Touchscreen & Parts


Camlock’s new flexible security strap, launched at the ATEI, boasts a minimum breaking force of 2.5 tonnes. Specially developed for use by gaming operators, the flexible security strap consists of an industrial strength, heavy-duty, 6/8 dual layer multi-strand PVC coated steel cable with carbon steel end terminals for maximum resistance to attack. It prevents unauthorized access access to front opening gaming machines and provides increased levels of flexibility, security and convenience.

Currently most security straps consist of a rigid metal bar or strap bolted to a wall, usually in two places. This is then further secured with a padlock. Not only is this unsightly to look at, it can give the impression the venue is frequented by thieves.
      Camlock’s flexible security strap can be used to deny access via the front-opening service door or to secure the gaming machine, or other asset, preventing removal. It is available in two models : stand-alone or secured to a wall or other fixture.
      The stand alone model is designed for use where the predominant form of attack is expected to be to the front-opening door of the gaming machine cabinet.

The strap is mounted on the cabinet and has one free cable end that fits into the lock. The wall secured model has a detachable cable that can be passed through wall mounted eyehooks or around any suitably strong fixture and both ends of the cable fit into the lock. The wall secured strap is more suitable for use when attack might include the physical removal of the machine or other asset, as well as to the opening door.
      Both models use standard Camlock radial pin tumbler locking inserts and customers can choose the level of locking security required. These range from a seven pin locking insert, up to a 10 pin patented Octagon lock with hardened steel body and core and over five million key combinations. The strap can also be supplied to be operated by a customer’s existing key combination and is compatible with other Camlock products. Easily retrofitted to the majority of microgaming machines and applications, the new flexible security strap is secured by four high tensile recessed mounting bolts and has a robust zinc alloy die cast lock body with an internal steel reinforcing plate.


At ATEI 2006, Elo unveiled its latest touchscreens and monitors helping to revolutionise the gaming and amusement industry. Highlights at this year’s show include:
      A new family of rear mount gaming LCDs –three new models of metal frame LCD touch monitors, in 15ins, 17ins, and 19ins sizes all featuring an even more compact footprint, unique watertight minibezel and superior Elo surface wave or capacitive touch technology.
      The recently lauched 1529L fanless all-in-one touch computer made its first appearance at a UK exhibition. Elo also showed its portfolio of table top touch monitors for all areas of the casino operation. Sizes on display ranged from 12ins to 32 ins.
      Also on show were Elo’s capacitive touchscreens and IntelliTouch Super Flat Profile touchscreens and, extending the company’s pure glass surface wave touch technology by using grating technology to achieve distinct advantages : a true flat front surface that smoothes out the buymps of integration, narrower borders around the active touch-sensitive area and a new flat cabling system.

      Tactile Technologies will distribute Elo’s 1515L 15ins Desktop LCD 1715L 17ins Desktop LCD, 1537L 15 ins Rear Mount LCD and 1747L 17ins through Glass Technology LCD through southern Africa. Elo’s mike Sigona expressed concerns about next year’s ATEI, stating that he wasn’t even sure whether Earls Court was the ideal venue for the show. Although he was ‘quite happy ’ with the way Clarion Events had organized the event, he was ‘slightly concerned’ that he may not be able to keep the same stand location for 2007. Elo was one of the few truly original stands at this year’s expo, with a towering mock-up of an art gallery providing the backdrop upon which it showcased its range of 15ins, 17ins and 19ins touchscreesns.
      Its slogan for the event was ‘When engineering becomes art. ’  A ‘real’ piece of art was scurrnignly positioned among the touchscreens to emphasize the message.


Transact Technologies launched the Epic 430 printer at the printer at the International Casino Exhibition and Amusement Trades Exhibition International trade shows recently. This printer adds to the Transact product line that is designed specifically for gaming-type machines found in non-casino gaming establishments. The Epic 430 targets AWP and SWP machines found in pubs in the UK, VLTs, and FOBTs found in betting parlors in the UK and across Europe, pachinko machines in Japan, and other off-premises gaming-type machines around the world.

Bart C. Shuldman, chairman, president and CEO of Transact Technologies, said: “The Epic 430 is smaller than our Epic 630 and is modular in design, which allows customers to configure the printer with just the options they need and assemble it as the game space permits. ”
      The Epic 430 includes a variety of user-friendly features including Ticket Burst, which eliminates player interference by completely printing and bursting the voucher before presenting it. Variable length tickets accommodate receipts from 2.5ins to 10ins, allowing operators the flexibility to easily add graphics or coupons directly to the tickets.
      The printer is designed to flip open for fast and easy paper roll loading. It delivers a fast print speed of 155 mm/s. Standard sensors include black mark, anti-jam, ticket-out, cover open, and ticket-taken.

Product Reviews

Title :   Highway 66
Category :   Bowling alley
Company :     Qubica

Positioned on UK distributor Crown’s stand at ATEI, Qubica demonstrated its two-thirds size Highway 66 two-lane bowling alley. The concept, which was conceived three years ago, involves a mock-up of a remote US highway, with two video screens above it. To make the game more attractive to potential players, Qubica has tinkered with the interface and video display to add a gameplay element more akin to a video game experience, featuring a range of characters, than the uninspiring ‘type own name / now type in oddonent’s name’ scenario that generally greets tenpin bowlers.
      Unsurprisingly, Highway 66 has done remarkably well in the US. “There is a strong tradition for terpin bowling over there,” remarked the firm’s Federica Gozza. “The game can be seen in pizza restaurants, hotels, FECs and cruisers. ”

Title :   IntelliLink
Category :   Management system
Company :     Elaut

Belgian crane maker Elaut showed a new in-development online book keeping /management system, working title IntelliLink, for operators at the ATEI. By-passing the need to actually visit the location and open up machines, the new system allows operators to monitor the progress of their cranes. Information that can be extracted includes busy/ quiet times expressed as a line graph, income relating to position in arcade /FEC, payout levels and so on. Elaut’s online system should be ready for the mass market in 2007, when the second version is complete. “There is lots of potential in Belgium and France already for this product,” international sales manager Filip Vandevoorde told InterGame.

Title :   Power Games
Category :   AWP
Company :     Gamesoft

Gamesoft’s new launch for ATEI, Power Games, has a steel cabinet, a JCM/ Tyco mech and is powered by a Heber board. The cabinet, which has dual screens, is large enough inside to have a 79mm mechanical reel fitted if the operator prefers. This therefore makes the cabinet an attractive proposition for a broader audience. Sales and marketing director Robert Taylor told InterGamethat the cabinet and its inner workings are ‘durable’ and can be configured to suit UK section 16, 21 and 34 legislatoion.

*  Rowe shining ‘brite’

Chris Hinds at Rowe told InterGame that the Starbrite internet-connected jukebox has a minimum of 2,500 songs permanently stored just in case the internet goes down. When the internet connection is up and running – the normal state of affairs – starbrite is capable of holding every single top 40 hit in UK chart history, since its inception in 1952. the message Rowe was hammering out for the three days at Earls Court was ‘music on demand,’ which is possible through having a server in the US and a vast music library based in London. Punters are able to find their song of choice quickly by searching for category or by using the Kwik Pick option where key words are typed in and the closest matches appear on screen. The Starbrite has a handy service manual built inside so that if anything goes wrong, a troubleshooting guide is accessible at the click of a button and navigable using an onscreen menu.
      One of many noteworthy features of the Starbrite is that two tracks can be played simultaneously. On the face of it, this doesn’t sound particularly appealing, but Hinds explained that in larger venue one track can be played as ambient background music through one set of speakers and another can be played as focal music through another set. If the operator so desires, he can add a video card. The Starbrite has been operational for two years in the US now, mainly as a conversion kit for old CD jukeboxes but only for the last 12 months in the UK, where supplying the complete machine has been the norm. What has been added recently, however, is that operators now have the option, via a website designed by Rowe specifically for this purpose, to log onto their suite of jukeboxes from their office in order to check which songs have been chosen the most, which of their jukeboxes have taken the most money and so on. Furthermore, jukebox tracks can be updated or deleted. Although Rowe would ideally like to sell its jukeboxes around the world, the toughest problem it faces is music licensing laws in various countries. “The UK, the US and Spain have done well for us, but it’s a totally different scene in eastern Europe,” admitted Hinds.

MEI on the button

MEI’s single entry coin bezel, made from high impact plastic in the US has a wide run-down to prevent slighting. It’s available in three colour. MEI has already had a lot of feedback from OEM’s agreeing that it’s the ‘21st century bezel,’  according to MEI’s Richard wooldley. The company cited operators ’ feedback as the secret to the single entry coin bezel’s design.


Title :   WRC FIA World Rally Championship
Category :   Kiddie ride
Company :    Jolly Roger

Marshall Ashdown demonstrated the very noisy WRC Fia World Rally Championship kiddie ride at the London show in January. A two-minute ride, WRC has a monitor at the front positioned above the steering wheel, so that children experience the illusion that they ’re actually driving the vehicle, despite just wildly steering from side to side.

Title :   Ticket Station
Category :   Ticket machine
Company :   Benchmark

John Denlinger from Benchmark showed InterGame the Ticket Station at the ATEI. He opened the unit to reveal an air pump that blows the dust away after every 300 tickets have been cut up by self-sharpening scissors. Printed on thermal paper, the tickets are cut up as they ’re fed inside and drop into one of six bags that can hold up to 250,000 tickets each. According to Denlinger, the rhomboid shape that the tickets are cut into is the most ergonomic shape they can be reduced to using this system. Ticket Station was first demonstrated at last year’s ASI in Chicago, but wasn’t quite ready to go to market at that stage.

      Denlinger revealed that the new 11ft high moel of Slam-A-Winner, namely Slam-A-Winner x-treme, will be on show at the ASI. According to Denlinger, the original Slam-A-Winner is the biggest –selling redemption game of all time. ’  Apart from the obvious additional stature, the X-treme version features more jacpot vends than its predecessor.

Title :   King of Jurasskic
Category :   Card redemp[tion game
Company :     Taito

The diminutive King of Jurassic is suitable for FECs and shopping centers and is based on the age-old principle of rock, paper, scissors. Taito lends the machine to operators for free, but charges them for the cards that the machine dispenses. As the machine, which is distincity shorter than most video games and slot machines, is squarely aimed at the six to 11-year old market. Taito’s method of getting its money could prove a very astute one. Success in the game is more likely when more cardsare collected and the random nature of the way in which they are dispensed will guarantee that children will indulge in swapping and collecting to their hearts ’ content. Already big in Japan, the game is due to go on test in Europe very soon and will go head-to-head with Sega’s similar Dino King offering.

Title :   Street Basketball
Category :   Basketball game
Company :     Saint Fun

UTF, the US distributor of Street Basketball for Taiwan –based Saint –Fun, showed off four linked up games at the Earls Court show. To the naked eye, this hoops game doesn’t look any different to other such linked basketball challenges, but the exclusive hip-hop tracks from a Taiwanese act   could make all the difference in the attraction stakes. Stayled to look like a graffiti-adorned New York basketball court, this redemption game is capable of holding 15-player tournaments. Every unit comes equipped with a ‘heavy bass ’ speaker for fans of loud, repetitive Taiwanese hip-hop.

Elaut’s portfolio

Belgian crane maker Elaut showed several crane games at ATEI 2006. Among these were Slam Dunk – a basketball grabber, where punters are challenged to pick up a ball and drop it in a basket and similar game for football fans, where balls had to be manipulated into the ‘goal’ within. Both games come with a handy volume control so that operators can lure potential players in with noise levels suitable to their own needs. Similarly, knock It Off, which depends on players shoving prizes with a lever over the edges of a circular playfield to win a prize, has an ‘ attractive’ sound according to international sales manager Filip Vandevoorde. Operators have full control over payout levels. Vandevoorde claimed that there was a ‘big demand’ for this piece. “We’re expecting it to do well in the UK and France. ” Finally, perhaps the most eye-catching and unusual item was the Hit N Win. Players need split-second timing to force a tiny piece of metal out onto a thin metal frame, which then dispenses something of high value, such as an iPod.

*  Play it, Sam

Sam Leisure presented its new products at ATEI 2006. The success of the Double Fast Track, frist presented at ATEI 2005, with big sales during this last year, encouraged Sam to design the Air Baby. It’s a new concept in Air Hockey design, with methacrylate surface and light shining from inside the cabinet in all directions. The dimensions and graphics aim to appeal to kids from three years of age. The Air Baby created ‘great interest ’ and was thoroughly tested by many buyers ’ children attending the show. Full production is now underway to satisfy orders taken at the show. The mango, the next generation in Sam’s American Pool range was another new product presented internationally at ATEI. A new slate support System improves the game precision. New plywood finishes and diamond shaped chromed conrners, a trademark of Sam’s products during the last few years, give a new twist to its American – style coin-op range. The same diamond cabinet corner assembly was also showcased as an option on the Atlantic English Pool table. To accompany the new table designs, the new Mist pool shade was also exhibited, which boasts a ‘chic modern canopy providing both excellent downlight and eyecatching ambient light detail’ according to Sam’s Liam Barrett. Soccer table Linares completed the new products line up, a popular game in Spain presented by Sam to the international market for the first time. Barrett told InterGame:  “A solid oak cabinet, sloping, non-stop ball surface and customized aluminium players provide the fastest soccer table ever. ” Reaction from customers was ‘very positive’ and initial figures point to this year’s ATEI being one of the best in recent years for Sam sales.

Title :   Silver Olympic
Category :   Football table
Company :    Garlando

Silver Olympic is the name of the new coin-operated football table built by Garlando of Italy, which made its debut at the London show on the stand of UK distributor Excel Leisure. The game, built to coincide the World Cup in Germany, is built of black and silver laminate and has player refinements such as new leg levelers and shorter springs for more player ball control. It will complement the current Garlando range of Red, white and Blue and Coperto Deluxe tables.

Title :   The magic Safe
Category :   Reaction tester
Company :     VDW

Belgian pusher specialist VDW introduced The magic Safe to visitors at the London show. The game is a reaction tester, presenting the player with a row of four LED numbers; as numbers flash on a matching set of combination figures, the player has to stop them on a match. Two successes give a prize from the automatic dispenser; a replica match gives a better prize. The game comes as an instant vend upright or as a major multiple unit for use in larger centers and can offer bigger prizes from a redemption counter.

Title :   USB device
Category :   Memory stick
Company :    Stern Pinball

A USB memory stick has brought a technological innovationto the pinball game. Joe Blackwell is pictured holding the tiny memory stick a the Stern Pinball display at the ATEI.
      It means that operators can download a complete software package from the Stern website and in three-to-five minutes it can be installed into the game. Although basic games would not be affected, it means that other areas such as diagnostics and features can be enhanced. “It used to be done with Eproms,” said Blackwell, director of customer services at Stern, “which was a pain for the operator, but this is simple. ”

Title :   Reflex 21
Category :   SWP
Company :     Hi-Tech Assemblies

British/ Dutch company Hi-Tech Assemblies has released SWP game Reflex 21. The game offers five hands of pontoon (blackjack) and the player uses skill to stop an LED on each card and allocate it to one of the hands. The total points of the hands are added together with prizes beginning at 101 for a minimum payout, rising with prizes beginning at 101 for a minimum payout, rising with each extra point to a maximum of 105. Its UK version gives prizes from £ 1 to £ 20 with a 50p stake or £ 1 to £ 10 with a 25p stake. The game can be adapted for international use. Tony Brookes, managing director of Hi-Tech Assemblies, is pictured with the game.

*  Green digs deep

The Deep, a four-player pusher notable for having been originally sketched out as a design on a napkin in a restaurant in Atlanta, made a record-fast appearance as a compoeted game on the UDC booth at ATEI. “It was brought from planning stage to production line model in just two months,” said UDC’s sales director Michael Green.
      The game is a traditional style of pusher, uncomplicated by features and built for the company by universal Space, the Chinese-based developers and manufactures. Also on the stand was basket Fortune, another creation from Unis which was signed up by uDC in Atlanta. The four-player game has separate jackpots so that if one is won it does not disadvantage the other players.
      UDC announced at the show that it had been appointed joint distributor for the UK with Crown for Andamiro, the Korean/ US developer. The company’s new King of Hammer striker game was given a debut showing on the UDC booth in London.

*  US inspires Excel

Eight years after it set up in business, Excel Leisure – Britain’s pool table specialist - has made its first American pool table. The company, which spent its early years specializing in its greatest strength, designing and building pool tables to ‘English rules,’ has now spread its base into American tables to access a wider market.
      The Liberty is the new table and made its debut at the London ATEI show. The large-ball table is in 7ft configuration and is equipped with a battery-operated multi-coin mechanism. It can also be fitted with Apex , Excel’s system that permits different pricing at different times of the day.
      The company said that it was responding to requests for an American table from a variety of new venues including operators of multi-table sites with interest in American pool. English rules, with the small ball, are popular in the UK, Ireland, France and a few countries like morocco, but universally it is the American rules table that dominates. Now the company has a wider range to offer the European market. Ninety per cent of the company’s sales are into the UK, so the new addition to the range offers export potential.

Title :   Capriccio Seasami 2
Category :   Crane
Company :     Taito

The second version of a crane game that has done enough toi warrant an update, certainly in Japan, comes equipped with a hi-tech grabber that looks as if it ever escaped from the confines of the machine it would go on a one robot rampage around the world. Happily, this is as unlikely as a crane machine ever causing players to think ‘wow, that was a value-packed, fun experience. ’  Works best with sweets.

Title :   Amusement applications
Category :   Various
Company :     Kortek

Germany – based Kortek Europe has a range of applications suitable for the amusement industry. The firm demonstrated some of these at the ATEI, including touchscreen digital signage and public information displays, networking, storage, multi flash memory card readers, DVD/CD players and various ports. It also showed a light ring system, which can be sold separately or along with an LCD panel.

Title :   Haunted Castle et al
Category :   Redemption /Slots
Company :     Tecway

Taiwan-based Tecway has a trio of new games ready for the export market – Haunted Castle, Fortune Wheel and Wonder Boys. Haunted Castle, with its oriental ghost theme, is Tecway’s new video ‘hammer redemption ’ game with unique and innovative game concepts. There are five type of monsters and creepy creatures available for players to chose from. Fortune wheel allows players to spin for their fortune. It presents a unique hybrid look of a Western video slot, but decorated with antique Chinese coins. Players are challenged to test their reactions in order to stop the wheel for jackpots. Finally, wonder Boys is a ‘fine and adventurous ’ video redemption effort, tailored for young players with an ‘absolutely cute’ look. It features a selection of adventurous, exciting and fun games, according to its manufacturers.

Title : Casino Coronation Street
Category :   AWP
Company :     Mazooma

Capturing the aura of the UK’s longest running and ever popular TV soap, Mazooma’s Casino Coronation Street made its debut at ATEI. Making the most of this prestigious licence mazooma has included most of the stars from the show and added the voices, which bring the characters to life. Coupled with the strains of the original theme tune you could almost feel you’re in the Rovers   (the pub which features in Coronation Street) having a pint. The game itself brings a formula where wins become spins on a reel housed in the dome. This brings added excitement to the game as one spin could give the jackpt. The Coronation Street   streak also takes place on the machines top reel and is won with  three Rovers Return symbols on the winline. Mazooma’s hidden cheats all add to the spice of this ‘stunning’ new game which is designed to breath new life into neglected AWP areas in both arcades and bingo halls up and down the UK.

*  Pair from Splin

Belgium’s Spin, based in Liege, has produced two new games for the domestic and international business. Montana Baby features three one-ball games names Tutti Fruitti, Euro One Ball and One Ball. The upright game fits with the Belgian law, which requires games to have ‘live’ features, but it has also been designed for export.

      The second new game is montana Extreme, with a 23ins TFT screen and shich features eight different games using five, single or three balls. Both o the new machines can be equipped with the GPRS system for online control and maintenance and can be equipped with hopper payout, flippers, ticket dispensers or configured for redemption play.

* Thomas Estates ’ Poker

 Simon Thomas, who considers his firm to be ‘section 16 inventors,’ told InterGame that he felt the ATEI was excellent, and that there was a lot of interest in the games his company had on show. “Operators have the security of being able to buy a proven game like Haunted House, and getting three other games in the same cabinet, so they can try other ideas. ” Thomas believes that his cabinets are ‘good, designed with the engineer in mind. ’  He added:  “The games are good, designed with not only this week’s cash box, but the future business in mind, and the knowledge that we have the cabinets out ourselves, so will ensure a stream of games in the future. ”
      Thomas Estates ’ new ppoker game comes as part of the package. “The good thing is the market has finally responded and copied our structure of a fixed cabinet with a range of games for it, which is something we wanted, but we are a year ahead and have some great things in the pipeline,” Thomas enthused.

Title :   Golden Winner
Category :   AWP
Company :     Mazooma

Golden Winner, Mazooma’s latest Section 16/21 machine got a very favourable reception at ATEI. Its sharp, clear video graphics and single top reel, which awards its random winning streak, presents an easy on the eye concept and early results are confirming that the players also appreciate this new Mazooma design. Golden Winner is a five-reel, 20 winline multiplier with all lines active on all stakes. Bet 50p, £ 1 or £ 2 per spin. Reel wins increase in value the higher the stake. A jester is ‘wild’ for symbols. There Golden Winner symbols left to right or right to left award the Golden Winner streak feature where the single top reel spins awarding random wins that accumulate. The feature continues until a pip lands on the winline or the maximum £ 500 is reached. The first batch of Golden Winner is already out and with its combination of a good earning game coupled with a very keen pricing stratgy Mazooma anticipates good market penetration with this new game.

Title :   Buzz Balls
Category :   SWP
Company :     Fat Spanner

At the ATEI, UK- based developer and cabinet manufacturer Fat Spanner revealed a prototype version of a four-player quiz game, based on the popular PS2 offering – Buzz. The prototype concept, know as PlayBox, could be the first SWP to feature four separate payout trays. Currently, Fat Spanner is working on fine-tuning the content and gameplay of this simultaneous four player effort in order to suit noisy environments.

Title :   Mysterion Roulette
Category :   Automated roulette
Company :     Odrex

Ukraine outfit Odrex demonstrated its mysterion Roulette wheel on the Electrocoin stand at the ATEI. A small video camera positioned above the wheel, protected by the dome above, records all the action. This can be transmitted, live, to another separate single terminal for players who prefer to do their gambling alone. This idea is a simplebut effective one inasmuch as the solo player can feel as if he’s gambling on a ‘real’ wheel but without the pressure of sitting around a roulette table with other people. For security purposes, the machine, which can be easily upgraded from four to six seats because of its modular design, has been fitted with a fiscal mechanism.

* Austtrian firm innovates

New kid on the block Infinity Games from Austria provided the ATEI with a rare piece of originality – an eight- player  automated roulette where you can Play in between wheel spins, thus giving operators the opportunity to make more money in less time. Sales manager Eddy Vyncke pointed out that his firm’s Infinity Blue automated roulettes could nbe liveried in any colour or style, depending on customer preference. Infinity’s roulette can be linked to single-player terminals where the results are the same as the main table, so that theoretically up to 18 people can play the same game simultaneously. In addition to the poker feature,Infinity has added extra unique gameplay to the roulette game itself. There is an option to bet on numbers ending in certain digits, for example, bets can be made on 0, 10,20 and 30 or 1, 11, 21 and 31 and so on. “Also, the wheel turns in both directions, just like a real roulette wheel. ” The table features ticket in/out options and a banknote acceptor. Infinity hopes to roll out 100 tables a year initially and will ramp up production if its offering if orders go well.

Suzo Happ’s Evolution

Suzo Happ released its Evolution hopper at this year’s ATE/ICE exhibition. The Evolution is the next generation belt-driven hopper. The Evolution has been designed with excellent quality and servicing in mind. According to the firm: “Not only is the Evolution the quickest belt-driven coin payout hopper, the strong motor and electronics concentrated on one board ensure the long life and reliability of this product. ”
      Indeed, the electronics have been designed with service engineers in mind who ‘will be pleased’ to see the simple accessibility here. The Evolution is available with the parallel or ccTpalk protocol and can be purchased with either the Cinch or Bulgin connector. The innovative positioning of the connector means that the customer himself can do the opposite or adjacent setting easily and quickly.
     “The Evolution has been in test for several months with key customers and the feedback shows us that this product will quickly establish itself in the market. It is a step forward for our customers but at a price that’s right. We are very excited about the future of this product,” said John Carroll, product manager at Suzo International.

Title :   Tower
Category :   Vending
Company :     Beaver

Beaver demonstrated its range of tower vending machines at the recent ATEI, a show that has always been a busy one for the US firm. Positioned on the IPH stand, its UK distributor, beaver’s towers are composed of small interlocking vending machines (maximum vend being 3ins capsules) with a traditional turne handle-fronted ‘smart ’ coin mech. The raison d’etre of the towers is that they combine a small ( 12ins X 12ins)  footprint with a stack of machines that reach up to 12ft in height – especially convenient for members of the US basketball squad. Beaver’s Eric Te Bogt told InterGame that the towers have been positioned in shopping centers, grocery stores, movie theatres and bowling alleys worldwide, with North America being the biggest market.

Title :   XD Theater
Category :   3D Simulator
Company :     Triotech

The XD Theater features 3D, high definition motion-based entertainment films that immerse the audience into the world they are witnessing. To further enhance the experience, the seats in these machines boast Triotech’s mad Wave motion seat advantage, which brings a wide range of simulation from subtle sensations to intense Vibration – in other worlds, not just jolts and tits. A mobile version of the XD Theater will be available soon. Distributed in the UK by Deith, XD Theater has already enjoyed success in its home country the US and Australia.

Title :   S ’print
Category :   Portable printer
Company :     Trident

Trident has announced a new addition to its range of Custom Engineering products. The S ’print portable printer with Wi-Fi interface is a wireless, lightweight yet durable thermal line printer suitable for mobile applications. It is the latest addition to a series of portable  printers manufactured by Custom. Users now have the choice of serial, infra-red, irda, bluetooth or Wi-Fi S ’print models. Weighing 466g and measuring 148mm x 88m x 79mm, the S ’print boasts a printing speed of 60mm per second in straight or reverse mode. Wi-Fi Ian 802.11 compact flahs wireless, serial and Ethernet interface come as standard. The S ’print also utilize 50mm diameter paper roll and can print continuously for up to one hour. The means that for the average user, the unit will last several days before charging is necessary

*  Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

      Inspired Broadcast   Networks has secured the exclusive SWP rights from Celador International to build and distribute Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, the game versoion of the television show. As part of of the deal, Inspired will develop a brand new game with new features and brand new footage, filmed in the real Millionaire studios. Inspired will also launch a version with new multiplayer and tournament functionality which will provide a unique player experience.
      From this month, customers will be able to enjoy Inspired’s new and improved version of of Millionaire on the itbox, before the game is rolled out across the industry through licensing deals with other operators.
      2006 will also see two groundbreaking features on the itbox, showcasing the capabilities of Inspired’s server-based gaming and entertainment infrastructure. As well as updating the game. Inspired will also be developing multiplayer functionality and real-time networked tournaments. Consumers will be able to play national Millionaire networked tournaments for big cash prizes as well as unique real-time head to head Millionaire competitions against other player in the UK and overseas.
      Inspired’s server-based entertainment and gaming platform is already used by a number of partners, including William Hill and Gala, to power over 30,000 terminals across Europe.

      Anne De Kerckhove, cOO of inspired, commented: “We have already proven the success of the game on our itbox entertainment terminal and we look forward to making it even more popular with the introduction of multiplayer functionality and networked tournaments. ”
      Selma Turajlic, head of commercial affairs at Celador International, the company behind the TV show, added: “Inspired have great content development expertise, and the next stage is to make full use of networked capabilities in order to introduce new features, that will continue to grow Millionaire into a perennial brand. ”

*  Security forges ahead of ATEI

      I n the first of a new bi-monthly column covering all aspects of security in the amusements and gaming industry, Stephen Farnsworth , MD of Camlock Systems, reviews security developments at ATEI. I expect that, like us, many exhibitors at ATEI and ICE posted a record number of orders and enquiries this year.
      Few visitors could have failed to notice the increased number of security products and services being exhibited. Over the past few years, new threats from criminals, technology- driven development and fierce pressure on margins have led forward-thinking operators and OEMs to give a higher priority to security issues, driving demand for improved security products.
      Walking around the show, it looked to me as though the security industry has risen to the challenge and launched plenty of new products and services. These include new types of changeable combination or reprogrammable locks that eliminate the need to replace locks if the keys are lost or stolen, tough but unobtrusive security straps designed to prevent unauthorized access to front opening gaming machines, new pin tumbler security consultancies offering comprehensive on-site reviews and MachineGuard’s expanded crime information service providing access to criminal intelligence and images of suspects and offenders from over 3,500 CCTV systems.

      As many attempted thefts from gaming machine are by opportunities, where time is of the essence, it is increasingly being recognized that even simple, cost effective measures that slow down a thief are likely to make him try elsewhere.
      Conversely, some theft from machines is perpetrated by organized groups of criminals, with detailed knowledge of how machines are constructed, secured and operated. Preventing such thefts requires a concerted effort by the industry to stay abreast of their methods and a willingness on the part of operators to adopt the enhanced security   measures and devices becoming available.
      There is also growing recognition of the need to take steps to prevent the menace of break-ins using unauthorized duplicate keys or lock picks.
      As we all know, gaming should be all about fun and entertainment but in today’s world there’s no escaping the need for good security. ATEI reflected this and in future columns we’£ be looking at all these areas and more as we examine the best and most cost effective ways to cut your losses from theft