Unrivalled Benefits

Curacao’s singular positions as a sovereign and associate member of the European Union has seen it provide real rewards for the egaming industry

The jurisdiction of Curacao is best known as the pre-eminent provider of total egaming services. The Netherlands Antilles' Curacao Department of Justice designated Cyberluck Curacao as master License Authority in 1996.

Curacao offers state-of-the-art technology services and most importantly a jurisdiction where licensed gambling over the internet is highly valued by our government.

Unique EU standing

Government-owned United Telecommunications Services ’ (UTS) subsidiary E-Powerhouse, in co-operation with Cyberluck/Conet, offers co-location facilities for both egaming and ecommerce at the UTS -Vredenberg Ezone. This is the only direct 'back-to-back' mission critical connectivity point to the internet’s international edge in Curacao.
In fact, the new Curacao telecommunications initiative boasts three distinct routes to supply tier-one internet band- width in the Caribbean region, which is critical to egaming.

As a sovereign and associate member of the European Union (EU), curacao and the Netherlands Antilles have a unique standing within the EU because they are listed as an EU overseas country and territory of an EU member state. Curacao's legislation and tax regime have favoured egaming companies for more than decade. The present updating of our legislation will ensure acceptance by other jurisdictions, regulators and egaming software companies.
The Netherlands Antilles also enjoys a legal system based on that of the Netherlands - the civil or Roman law system. Rights of Appeal exist from the Netherlands Antilles Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. in the Hague. Curacao’s unique technical infrastructure, available bandwidth and operating location set it apart from other regulated countries. As a long-standing financial centre. Curaco has invested more money in its telecommunications infrastructure than many of the smaller jurisdictions combined.

We have also been a globally recognized ecommerce gateway for more than 10 years and are able to offer unrivalled benefits :

  • Curacao. Netherlands Antilles is an associate member of the EU
  • Netherlands Antilles online gambling legislation created in 1995
  • Duty-free importing of computer hardware
  • Local purchase of all major brands of hardware with on site warranty services including Dell. HP. Sun. Cisco
  • 2% maximum net profits tax - no restrictions on dividend withdrawal
  • Carrier-grade telecommunications facilities with the only direct connection within government-secured facilities
  • Payment solutions that meet today's challenges
  • Special programme for software providers
  • A Dutch Caribbean location that is easily accessible and is a popular tourist   destination
  • Ability to add new games and services without long delays.

Politically stable provider

Our jurisdiction is one of the oldest and most politically stable providers of egaming licensing, hosting and total infrastructure. We welcome software providers who would like to develop a turnkey-offering to their licensees.
We understand your business and its requirements. .the combined Curacao initiative has introduced a new website. www.curacao-egaming.comm, dedicated to supporting its egaming industry. A specialist reviews all email requests promptly.