines of the summer,” said sales director Gary Newman.

Theatrical Sega

Dare you Enter?  That is the question posed by Sega with its lates tout-of-the-ordinary amusement piece. Billed as a ‘motion theatre experience, ’ the generously sized attraction measures 3m x 3.6m and is closer to a theme park ride than an arcade game.
      Players experience a motion-based ride interacting with the House of the Dead 4 software, which has been especially updated with new storyline, scenes and characters for this unique product.
      Players armed with a machine gun sit in a seat with seat belt and safety bar as if embarking on a theme park ride. The motion-based seat rotates 360 degrees as the player shoots at two massive 100ins screens that surround them. There is also surround sound, vibrating seats and air blasts.

Title    :   Chameleon Paradize
Category   :   Redemption game
Company :   Baytek

Chameleon Paradise, an interactive two-player kiddie game from Baytek of the US, is exciting and fun, according to the company. Players simply press the button on the chameleon’s back to initiate his slurping tongue to try and knock down as many rotating bugs as they can in the allotted time to win tickets. Adorable artwork along with great audio effects are all packaged in a highly visible, themed cabinet to make Chameleon Paradise one of the industry’s most sought after kiddie redemption games.

Title    :   Ticket Troopers
Category   :   Redemption game
Company :   Baytek

Ticket Troopers is a three-player, centerpiece quick coin game with an exciting police theme from Baytek. It challenges players to roll their coins onto the spinning playfield into the targets to win tickets. A speed trap bonus target and ticket multiplier gives skilled players a chance to win big ticket values.

Title    :   Milestones in Music
Category   :   Digital jukeboxes
Company :   Sound Leisure

Sound Leisure’s milestones in Music range of digital jukeboxes is housed in the branded Top of the Pops cabinet and is endorsed by the UK Top 40 company.   It features every Top 40 chart hit since 1952. Milestones in Music digital holds in excess of 30,000 tracks internally but can still be fully profiled to suit a site’s requirements.
      Also, Milestones in Music can be operated without the need for a broadband connection. Up to 30,000 tracks can be held locally on the box. A unique search facility allows customers to see the UK’s official Top 40 on any day from 1960 to the present day.

Title    :   The Digitrax / Superstars
Category   :   Digital jukebox
Company :   Sound Leisure

Superstars Digital is the digital version of the Superstars CD jukebox, a long-time favourite from Sound Leisure which became one of the most successful wall-mounted machines ever.
      The mahogany finish makes this an ideal unit for the more traditional type of location, while the Digitrax is targeted towards outlets that favour a modern minimalist décor and it’s styling is aimed at a younger crowd. The range is aimed at the mid-range sites that require proven jukebox technology.
      Both feature Sound intelligent Music Management System that automatically selects the most appropriate music for the site. Both units are available as remote selectors also and can be connected to any machine in the Sound Leisure digital range. With 10 BGM timers, programmable by beats per minute, year, or musical genre, the perfect ambience can always be set.

Keeping it simple

Music Line jukeboxes from A8 Audio of Hungary are ideal for bards, tavers, pubs and other entertainment venues. They have a stable program which has been in operation for years and is therefore well tested. They are easy to use, simple jukeboxes, avoiding unnecessary, never used features that just make the menu difficult to navigate. The Visaton sound system provides excellent audio and there is a karaoke feature and a video clip display.
      There are external speakers and large display connectivity, so advertisement displaying is possible. There are three versions to select from to meet smaller or larger budgets and there is a wall-mounted option.

Fun and learning

Touch Toy is a children’s attraction from Fun world of Austria that is suitable for all public locations, such as food and beverage  outlets or shopping centres. It is intended solely for use without coins.
      Touch Toy is perfect for children from three years up and optimally combines games fun and learning. A childlike voice provides assistance from each touch to the next. The learning and games software is tested. Creativity, skill and concentration are promoted in a playful manner.
      Parents can relax and concentrate on their own matters, while their children are sensibly occupied. On the other hand it’s easy to get one’s child away from the terminal again because each game in itself is not very long. The standard touch Toy terminal design is that of a clown or children’s theatre. For large orders a client-specific front-design is possible.

Range broadened

For more than two decades, has manufactured and distributed quality pushers as well as developing ever-improving concepts for the future. As the leading manufacturer on the Europe continent, VdW has a full range of pushers machines ready to suit every market. And now VdW has broadened its product range to include redemption games as well. The recently introduced Magic Safe has proven to be a real money maker in several locations, both domestic and abroad.