Well connected

Bell Med is proud of is track record as a service provider focused on egaming, and continues to develop its power and expertise.

Bell Med is Malta’s co-locating services provider dedicated to egaming. Our commitment towards this industry has been rewarded as we remain the service provider with the largest market share for the past five years. We are proud to be the only provider that has invested in this market sector since its inception in Malta and has remained faithful to its corporate objectives.

Malta’s internet bandwidth is now served through two separate international links. Bell Med was the first service provider to make available bandwidth from both carriers. Our customers have a choice of either carrier or else can opt for redundancy with automatic failover. We are now planning to obtain our own separate internet link that connects directly to a main European internet exchange. Our aim is to bring down the response times to a minimum making it suitable for operators of time-sensitive game such as poker and action skill games with a global player outreach. Our expectation is to put this new service in operation by Q3 2006.

      Our main datafloor in Qormi is equipped with 42U height racks in a climate-controlled environment with automatic fire-fighting and security systems. Power to racks is fed through UPS in an N +2 configuration to provide adequate redundancy. Each cabinet is equipped with an active RFI filter and power factor balancer for a maximum rating of 16 amps. Additional power is available through a second power rail for up to  32 amps. The total UPS capacity exceeds 0.5MVA and is the largest installation of its kind in Malta. The UPS are backed up by two 1MVA generators with 72 hours ’ fuel autonomy.
      At the moment we are  building our third datafloor that will host an additional 65 racks. It is planned to come into full operation by August 2006. This datafloor is designed for co-location of a high-density server system. The cooling power is a massive 1.5 million   BTU, giving 24KBTU per cabinet. This means that, at full load, each rack can take up to high –density servers at maximum power dissipation. The air dynamics have been calculated to create a cold air curtain that feeds all systems with a uniform air flow.

“We remain the service provider with the
 Largest market share for the past five years ”

      The data centre is connected to its internet carriers via multiple fibre-optic cables using an ATM SONET OG3 connection fed to two Cisco routers. Cisco switches provide a default 100Mbit drop line to each rack cabinet which is upgradeable to 1000Mbits. Bell Med also keeps a stock of back-up servers and hard disks ready to support operators in case of emergency breakdown. Our inventory includes servers from Sun Microsystems ranging from two to 12 processors as well as Dell, and HP servers. These servers are available at all times and can be installed to the operates ’ requirements within four hours notice. In most cases operators avail themselves of these servers when they want to boost their site performance due to special events such as marketing campaigns, tournaments or big sport events.

Tailored to suit

      The centre is constantly being monitored by our qualified administrators who are trained in maintenance procedures of online gaming systems. Since our centre hosts solely online gaming services, we have the advantage of being able to tweak its performance to best suit these peculiarities. We have developed our processes and tools to monitor the performance of individual systems, learning their behavior, from which our administrators can identify potential problems, assess the risks and implement measures that eliminate or mitigate the problems.
      We firmly believe the Maltese jurisdiction provides one of the best operating environments and that Bell Med has the Betfair’s service portfolio and infrastructure. Above all, we have to safeguard our track record as the most dedicated service provider in Malta for online gaming .
For more information please contact: info@bellmed.net