Bouygues Batiment International gaming, a unit of Bouygues, was the only company to present a tender for the construction of a sports and entertainment complex in Lithuania’s second largest city Kaunas, according to
      Bouygues Batiment International handed in its proposal on the last day of the tender, and it is the only participant,” said Raimondas macikenas, heed of the public tender departments at Kaunas munipaliy.

      The winner will b commissioned to build a sports and entertainment complex on Nemunas river island and will be granted concession rights to operate it for 25 years. The complex then should be passed to Kaunas munipaliy.
      The value of the tenor was not publicly announced, but officials earlier said some LTL150m (€ 43.4m ) should be invested in the construction of the complex. Bouygues Batiment International operates in 20 countries around the world. It is particularly active in central and eastern Europe. The company’s turnover totaled €788m in 2004.


Circatex, a UK PCB firm, has gone into administration as a result of trading losses in 2005. Emst & Young has been appointed administrators for the firm that was the second biggest PCB firm in the UK, behind Invotec. The firm, according to, employs around 210 staff.
      A spokeswoman at Emst and Young said no decision has yet been made about the future of the firm. Partner  Hunter Kelly at Emst & Young said:  “Circatex is a respected operator and has a strong blue-chip order book. However, the business has suffered from significant losses during 2005, mainly due to a loss making contract that completed last summer, and increases in energy prices.

     “Despite having successfully reduced energy consumption to counter the price increases and a strong quality order book, the business has been unable to overcome the pressures caused by these losses. We are currently in discussions with Circatex’ principal customers and suppliers to establish the way forward. ”
      It is the second time the firm based a the South Shields, UK site has gone into administration. The current management took the firm out of administration. The current management took the firm out of administration in 2004. In tuern this firm was created from an MBO of Viasystems in 2001.
      Towards the end of last year, rival UK firms Prestwick Circuits was closed by parent company TT Electronics, saying: “The UK printed circuit board manufacturers are under constant pressure from overseas suppliers with factories in low labor cost areas, and this along with high cost increases in the UK make it extremely difficult to compete. ”

      At the same Circatex’s managing director Mark Beesley said he disagreed with Prestwick’s comments but added: “The market is extremely volatile. If the attrition continues we may potentially have to modify our view on pricing and resourcing but we are not at that point now. ” The UK PCB industry has been battered over the last six years due to low cost competition from the Far East, and particularly China. The number of UK PCB firms has roughly halved since 2000.


Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products, has acquired the assets of CashCode Co., a company specializing in niche applications for banknote validation, storage and recycling devices for use in vending, gaming, retail and transportation applications. Crane is the parent company of NRI, the German-based manufacturer of electronic validation systems for coins and cashless payment systems.
      The purchase price is US $48m in 2005. Eric Fast, president and CEO of Crane, said: “CashCode has well-recognized technology and a strong complementary fit with the National Rejectors business. NR is a leader in coin validation systems, and CashCode is a leader in bill validation, with 55 approved and 77 pending patents. We will now be able to offer our customers a fully integrated payment systems leveraging our vending equipment sales on a worldwide basis. ”

      Fast added that while the majority of CashCode’s business today is in the gaming business, ‘sales synergies will provide growth opportunities in vending, amusement, transportation, and retail automated checkout industries and expands our geographical sales coverage. ’  The company will now be called crane CashCode.

*  UK  -  Instance Automatics, a UK- based crance and vending specialist, has announced a partnership agreement with Brand imports based in Arizona in the US, to exclusively supply in the UK its range of flat pack stickers and tattoos. Intance’s Ian Eason commented: “This is a great moment for us, after developing a tattoo and sticker vending machine that got a very good response at the ATEI 2006, we were approached by Brand regarding their product.

     “We looked at all other tattoo products at the ATEI and came to a decision that Brand is no doubt the best. ” The firm has site tested the product in its own machines and states ‘if you want the best take from your machine, use Brand Products. ’ “We are also working closely with Tobyco of Ireland who are also Brand Partner. ” Eason added. Our own tattoo machine got a massive amount of orders at the ATEI, The machine is selling for €900 free stock with it so it actually costs €95.