It’s not often the good news so completely overshadows the bad in our beloved field, but the positive events of the lat month or so outweigh the negatives, unless of course you live in Italy.  

Read the Red Hot news page to find out just how remarkable a turn-around the Italian government has made with regards to machine law. On a more positive note, contacts InterGame has made with operators and manufacturers in Greece and Poland have resulted in us finding out that both countries industries are moving forward in terms of awareness and understanding.
      The current organizer of ATEI came up against some criticism from certain quarters regarding its handling of this year's London show and its plants for 2007. In many ways this is inevitable as until 2007 comes around no-one can truly assess how next year’s show will go, so if nothing else Clarion deserves a second bite at the Earls court cherry. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t end up swallowing on the stone – for the whole industry’s sake as, regardless of gripes and moans, aTEI remains the world’s number one trade show.
      We’re now preparing to visit some more expos around the world so if you have plans to exhibit or visit any of the upcoming events, don’t hesitate to get in touch to arrange a meeting. It’s by talking with you that we gain   our unsurpassed knowledge. We’£ see you in the US, Ireland, Italy, Kazahkstan or Spain for a chat soon – camera and notebook at the ready.


Angel Gallego, ex-unidesa, who left the company to start Extreme Games in Spain, has severed his connections with Extreme. Reports suggest that his departure as mD was because of a difference of opinion on the way in which the company should now move forward.


Euromat welcomes the outcome of the vote in the European Parliament plenary excluding gambling activities from the scope of the draft framework services directive. It has called for the exclusion of gambling from the scope of the draft directive and is confident that the decision will be upheld.


A new casino has opened in FC Groningen’s stadium, Willem Smink, deputy Mayor of the muncipality of Groningen, performed the official opening at the Euroborg complex. The casino is the 40th establishment to be opened by gaming machine company Janshen-Hahnraths.


The ‘face’ of Atari in Europe for many years, David Smith, died on February 10, in hospital after a battle with leukaemia. Smith, who was 64, was a 30-plus year veteran of the coin machine industry and latterly had worked for Sega and KYF he leaves a wife, ann, and two sons.