FAS Pendezza

The Italian table gamemanufacturer came to ATEI and showed a varied range of its products, but the one making the most of a splash was the smallest on the stand. The micro is a new mini table football player ideal for venues where space is a premium. Designed for just two players, the game offers all the fun and excitement of the larger game, but action can be more intense due to the reduced size of the larger game, but action can be more intense due to the reduced size of the playing area. The micor attracted a lot of attention from some major international buyers.


Comestero used this year’s ATEI to launch a new small-size change machine, the Jolly, designed specifically to fit between machines in amusement arcades. Despite its reduced size it can hold around 4,500 coins and boast impressive security. Also on display was the Changeuro Easy Plus, a tried and tested machine which has been given a facelift and improved security thanks to its new ‘super security ’ lock with three enforced closure points.


The Belgian pusher specialist came to ATEI this year with something a little bit different to show the industry. Magic Safe is a new style of redemption game that can be operated on either a token payout or prize vend setting.
The idea of the game is for players to crack the safe’s code by stopping the fast changing digital display, number by number, on the given combination. For token payouts, the cabinet is designed with a larger window where the first prize can be displayed and a smaller window for an optional second prize.
There is also the option for a carousel prize vending system to be fitted into the machine for use in arcades and FECs without redemption counters. VdW also brought out a new pusher for the show, Lucky Luck. A six-player pusher with a brand new interactive bonus system, connected to all the playfields on the machine.


Compumatic brought the minidart 2006 to this year’s ATEI, compact electronic darts game that offers a steel dart option. The game is seen as being ideal in Compumatic’s desire to crack the UK market – traditionally adverse to the electronic market – traditionally adverse to the electronic market due to the prevalence of free boards for the use of steel-topped darts in UK pubs.


While many companies at this year’s show launched multigame AWPs on video platforms, compu-Game showed a revolutionary AWP offering three difference feature games on a reel-based machine. Extreme, contained in the sleek Unique cabinet is adaptable for a number of international markets, including the UK. Its three feature games, Skater, Wild River and Bungee Jump offer variety to the player keeping the machine fresh and interesting, increasing its on-site life.
      The Unique cabinet offers a number of design solutions, in a variety of different finishing materials, and excellent security as the case is built solely of metal shielding, protecting all parts of the machine. It has also been created with machine ease of service in mind.

Forge Europa

One of the spare parts revolutions of recent times is the increased reliability and cost-effectiveness of the LED over the traditional lamp bulb. At the heart of this change has been Forge Europa. The firm’s Splined LED range, or SPLEDs, was the big news at the show. The idea is simple; they are direct bulb replacements, which can be used with out a printed circuit board. The contours of the LED just push straight into a predrilled hole with a secure friction fit. Suitable for assembly into all types of vac form and plastic fascias, these illuminators are quick to assemble making them ideal suited to short product runs and applications requiring fast production schedules.

Photo-Me International

One of the big news stories buzzing around the industry before the show was photo-Me’s acquisition of a majority stake holding in the UK distributor Deith Group. According to Francois de Freitas, the firm’s marketing manager, the deal will allow the company to broaden its activities in the coin-op sector.
      Prior to the deal, Photo-Me was already the country’s largest kiddie ride manufacturer and operator  and showed a number of new interactive rides at the show. It also had a new Bob The Builder photo ride, which takes pictures of children while they are playing on the machine. Joining the kiddie rides on the stand were a number of new photo kiosks and digital photo printing stations.

Baton Lock

Among a full range  of product on show at ATEI, baton Lock presented a number of new innovations at the show. The 10-pin anti-pick camlock offers protection against conventional tubular picks, as it has no inner drive. It also contains a circlip to prevent the inner core from being punched out. Also making a debut on the stand were the user-friendly single dimple camlock, a high security double dimple camlock and a five way key programmable lock.

Idea Vending

Bulk vending was the order of the day on the idea Vending stand, with the presentation of the Cable Car, a display unit that houses up to 34 vending machines and is ideal for high traffic locations, such as shopping malls and FECs. Another trend that was bought to light by idea’s BramAartsen was the current popularity of flat vending items such as tattoos and game of cards, a situation that the company is well prepared for. Also showing with idea was its confectionery suppliers oak Leaf Confections, which produces over 100 different candy lines. According to sales director Mahesh Pohoomull, particularly popular at the moment are bubble gum eggs.

Playsafe monitoring

In addition to showing its market leading Quantum monitoring system, Playsafe monitoring used the ATEI to showcase improvements to its ground-breaking loyalty scheme. The medium terminal gives loyalty card holders the opportunity to check there points levels, take up promotions and now play games giving them the chance to win further points. Also on display was a new data capture unit which tracks players movements and, via a retrofitted card reader that attaches to gaming machines and a wifi aerial, can be used to monitor linked jckpot wins.

Cash Handling System

CHs marked its ATEI debut by showing a comprehensive range of cash handling products from coin counters, sorters and wrappers to counterfeit detectors. The firm recently renewed its distribution deal for the De La Rue range of cash handling products. It also showed its wide range of note counters at ATEI, including the FF1-60 high performance note counter with magnetic ink recognition, which has been specifically developed for the UK market to aid in the accurate detection of counterfeit notes. This uses a unique sensor that can pick up the magnetic ink on the UK denominations, the euro and the dollar