Building excitement

Samuel Herschberg of Jackpot Factory explains how putting effort into promotions can reap high dividends

Finally spring has sprung. But inside the Jackpot Factory headquarters, Casino executives are already talking about the autumn. No, they are not pessimists who have written off the summer before it has even began – on the contrary. These energetic folks are brainstorming about the company’s long-term promotions plans.

      Sweepstakes, cash-back and bonuses are just a few of pieces of promotional jargon that are slung around the office, and when the dust settles the group of executives leaves the conference room with notes and action items neatly stored in handheld PDA’s and laptops.

Intimate atmosphere

Over recent years, the Jackpot Factory likes to think it has built up a reputation for devising some of the most innovative and memorable onlyn casino promotions, such as last year’s ‘Summer  Dreaming’ and ‘Christmas ’ promotions.

      From day one, brand managers at the Jackpot Factory are tested and pushed to their limits to think outside of the box. The Jackpot Factory spends a lot of its resources, time and energy on its promotions, because the company believes it creates an intimate gaming atmosphere.
      When setting up these promotions, Jackpot Factory brand managers put together all the winning scenarios and then predict which goals are the most captivating, fun and, most importantly, attainable.
      Gauging these quotas correctly on a consistent basis is a skill of its own. At times, promotions are targeted around specific games, while at others, such as during holiday periods, write- in competitions prove highly successful. Overall, though, customer excitement is the common denominator.

Website hits, affiliate request and viral marketing
opportunities all consistently spike after a promotion launch”

It is all about ambiance. The Jackpot Factory manages four online casinos, one online poker room and one of the first fully-functional mobile casinos, the Wild Jack Mobile Casino. Being a part of the Jackpot Factory, group members take a hardline stance in promoting secure and honest play, 24/7 customer support and fast pay-outs. In addition, they all believe in the power of promotions. The Jckpot Factory ethos is that promotions create excitement. Furthermore, the company believes its promotions go on to create an unparalled ambiance. The thinking behind them is to create a feeling of excitement among the player base. It is no coincidence the Jackpot Factory’s tagline is ‘Where we build excitement!’
      At Jackpot Factory’s casinos, players often suggest promotions and demand that we bring back others. The company firmly believes this level of customer feedback is a tribute to the success of its promotions. After all, if players feel no one takes their support call or email seriously, then they would simply not write – or worse, they will shop around for another casino.

Best of both worlds

By furnishing our casinos with the latest games and promotions, the Jackpot Factory hopes to create an experience that is strikingly similar to a land-based casino, only without the hassle of physically getting there.
      Moreover, it sees the added benefits streight away : support calls and emails, player activity and acquisitions, website hits, affiliate requests and viral marketing opportunities all consistently spike after a promotion launch.
      The Jackpot Factory recognizes players shop around to find their casino, but feels confident that with its promotions programme, player in a Jackpot Factory casino is in as good an online casino as they will find anywhere.
      Personally, the Jackpot Factory difference was explained to me on one of my first days on the jab, when a casino manager took me aside and explained the difference between our casinos and the competition. “All online casinos offer their players pumpkin pie,”  the manager told me. “But at the Jackpot Factory, we do all we can to make sure our pie is served warm. ”

      For the Jackpot Factory, it is that simple. Autumn will be here before we know it, and you can bet your bottom dollar the Jackpot Factory will have some tasty pumpkin pie oven fresh and at the ready. After all, those copious meeting notes are being churned into some of the industries tastiest promotions, right at this moment.

The power of youth

Marc Campman of Gextech explains why operators must understand the nature of a new, demanding generation of players

In 1990 I ran a busy office in downtown Hong Kong. Many local staff used to spend rainy-season lunchtimes – and more than a few of their hard-earned dollars – wagering on which drop of rain would reach the bottom of a windowpane first.
      Out of the office you would find them noisily playing Mahjong for money, or heading off to bet on the horses at Happy Valley. Nowadays, I imagine, their desktops as they visit online poker rooms.
      As long as such dedicated punters exist, betting operators will never go out of business. But the business is changing fast. Competition becomes fiercer by the day and the big winners will be those with the vision and wherewithal to add to their traditional revenue streams by attracting and capturing a whole new – and quite different – generation of players.

Critical convergence

Gextech is a leading solutions provider to the egaming industry and creators of ‘The Fantastic League’ , a state-of the-art fixed-odds betting virtual football game. The company concentrated its experience and resources on developing ways to exploit what it sees as a critical convergence of technologies.
      This is not just the technologies that are opening up new opportunities for reaching co9nsurmers via channels such as mobile phone, the internet and interactive TV (iTV). But it also means the digital imaging and animation technology that makes it possible to create virtual games containing jaw-dropping levels of reality.

      The pressure on betting operators to find additional revenue streams is enormous. So it is crucial to have a strong understanding of the attitudes and lifestyles of the younger people who are coming into the market now.
      First, it should be recognized that they are restless and demanding. They have grown up expecting – and getting –direct, immediate, convenient access to everything from a soft drink to a mortgage. They have an unprecedented amount of disposable income, but expect anyone who wants them to dispose of it in their direction to work hard for it.

      If you want to encourage these people to place bets, you have to give them places where it’s convenient for them to bet, either online, on iTV, or on mobile phones. That is why Gextech has poured so much effort into making all these channels work – reliably and securely – for the gaming industry. Betting operators need to offer all these points of entry if they want to maximize income streams.
      Respected industry watcher Juniper Research agrees. According to a recent survey, Jupiter projected worldwide fixed-odds betting via mobile phone alone will generate revenues of more than US $19.3bn by 2009, or nearly one-third of all mobile entertainment revenues. And it suggests if regulators in the US and China soften attitudes, revenues could far exceeds these estimates.

Engage the audience

But successfully dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s on the interactive technologies represented only half the challenge. The other key characteristic of new generation players is that they expect to be entertained.
      They have grown up in an entertainment –driven world. You can’t expect someone who has been weaned on satellite TV, Lara Croft and Grand Theft Auto to settle for anything that doesn’t attract and engage their attention at a similar level.
      That is why we believe in  ‘The Fantastic League’. We are providing them with a fixed-odds betting virtual-reality football game that lives up to the entertainment standards they have come to expect. We have poured a lot of time, technology and imagination into this. The on-screen action has all the look, feel and genuine excitement of the best live TV football action. Anything less would be unacceptable.

Having cracked the challenges of recreating the pace, excitement and movement of football with credible realism, Gextech plans to develop ‘The Fantastic League’ into a brand that will embrace on-screen egaming sports areas that could include Formula One and rugby.
      The company started with football because it is followed by more people around the world than any other sport. Only last month, eight of the top-10 sports-betting events were football-related. But we certainly don’t intend to stop there.

Price Jamieson

As the i-gaming sector matures there has been an explosion in demand for candidates who combine Business Development, Marketing or General Management skills with knowledge of interactive media and Entertainment across every platform. With 24 years recruiting for Media and Entertainment companies and 11 years recruiting in interactive business including i-gaming Price Jamieson know a lot of those skilled candidates. Our i-gaming team can call on the expertise of 30 specialist consultants to help you recruit the best people with Acquisition and Retention, affiliate marketing Research and Analysis, brand Marketing, Partnership, business Development, Sales, stradgy and General Management skills. Our partners in France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Finland, US, Canada, Australia and China are also helping our i-gaming clients expand  their businesses into new markets.

Online marketing Director

Our client is a global online gambling orientated start up, who are looking to hire a marketing director. the marketing Director will be responsible for the overall stretgic development of the company’s website. This person will need to understand how the website will sit in the viral world and how to build a brand through online space, so will need to be an experienced Online Brand or Online marketing Director. The website has a strong community aspect, so it is key that this person understands how to effectively market a community site and will need to have worked for a community based website, any major portal or sports sites. The role is global and the site will be in 8 different languages, experience of managing multilingual global sites would be useful. This individual will also need to have strong affiliate experience and have a proven track record of partner development, agency management. The right individual will also be entrepreneurial and will have a strong commercial presence, excellent stratigc development skills, the ability to influence at all levels and strong leadership skills. Remuneration dependant on experience up to £ 90K. Central London based.

Operations Director

Successful sportsbook with operations in Costa Rica is looking to recruit an Operations Director. You will be a member of senior management and instrumental in growing this business as it progresses to the next state. With a background in the online gambling industry (preferably sports betting related) you will have a minimum of 2-3 years senior management experience. This role will hold responsibility for day-to-day operational management as well as overall responsibility for marketing and CS activity. Experience in offshore online gambling jurisdictions (particularly Costa Rica) would also be of great interest. This is an excellent opportunity and offers the chance to play an integral role, and gain a stake in, this business. Remuneration dependant on experience. Candidates should be Costa Rica based or open to re-location.

Senior Partner Manager – Online Gambling

Highly successful online gaming and gambling channel is looking for a senior Partner Manager. The company is an online gambling operator whose operations focus around revenue share deals with a number of key commercial and strategic partnerships. The senior partner manager will hold an integral position within the organization by maintaining and growing profitability across all partner acquisition activities. This will involve working closely with the partners to optimize player registration and spend, increasing new registration and generally increasing ROI of partners and the company. The successful candidate will be very target and ROI driven as well as being an excellent relationship builder and account manager. With strong previous online experience and ideally online marketing experience you will also be numerate (very good Excel) and able to analyze and respond to trends and marketing related data. You will be an excellent communicator and ideally have able to analyze and respond to trends and marketing related data. You will be an excellent communicator and ideally have some PR experience. Some people management experience is also essential. Central London located. Basic circa £ 40K + performance related bonus to 50%.

Online Casinos operations manager

A leading retail and online egambling operator is looking for an exceptional Casino Operations manager to develop and optimize their online casino offering. This role will include product management (testing, analysis, launching), provision of second line support, marketing analysis and reporting and the development of affiliate relationships. Alongside on-going operational management you will also be responsible for forecasting and strategic planning of the product. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in an operational or development role, strong project management skills and be highly numerate and analytical. Experience of user software testing and customer services is also required. Naturally you will also have experience with online casinos and online gaming and understand marketing processes. A general online background would also be advantageous. Dublin based. Basic to Euro 60K + relevant   benefits / bonus package.

Bingo Marketing Manager

The ecommerce division of this international gambling giant is looking for a Bingo Marketing Manager to assume full ownership for the marketing of this key online product. You will develop and implement marketing initiatives to maximize customer  acquisition, retention and reactivation as well as spend per customer and lifetime value. You will initiate activity analysis, customer communication requirements and search requirement to support your product. You will also be responsible for strategic guidance and managing a Campaign executive. This role holds budgetary responsibility and also requires management reporting experience.

  The successful candidate will ideally have direct marketing qualifications and have at least 3 years specific e-commerce experience in a consumer direct marketing role, including responsibility for customer acquisition and retention. Skills and experience relating to planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis, as well as strong numeracy and PC skills are essential. At least an interest in Bingo is required and online gambling experience is an asset. Surrey based. Basic £ 35 – 40K dependent on experience plus excellent bonus and benefits.