!lberici cashes in

Since its inception over 50 years ago, !lberici has prided itself upon being a down-to-earth ‘of the people’ organization. Alex Lee spoke to the Italian cash handling firm’s Guido Scarpetti about its latest innovations

!lberici was established as a small and dynamic enterprise committed to the production of spares and accessories for gaming machines. Since the very beginning, it has been ‘exceptionally sensitive’ on market demands and inclined to technological innovation. These qualities have characterized the company’s growth. Nowadays, !lberici is a leader in the field of cash handling systems and components for coin-op machines, ran by chairman Fabrizio !lberici

      From the outset of the interview, Scarpetti made the usual noises about his company’s versatility, it’s aims to improve products and its organization, to make more people aware of the quality of !lberici’s products and so on. He did, however, have several wise words to add to the party line, uttering such philosophical sentiments as : “The person who experiences our quality keeps taking benefit from it. ”
      !lberici is looking to extend its presence in the Americas and the Russian Federation. “On the other hand,” said Scarpetti, “it is true that European countries are already absorbing most of our export, but since we have enlarged our product range we do expect to increase our volumes in this area as well. Furthermore, our products apply to other business fields, in which we are confidently investing. ”

      Scarpetti and co. showed three new items at the ATEI that have proved to be ‘very appealing’ to visitors. The first is the new HopperKid, a small size hopper: the ‘child’ of the Alberici hoppers family is belt driven, wear-resistant and accurate. “Above all, it is much smaller than its senior and therefore even more handy and can fit into tight spaces. ”
      Despite its reduced volume, it contains 800 coins the size of £ 1, which is much more than a disk hopper. “We have aimed at joined the advanced of our standard HopperKid has aroused, we have been confirmed that we have managed to achieve this. Of course it is available in parallel and ccTalk, with 24 vDC and 12 vDC motors, front or rear access. ”
      The second item is ChangeOne, a new PCB, capable of controlling simple money changing machines (‘light ’ version) as well as more complex cash-and-tokens systems (‘advanced’ version), through just one serial cable. The board includes a 2 X 16 character LCD display; it can control a wide number of peripheral devices, which makes it ‘ideal’ for arcades, car service areas, parking zones and vending machines.

Scarpetti continued : “We are proposing a series of time-dispenser boxes, designed for various levels of application and security. You put money in the time-box, and you get your time-gauged service. It is a simple and effective device to automate internet kiosks, car-wash and cleaning systems, showers and driers in swimming pools, light controls or telescopes in tourist spots, tanning lamps in beauty centers and so on. ”
      This year, Alberici is increasing the number of its distributors, and it has reinforced its sales department with new staff, to be able to back up its customers and distributors even better than before.
      Now that the dust has settled on ATEI, Alberici is preparing to exhibit at ENADA Rimini, Venditalia Milan and Oil and Non-oil Modena. As usual, it has a stand at the major international shows with its booth, and in the other ones side-by-side with its distributors.

      Scarpetti told InterGame: “Our mission is to deliver quality products, and by ‘quality ’ we mean: capable of creating value for the operators of coin-op machines. Our staff is committed to excellence, to exceed the expectations of our customers. Frankly speaking, the environment itself fosters the most efficient cooperation and team spirit. Personal dedication and teamwork benefit from the streamlined organization of the design and production processes, of the raw materials inspection, of careful final testing and attentive customer service. ”
      !lberici regards the constant implementation of hardware and software resources, as well as the technological update of machinery and trust in its production staff as paramount. “In the machinery workshop, designers and prototype –operators collaborate to give birth to items that, after a careful process of selection and testing, are to be distributed. The technological features of our equipment make it quick and easy to customize our products on demand,” revealed Scarpetti.
     “The workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery (CNC, CAD-CAM, laser), operated by week trained and specialized staff. Assembly and testing follow precise and tested procedures, which nullifies faults ad maximizes quality, efficiency, reliability and time-to-market speed of the final products. We have planned our system to attain one simple and essential aim: to grant complete and continuous satisfaction to our customers,” he added.

“It is true that European countries are already absorbing most of our export, but since we have enlarged our product range we do expect to increase our volumes in this area as well. Furthermore, our products apply to other business fields, in which we are confidently investing”

      When pressed to tell InterGame who he perceived as Alberici’s rivals, Scarpetti explained: “Situations are different, depending on the markets. One company can be very strong in one or more particular markets, and therefore in those markets they are our biggest competitor. But in a different country, the same company has no grip, and we face the supremacy of a different company. I am glad to say that in a number of places we enjoy a prominent position. ”
      Scarpetti believes that Alberici’s product quality comes from its staff enjoying their work, and having pride in it. Similarly, he is of the opinion that his outfit’s level of customer service is a by-product of enjoying helping people. “We enjoy giving them more than they ’d expect to receive. If we (temporarily) fail, we feel more disappointed than our customers. We see our clients as friends.

     “furthermore, innovation is our tradition, partly because we’re always asking ourselves, ‘what is not on the market though it should be?’ and partly because we listen to our partners and do our best to transform their wishes into concrete possibilities. ”
      Obviously, Alberici’s business success depends, in no small part, on the perpetuation of cash transaction in machinery. Nowadays, cashless transactions are fast becoming the norm around the world for various ways of consumers to spend their disposable income, but Scarpetti and !lberici are, naturally, prepared. “There will be a substantial increase in the use of cashless systems, no doubt. But this will occur without dropping the use of the traditional coins, because these are an essential part of the recreational pleasure of gaming. You can hear them dropping in, you can feel them in your hand. You can physically link them to the concept of earning and spending –money . ”

      Scarpetti saved his most philosophical response for the close of the interview. What single law would be change relating to the coin-op industry if he could?
      His response: “Any law is perfectible, so we could say that we would change all of them. But laws are necessary. Our opinion is that the AWP can find the right all of them. But laws are necessary. Our opinion is that the AWP can find the right soil to grow in only if the laws establish precise, reliable, shared regulations, that everybody in the field can take heed of. Without that, planning and investing for the future becomes a lottery without rules. Appropriate sanctions, for those who do not comply with the rules, must also exist. This should of course be done with the participation of the operators. ”